The English Mansion – Mistress Roxy Jezel – Dealing With Dolly’s Bulge Parts 1-3

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

At The English Mansion, the amazing Miss Roxy Jezel has transformed her slave into a beautiful rubber dolly, dressed in latex and nearly perfect! The only issue Roxy has is with the rather hard cock that is spoiling the line of the skirt. So she decides to try various methods to deal with the problem. After tying it up, dolly starts leaking, so CBT (cock and ball training) is used to try and reduce the arousal, pegs and weight swinging on the balls. None of these successful in reducing the ardour, the Erostek is brought out and the electrodes attached. Roxy shocks Dolly’s dripping dick, her moans as the electricity flows causing lots of twitching but no hardon reducing. Her final method is to bring in another latex slave and make him suck all the cum out, as Roxy guides his actions. That’s the official synopsis of Mistress Roxy Jezel – Dealing With Dolly’s Bulge word for word and I have the complete three-piece set to rave about. First of all, I like the way the producers regard Dolly as “he” and not “she” since the submissive subject is a part-time girl. I love training men this way myself. Dolly has a nice cock that’s semi-erect when Mistress Roxy Jezel raises the hem of his skirt. This gorgeous Domme shows a lot of restraint while tying a ribbon around Dolly’s pre-cum streaming hardon. I’d have been tempted to take a few sucks on that bluish purple knob. She does touch and flick it however after the metal clothes pins are secured. The poor sub takes the pain with verbal humiliation, moaning loudly and next has to endure the electro play. The pre-cum continues as ball weights are attached in the more tortuous second part. Finally in Part 3, the Domme leads a latex clad gimp into the scene. He has a nice body and an upwardly arcing dick. He’s also a good cocksucker and uses his hands to milk Dolly’s balls. The gimp isn’t allowed to touch his own erection. He uses both hands to pump Dolly’s dick to climax and drinks the cum as ordered by Mistress Roxy Jezel. Take The English Mansion tour for more lurid tales of debauchery. 


The English Mansion – DSO’s Dirty Threesome Part 1-2

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

DSO is having super kinky fun in The English Mansion gardens. Her slutty bitch Dolly Dee is on her back, legs spread and mouth open, full of Kinky Steph’s big hard cock. DSO proceeds to fuck Dolly Dee with one of the biggest strap-on dildos I’ve ever seen used on anyone. But that massive toy doesn’t make me lose sight of the size of Steph’s thick real life cock. Dolly Dee is “forced” to give Steph a good blowjob while getting railed. DSO rubs pretty Dolly in this obviously pleasurable spitroast spiked with pain. DSO rubs the sub’s prostate while banging away and you can see her chastity clad cock leaking pre-cum. Both Kinky Steph and Dolly Dee get sweet kisses on the lips from DSO for pleasing her at the end.

The English Mansion
The English Mansion

The English Mansion – XDresser’s XXX Training Part 1

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery


Dominant Dolly, Mistress Pandora and Debbie star in XDresser’s XXX Training Part 1 on The English Mansion. Mistress Pandora invites her friend Dominant Dolly to show off her latest submissive slut in training, Debbie. She is brought into the dungeon, inspected and shows off her lap dancing and pole dancing skills as the Mistresses humiliate and grope her. Debbie is then ordered to fuck a big dildo in preparation for a special spitroasting. Dominant Dolly uses her big cock and Mistress Pandora uses a huge dildo. While Pandora fucks Debbie with the dildo, Dolly pleases herself with the sub’s mouth until she cums. Take The English Mansion tour for more lurid tales of debauchery from the UK.

The English Mansion – Tiffany Real Doll



Check out this preview gallery for more explicit photos. Tiffany Real Doll is a submissive slut doll from Wales, UK used for dressing up, fucking, bondage and spanking at The English Mansion. Lady Nina Birch has Tiffany Doll dressed in sexy long socks, panties and very little else! Her big cock is straining in the silk panties, popping out, so Nina teases it and uses Tiffany’s mouth to suck her nipples. Her ass is then fingered and fucked with a big pink vibrator, until precum is flowing. Nina then plays a game where Tiffany is to become a human doll, only allowed to move on command. Her cock is edged over and over until it shoots a huge cum load! Lady Nina Birch is such a gorgeous, experienced Dominatrix and I love the way her large breasts are exposed through her PVC miniskirt. Tiffany is lucky enough to get to flick her tongue across the huge nipples of her Mistress. The exquisite makeup job on Tiffany really gives her a doll-like quality which is stunning to see in HD. Her gravity defying cock is my idea of the perfect penis. As a lifestyle Mistress, I also loved the verbal humiliation Tiffany had to endure. She takes an ass fucking like a good slut and there’s an instant replay of her huge cumshot in slow motion before the video ends. Join The English Mansion now to see Tiffany Real Doll and her Mistress in action.

The English Mansion: Pretty Maid Manor



One of my favorite series on The English Mansion is Pretty Maid Manor with two of my friends, Jessica Dee and Charlotte Haven. The Mistresses have decided to advertise for a new slave to join their other transformed former males at an exclusive establishment where ‘special girls’ are fully feminised, transformed and trained as Ladies maids. With 3 maids now trained up to the exacting house standards, the Mistresses decide to advertise for a new crossdressing slave to add to their household. When the new candidate arrives, he thinks the position is for a slave house boy; but is shocked to discover the house is ‘Women Only’ and is informed he will have to be feminised. He decides to leave but is ‘persuaded’ to stay, as it is decided his enforced transformation is going to be a fun challenge for the Ladies of Pretty Maid Manor. The new slave first has to have his ‘maleness’ beaten out of him, he is then punished for the transgression of being a ‘man’ and his manhood suitably chastised for this sin – both back and front. He’s passed around to be reprimanded by all the Ladies present. Meanwhile, Maid Tiffany is used by Miss Vivienne to practice her rope bondage while Goddess Miss Kelly puts her to work worshiping her shoes. Maid Charlotte ends up over Governess Ely’s knee, petticoats up, for a hard spanking as she has been failing in her service duties by knocking into everyone with her adorable but impractical hoop skirt. While the new slave boy watches from a cage, beginning to comprehend what his new life is to be. Maid Jessica ends up in the most trouble and is eventually taken off to the kitchen by Governess Ely and Goddess Miss Kelly for a stricter punishment. While Mistress Evilyne takes Maid Charlotte in hand for some strapon cock sucking training in order to show the new slave boy what will be expected of her. All of the performances were incredible, especially the kinky and cumtastic grand finale. I must admit that I’m biased, but I was most proud of my friends across the pond, Jessica Dee (@JessicaDee25) and Charlotte Haven (@prissysissy88). Don’t miss the full Pretty Maid Manor set on The English Mansion.

Jessica Dee and Lady Nina Birch on The English Mansion

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I discovered a great blog today by a submissive cd – jessicadee25 and saw that the writer had been filmed on The English Mansion. This is one of the best Femdom sites out there. On her blog, Jessica says that she was incredibly nervous to meet Dominant Dolly, Lady Nina Birch and Mistress Sidonia, but they all made her feel very at ease. This whole day was a massive confidence boost for Jessica. The film on the site is “OTK Girly Plaything” and it’s a fantastic fantasy role play film in which Lady Nina is spends the day playing with her beautiful young special girl, Jess. After inspecting her pretty dress, Nina is disappointed in the finishing touches, so scolds her and delivers a long OTK spanking. She then uses some anal toys to stretch out Jess and prepare her life as a submissive. Straining in a tight CB6000 chastity device, Nina leaves Jess tied up and helpless with a vibrator buzzing against the plastic, until she learns a valuable lesson. Fellow Femdom lovers, enjoy the 36 minute film.


The English Mansion: Charlie’s Rubber Angels


The English Mansion, owned and run entirely by genuinely dominant women, is now 10 years old. All of the content is 100% exclusive and there are over 400 hours of movies inside. In this mixed photo/video gallery, Lady Nina Birch summons two of her rubber clad tgirls to her garden for amusement, humiliation and sexy fun. She explains that only one of them will be allowed to climax today. Whomever follows Mistress’ instructions and works the hardest will benefit. The other will be punished. If this tickles your fancy, go to the updates link for flash video previews with Mistress T, Goddess Zena, The Hunteress, Mistress Rouge, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Lady Nina Birch, Miss Jessica Wood, Miss Annalieza, Fetish Liza, Goddess Lexi Sindel, Sub Suzie, Lady Lana Latex, TV Mistress Zoe Fuck Puppet, Masked Mistress, Domina Darla and Mistress Sidonia.