TGirls.Porn: Melani Brooks & Triniti York

“Sweet”. If I could only use one word, a non-sexual word, to sum up this week’s update, that would be it. The official description reads: Two delicious new TGirls.Porn debutantes take centre stage and make the magic happen in this stunning Omar Wax production. Melanie Brooks and Triniti York were both instant hits in their debut appearances with both girls picking up the ‘Model of the Month’ award for their superb solo efforts. Today, they invite us onto the couch for a steamy session of rampant all-girl antics.

My favorite TGirls.Porn hardcore scenes are the ones that are heavy on romance and intimacy and this one is packed with both. I knew this was going to be special from the moment I saw producer Mr. Wax break out his signature outdoor footage with the two gorgeous models. He make incredible videos without all that fanfare, but these sort seem to capture every possible nuance.

The plot development is superb and it doesn’t take up too much time from what we’re anxious to see. It provides perfectly as a build-up to the actual sex. Curly-haired Trinity “rescues” Melanie from a bad side of town, but it’s really a pick-up move that proves to be successful. Melanie allows herself to be seduced and led to Triniti’s apartment.

Every glance and verbal exchange leading up to the first kiss seems like true chemistry and it’s a joy to see from both a trans lesbian perspective and as simply a trans lesbian admirer.

When the first oral sex sequence begins, Melanie sucks Triniti’s cock stiff in a way that make me feel that she adores her new mate. The same goes with each partner through the rimjobs and when Triniti gives Melanie head. 

Then there’s roughness in Triniti’s power fucking that brings out my Domination/submission sensibilities. And I love seeing the copious amount of pre-cum pouring from Melanie’s swollen cock head periodically while she gets soundly railed.

Don’t pass up this masterpiece on TGirls.Porn! Watch the Free Scene Trailer.