Trans prisoner Tara Hudson moved from all-male prison to female facility


Yay! This petition we signed made change with 159,845 supporters! Okay, let me shut up. Here’s the news:

October 30, 2015, 3:32 pm PinkNews Exclusive by Michelle O’Toole

A trans woman who was sent to an all-male prison has now been moved to a female one, sources tell PinkNews. It emerged this week that 26 year old trans woman Tara Hudson has been sentenced to 12 weeks in the all-male Bristol Prison. Current policy states that a Gender Recognition Certificate is required for trans prisoners to be placed in the correct prison for their gender, which Ms Hudson did not have despite living full-time as female for six years.

The Ministry of Justice has repeatedly declined to intervene in the case – but senior sources in Whitehall and Parliament have today confirmed to PinkNews that she will be moved to a female facility, HM Prison Eastwood Park.

Ben Howlett MP told PinkNews “We have had contact confirming that Tara has been moved… I’m really pleased to hear that she has been transferred to a female prison, and will no longer be held in a male facility.”

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