Chanel Santini & Sophia Grace in Trans-Visions #09

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TS Chanel Seduces Bio Girl directed by Joey Silvera features Chanel Santini and Sophia Grace in Trans-Visions #09 on The official synopsis reads: Pale, dark-haired, femme TS Chanel Santini’s lacy panties can’t conceal her secret bonus. She and hot biological girl Sophia Grace are dressed seductively for a night on the town, but they get turned on and decide to play first. The girls kiss wetly and make out. Sophia blows Chanel’s girl boner and Chanel eats Sophia’s bald gash. Chanel fucks Sophia’s twat doggie-style; Sophia sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. Sophia’s curvy ass looks hot as she rides she-cock. Sophia gives a deep rim job and fucks Chanel’s butthole with a popsicle toy. And Sophia sits on Chanel’s face. Chanel jerks out a thick load of jism.

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That’s a concise description I can’t top, so allow me to just add a few thoughts. First off, I love the way Sophia walks around the room in the form-fitting dress Chanel bought her. These beauties are lesbians in real life, but the scene is convincingly realistic. That’s because it’s light, flirtatious and playful. Chanel is more interested in what’s going on beneath the gift she bought her girlfriend and one of those things is the ass Sophia wiggles like the best of the best strippers.

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The story here reveals that Chanel has a boyfriend. Sophia doesn’t care about that, especially not when Chanel sit lifting the hem of her dress exposing the outline of the cock in her panties. They’re both horny as hell and end up in bed before going out on the town. After all the foreplay and fucking that follows, I don’t think I’d want to go anywhere after all this activity! The bareback fucking leads to a delicious looking 69. It’s followed by one the of the biggest cumshot’s of Chanel’s porn career and a brief recap with Silvera.

Trans-Visions #09 

Southern Belle Sophia Grace deserves her own official website. As for Chanel, she’s got and she’s an amazing and prolific performer LIVE on!

Evil Angel: Brazilian TS Jacks Uncut, Huge Boner – Trans-Visions #09

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When I first saw the words TS Tatoo Trans in the “Brazilian TS Jacks Uncut, Huge Boner” preview for Trans-Visions #09 , I thought the company made a typo. Tatoo Trans is this stunning model’s actual name. As the camera pans up and down her exquisite form, I notice that she’s got a lot of tiny blonde hair on her thighs. I don’t have a hirsute fetish, but this doesn’t bother me either. Besides, when you see the big dark bulge slightly escaping her tiny shorts, it’s such a distraction, you might forget about it altogether.

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Tatoo’s body is slightly oiled, especially around her bustline and pierced belly button. As more of her erection emerges, I notice that her cock is as dark as most black girl dicks, yet the rest of her complexion is what I’d describe as deeply tanned. That’s one of the things I love most about Brazilian porn models – so much diversity in each hot performer is a common trait. Tatoo’s big cock is in your face just below eye level and it points toward the ceiling on its own when she’s not stroking it firmly. Her smoothly shaven ball sack is fully bloated as it’s suspended by the pouch of her short shorts. Her top is removed and discarded as her shorts are thrust lower and when she turns to the side, her butt looks incredible! It’s all natural and looks like the result of lots of squats or cycling. When she bends over to show you the center of her ass, her tiny opening looks virginal and vice tight.

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Tatoo’s big dick remains fully erect when she lays on her side to finger bang her bottom with a couple of fingers. She stays in this position for quite some time, but Joey Silvera’s camera captures her masturbation sequence with a variety of angles. Tatoo squeezes a nipple firmly while beating off furiously with her other hand. She grimaces hard while squeezing her thighs together as her orgasm approaches. Suddenly, big gobs of creamy white and syrupy cum pour out of her swollen cock head.

Joey Silvera’s Trans-Visions on Evil Angel

Joey Silvera’s Trans-Visions just went live on Evil Angel on Thursday January, 29, 2015. So I can’t tell you a lot about it from my P.O.V. yet. I’m just downloading the 5 scenes now. But watching the previews from this new series tells me the DVD, available for download and streaming, is as hot as I expected it to be. Check ’em out!