The English Mansion – Tricked Transformed Traded

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“I had finished University the previous year but had not managed to attain regular employment, despite diligently searching the papers. Today, I noticed an advert for a medical firm looking for test subjects my age and body type for a series of harmless trials. The payment rate was excellent, which would help with my bank overdraft and the start date was immediate. I eagerly phoned the number hoping I would be a suitable candidate and was amazed to get a same day interview with Nurse An Li.” This is what you hear as a mystery person’s face isn’t shown when following instructions to enter the Montague House Gender Reassignment Clinic. That’s because this video is shot in POV fashion and you’re the one meeting beautiful An Li who will be taking you through the process. Your overnight stay begins with personal questions about your background. You state that you’re completely straight and she laughs wickedly. The interview is a bit humiliating, but you manage to get through filling out the application. Then you’re instructed to take some medicine. You’re warned that you’ll feel drowsy so you might as well get comfortable. The drug takes effect pretty quickly. While feeling groggy, you can hear the pitch of your own voice rising as An Li gazes down at you. You’re unaware of how much time has passed and shocked by the sight of bare breasts. They’re not An Li’s. They’re yours! You’ve also had face feminization surgery and your blonde hair is long. You look absolutely beautiful and you’re wearing panties. No changes to your manhood have been made there. But the practitioner makes you turn over to inspect your new feminine bottom. Your girlish ass is silky smooth. The next step of your feminization is to learn how to suck on a phallus. There’s corset waist training to follow. What comes next as you straddle the table on all fours is losing your virginity. Obviously you’ve been tricked and transformed. An Li prepares you next to be traded. Find out what the next steps are on