Pure-TS: Bailey Love, Joss Amor, Natalie Anderson, Nikki Vicious, Taryn Elizabeth

Christian XXX presents “Massive Bareback Orgy” on Pure-TS.com with an amazing cast of veteran porn stars and stunning ingenues. As the official synopsis reads; Christian brings Natalie back to Vegas for something really special. He lets her into his giant hotel room and she discovers that he put together an orgy for her! Watch Taryn Elizabeth, Joss Amor, Nikki Vicious, Bailey Love, and Rob Yaeger join them in this incredible bareback orgy. They suck and fuck for over an hour before all 5 girls swallow cum. Good times!

This is Christian’s 3rd scene with Bailey Love, 2nd scene with Joss Amor, 2nd scene with Natalie Anderson, 4th scene with Nikki Vicious and his 6th scene with Taryn Elizabeth on Pure-TS.com! Omnisexual stud Rob Yaeger makes his 1st appearance on the site.

I remember way back when Christian had a website “Christian Fucks Them All” with a primarily mainstream major studio before producing his own content 100% on his own and reaping all the financial benefits that come with running his own official website. The same premise of having sex with most trans icons in the industry and some of the hottest newbies is still in effect. I’ve heard of some major studio producers infuriated by Christian beating them to the punch with new models by featuring them in hardcore scenes before they did on their websites. Pure-TS.com has become a website that can proudly boast, “You saw her here first,” which used to be unheard on for an independent trans website.

It would be irresponsible and silly to try to describe every detail about what goes down in “Massive Bareback Orgy” but there are a few highlights I can’t avoid mentioning. For example, imagine your date opens the door of a hotel room and leads you to Nikki Viscious making out with Taryn Elizabeth and Joss Amor passionately kissing Bailey Love. You get to jump right into the action and your cock is sucked almost immediately. Rob Yaeger joins in the fun and Christian does too. So you’re soon surrounded by bikinis and nudity, stiff dicks everywhere, intense cock sucking and bareback fucking! I’ve seen this orgy scenes sort of like this on trans websites outside of the US, but rarely All-American and this torrid.

It would take all day for me to go into detail about who sucks and fucks who down to the final cum shot. Let me just add that this Pure-TS.com orgy is an instant trans porn classic and there was no way I was going to miss it.

Pure-TS: Taryn Elizabeth & Taylor


I’m hypnotized by the view of gorgeous Taryn Elizabeth and stunning Taylor cuddling on a chair from the POV view of Christian XXX. In “TS girlfriends Share a Big Cock Together” on Pure-TS the view of the porn king’s monstrous dick has me mesmerized, too. “We’re gonna have some fun tonight,” Taryn aka TSTarynxo beams as she bares one of Taylor’s full breasts.


Naturally, Christian is stroking his huge erection as the girls stand up and give a hint at some of the transbian content I’m hoping to see. Taryn encourages Taylor not to be scared of Christian’s thick, lengthy rod and she’s not. She goes about sucking it as deeply as anyone possibly can.


Taylor holds Taryn’s hair back when it’s her turn to give head. They begin taking turns, suck the shaft and head together and even French kiss each other. The girls rise from the bed to show off their pantied asses. Once the panties are discarded, they both join the stud on the bed and he gets to kiss them both and feel them up as he gets his stiff prick stroked. Next thing you know, he’s fucking one of Taryn bareback! 


Since I’m a pansexual chick, I really love the strong chemistry between the beautiful trans stars combined with the powerful fucking of Christian XXX. The assisted side-by-side banging of each girl is followed by some missionary position pummeling. One girl shoots her creamy white cum and the other gets fucked again while getting a handjob.


This is Taryn’s 5th incredible Pure-TS performance. She can simply do no wrong to me. I first raved about Taylor here in her one on one scene with Christian on July 6, 2016. I think she’s just as amazing in her threesome as she was in her Pure-TS debut.