TGirls.Porn: Cassie Woods & Trixxy Von Tease

On Tuesday, update day on TGirls.Porn, this week’s production comes in the shape of delicious duo Cassie Woods and Trixxy Von Tease. Omar Wax did the honors of producing this blazing hot hardcore scene.

Cassie: “I was disappointed my client canceled our session. Being the good friend she is, Trixxy wanted to cheer me up. After a few encouraging words it was evident Trixxy was going to be more than a good friend but more of a “friend with benefits” situation! Before I knew it she was sucking my throbbing girl cock and just begging to be penetrated. So being the good pal I am, of course duly obliged! I’m getting tingles just thinking about it!”

Trixxy: “After hearing she got stood up, I decided to take the time to cheer up my gorgeous friend. Hopefully filling the spot by comforting her with sexual attention (being a slutty vixen that I am!) Pressing my sinful lips against her soft innocent lips, Cassie gave in and kissed back, one thing led to another and before long it was clear was this evening was headed! Hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as we did. ;)”

So I’m already very familiar with what Trixxy can do because of her previous performances on TGirls.Porn and also on, not to mention on her own torrid website. I’ve seen Cassie on and on Grooby Girls so I’m well versed in her skills also. What I didn’t expect was to ever see these two killer babes together.

I love the way Trixxy tries to cheer Cassie up and to make her forget about her cancelled date as the video begins. The reciprocal oral and 69 action is an stunning vision to watch and this is the first time I’ve seen Cassie topping.

We would not have to even have to ask Trixxy how well Cassie can fuck after seeing the two of them going at it. The way Trixxy responds to her drilling is with wild moaning, gasping and dirty talk – not to mention how stiff her big dick is while flopping and swinging around all over the place. Toward the end of this update Cassie is dominant as fuck! I didn’t know she got down like that.

I don’t want to give away too much about Trixxy’s cumshot while she’s getting drilled by Cassie bareback but it’s legendary! Cassie’s a pretty heavy cummer too.

Once again, if you can get enough of these thrilling performers on TGirls.Porn, you can also find them on and

Trixxy Von Tease Fucks Mara Nova


This is a killer video from the summer I forgot to rave about, but better late than never. As they sit on a bed looking like they’re at a slumber party for two hot trans girls only, Mara of tells Trixxy of of her appreciation that her friend has come to San Diego to see her. They make small talk about the weather and traffic and Trixxy touches Mara’s thigh saying she’s glad she came and wants to play with her. “Me too,” Mara replies and the two kiss. Mara fondles one of Trixxy’s breasts through her nightie and Trixxy does the same through Mara’s bra. After an intense French kissing session, Mara sits up and Trixxy moves behind Mara to unclasp her brassiere. Then Mara faces Trixxy to help her get her nightie off, revealing her pretty boobs with their pierced nipples. Mara sucks on the sensitive points and Trixxy reciprocates. Next thing you know, the brunette is sucking on her partner’s huge cock. After more feverish making out, Trixxy sits back on her heels while Mara gives her head, rapidly stiffening her pierced pecker. It’s a really rough skull fucking that gets Trixxy’s cock big and in need of more friction. So she proceeds to fuck Mara bareback in the doggy style position! Mara’s big dick sways beneath her toned body as she gets railed with one hand held behind her back and an ankle grabbed for deep, hard penetration. Trixxy also holds Mara by the neck as she pummels her tight ass and when she lets go, Mara is on her hands and knees thrusting back to meet her powerful thrusts! Trixxie then bangs Mara from below and we see the gorgeous fuckee’s big tits heaving and her huge hard cock bobbing and swaying. Trixxie looks at us as if to say, “Look at how hard I’m fucking this girl,” and next she’s on top piledriving Mara’s bottom. Then it’s a full on missionary position pounding with Trixxie squeezing and stroking Mara’s schlong while fucking her hard. I don’t want to spoil too much of this torrid scene so I’ll close by saying that the ending is absolutely cumtastic!

TGirls.Porn: Trixxy Von Tease & Britney Boykins

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

You can watch an explicit trailer of the transbian tryst between Trixxy Von Tease and Britney Boykins on TGirls.Porn. But allow me to set up the action that leads to the hot sex. Videographer Omar Wax films brunette Britney on the balcony with the TEA winning hostess of As they share a cigarette on the balcony of their hi-rise hotel room, Britney reveals that she usually smoke. She doesn’t usually have problems with men either, but her current relationship isn’t going so well. When she begins flirting with Trixxy, the begin kissing and undressing each other right out in the open. Trixxy leads Britney into the bedroom where they continue making out. She takes the lead orally with Britney until the brunette decides she wants to suck her first trans girl cock. After priming Britney’s amazing ass with some hard slaps, the first position Trixxy fucks Britney in is doggy style. Although Britney is a 20 something newbie to major studio porn, I’ve been a fan of hers for year watching her rise from amateur adult entertainment to official porn actress status. As a fan of Trixxy’s official website and previous studio performances, I can tell you this is one of her best hardcore scenes to date. I didn’t expect this TGirls.Porn to be sweet and mushy, but Trixxy handles Britney like she stole something. This is exactly what I was hoping to see, knock-down, drag-out hard fucking. Take the tour of the Transgender Film Festival 2016 (Kiel / Germany) award-winning Best Membership Clips website TGirls.Porn.


Trixxy Von Tease in Summer Bat


The sensational alternative Grooby/ModelCentro website presents “Summer Bat” which ends with one of of the most amazing cumshots I’ve ever seen on a TS website. In this solo video performance, Trixxy is filmed oiled up in her black bikini and wedge sandals while puffing on a cigarette. She wastes no time masturbating once she’s done with her smoke. Her cock wastes no time getting stiff either. Trixxy raises her smooth, shiny legs to give you an explicit view of all her charms while pumping away furiously. She fingers herself and switches with each hand to stroke her raging hard dick and occasionally cups one of her big boobs. Trixxy makes the sexiest faces while fingering and fapping and you get ultra clear footage of every inch of her fine form. I don’t want to go into detail about the way Trixxy cums in the end because I really want you to see this. Take the tour of to get a better idea of what’s in store for you.     

Trixxy Von Tease in Bikini Pinup

I urge you strongly to take a look at the flash video preview of the smoking hot “Bikini Pinup Always Masturbate Before a Swim” but if you can’t, I can tell you about it. The super sexy vixen hostess of starts working herself up by squeezing her full breasts and pinching her taut, pierced nipples. She’s just sat down on the couch wearing an animal print bikini and flip flops. A few minutes later, Trixxy’s long thick cock and smooth hairless balls are out of her panties. Her dick is pointing up toward the ceiling and she wonders if she can touch the swollen head to one of her nipples. “That’s a solid piece of motherfucking meat right there,” she says and proceeds to jerk the hell out of it! She smacks it hard from time to time and uses her free hand to grasp a bare foot until she decides to beat her meat with both hands. Trixxy knows she’s going to shoot a lot of cum in this video and when she says that, I know it’s true. Toward the end of the scene, she raises a foot upon the sofa to drive leg lovers and foot fetishes out of their minds. Then she switches to the other side and begins furiously double-fisting her big dick. Remember the promise she made? Torrents of creamy white cum burst out of Trixxy’s cockhead. She samples some and says it tastes sweet. I’ll bet it does. Don’t miss it and check out the latest photo sets on while you’re there.


Trixxy Von Tease Launches Website

“Stoked to share a lot of my personal taste of all different styles for my fans to enjoy,” said Trixxy Von Tease. “So never a dull moment when I’m around. I’m bringing the Sexy Creepygirl out of Grooby Girls with live/private cam shows.” “I met Trixxy while she was here in Los Angeles and she was so much fun,” said Grooby Productions Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “Her personality really shines through on her website and I think her fans will really appreciate her awesome style.” Members can expect regular solo, hardcore, and fetish friendly sets at her official website. She also plans on releasing funny outtakes and behind the scene content in the near future. Grooby has partnered with ModelCentro to create an unique opportunity for models to design and manage their own websites. Models are able to control their content while using the branding and resources of Grooby Productions. I’ve just seen “Lips Full of Services” starring Trixxy aka Tracy James Hayek with Eva Cassini and Althea Addams on The 19 minute video begins with Trixxy giving Eva and Althea head at the same time. French kissing, breast fondling and Trixxy’s talented mouth keeps the girl’s cocks rock hard. Then Trixxy gets blown by both Eva and Althea simultaneously. Eva gets a double blowjob next and Althea then tries to fit Eva and Trixxy’s boners into her mouth at the same time. There’s more oral switching and so much of it, I almost forgot that someone was going to get fucked. Someone gets to pump her erection in and out of one of her friends while on her back, sucking another stiff dick. The website hostess gets a facial from both of her sexy friends. It looks to me like she really loves the taste of cum. Take the tour for more!