TransAngels: Aubrey Kate in Dominative Assistant

Jonah Marx is sent on special assignment to assist CEO Aubrey Kate. However, if he wants to be a team player, he’s going to have start with a team building exercise: eating his boss’s ass. Busty blond big-wig Aubrey doesn’t have time for second-best. She needs to make sure that Jonah can handle the position by bending him over the desk and fucking his ass. Jonah is determined to put the ‘ass’ in assistant, even if it includes putting his ass in the air and letting Aubrey pound it.

This is the official synopsis of Dominative Assistant on that might remind you of a situation you’ve been in. Have you ever had a sex partner who gazed at you with puppy dog eyes – the type of no-challenge play toy you had wrapped around your finger? This is the way Aubrey Kate treats Jonah in spite of how cute he is.

He just sits there and takes her verbal humiliation and doesn’t question her when she makes him put on a bondage eye cover and leash right there in her office. She’s obviously going to make this team building exercise extra special because she’s raised the hem of her skirt to beat off to the unknowing junior executive.

With a nice semi-erection sprouting from her panties, the CEO pulls the leash downward so Jonah has no choice but to take her cock inside his mouth. It turns out that he’s very useful at making Aubrey Kate develop a raging hardon!

It’s a forceful skullfucking in which the hot businesswoman forces Jonah’s face down her thick meat all the way down to the base. Aubrey Kate is no less of a domme when she decides she wants to suck some cock.

She first warns him that she’s yank hard on his leash if he doesn’t listen to her orders. A chill goes through me when he says, “Whatever it takes to prove myself.” After having her oral desire satisfied, Aubrey Kate stands behind Jonah and spanks his cute ass bright red! She’s going to fuck the hell out of him, but not just yet.

She demands a rimjob and another blowjob first. Aubrey Kate begins drilling Jonah’s ass bareback with her stiff cock at about the midway point of this authentic BDSM masterpiece.

TransAngels: Let Me Teach You

After encouraging you to join Trans Angels for a $1 2-day trial, I realized I should review every single scene. I’m almost done and they’ll be posted here on Caramel’s TGirls and on In “Let Me Teach You”, poor Rob Yaeger doesn’t have any luck with girls. After he unsuccessfully tries his luck with her stepdaughter and her friend, experienced MILF Venus Lux takes Rob by the hand, and then the dick, to teach him how to treat a lady. Who better than smoking hot trans woman to give Rob a crash course in everything from kissing and eating ass, to the pleasures of anal sex? Don’t you wish you had a teacher like Venus?

This is the official synopsis of a scene I just had to see. First, I watched the scene preview and cracked up when one of the girls referred to Yaegerman as the creepy dork from next door. This major porn star is anything but and that’s why I found it hilarious.

I’m just a moderate fan of humor in porn but when I watched how the full-length scene plays out, the comedy gets even better. It takes us through skateboarder Rob briefly seeing MILF Venus baking in the kitchen. She thinks he’s such a nice boy and she’s unaware that he’s about to hit on one of the young girls in the living room. Venus is called in to take Rob away and she leads him into the kitchen for a questioning. Poor Rob is just a virgin who wants a girlfriend and he needs advice so badly.

Instead of giving Rob a scolding, Venus gives Rob a kiss, instructing him that he should let the girl make the first move. She also shows Rob how to fondle and devour a gorgeous set of full bare breasts. Rob also receives his first blowjob, gets to fuck her tits and toss her salad. Then he sinks his bare stiff cock inside her tight ass!

His no longer virginal cock makes Venus’s hardon spurt a big white creamy load in this fantastic update! Check out The Fuck Chronicles for more erotic adventures with Yaegerman and the official website for Rob’s incomparable Trans Angels scene partner.


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