TS Jesse: Behind The Scenes of Bad Student

Scene Trailer Gallery

There’s nothing unexpected happening when the behind-the-scenes footage of “Bad Student” begins on TS-Jesse.com. Yet it’s so sexy to watch. Seeing Jesse in schoolgirl clothing never gets old and here we see her posing before the bed for still photos while standing. She cups her bare breasts and judging from the bulge in her micro-mini skirt, she’s already pretty aroused. There’s a matching thong beneath the skirt we get a brief peek at before Jesse covers it with her hand. One of her smooth, hairless balls escapes the panties when she takes a seat on the bed. Then she whips her big cock out and just as I suspected it’s almost fully erect. I really love the total absence of shyness while seeing Jesse masturbate in this scene. She lays across the bed jerking off firmly but not fast enough to cum too quickly. All this action is running rapidly after all. Then there’s a sequence where Jesse sits up to get back on the floor. When she’s kneeling and then standing, her boner stands straight out from her loins suspending her minishirt. Her male producer Mr. Milo moves across the frame and barks a few orders to Jesse. He’s really nice. That’s just his manner and he’s one of my top five favorite photographers in the game. Jesse sits down and her raging hard erection stands right up! Jesse gets to see a shot or two in the camera’s view finder. She seems happy with it as she should be. As the scene plays on I realize that the actual video without the behind-the-scenes video might be more of a turn-on for Jesse fans who don’t care about how a video is made. The polished video has more tight close-ups of Jesse’s facial beauty, her luscious beauty and her huge cock. You can see them both on TS-Jesse.com and in TS Jesse Section on the TGirl-Network.com.

Bailey Jay and Alyssa

Alyssa Ion visits Bailey Jay to hang out as friends, but when Alyssa notices that Bailey has a serious boner in her panties, she makes her move.



The gender fucking footage of their kissing before the breast play, teabagging and cock sucking and mutual jacking session begins, informs you that you’re watching amazing transbian video you won’t want to end. Watch the full video on the official TS Bailey Jay website!


TS Bailey Jay White Hot and Slut In A Tub

If you liked that QueerPorn.TV preview with Bailey Jay and Chelsea Poe, they can also be seen on TS-BaileyJay.com where Bailey is also still making great porn with her husband. Here are some photos from their “White Hot” set and video previews from their “Slut In A Tub” movie:

Flash Video Preview
Windows Video Preview

Enter TS Bailey Jay

The Bailey Jay Show

Why am I just now talking about “The Bailey Jay Show” when it’s been on for almost 4 years now? Radio distracts me so I was like “Ain’t nobody got time for that” for years. Nowadays, I have Morning Joe on TV and sort of half pay attention to it. I’ve never been big on television and the 24 hour news cycle gets to be draining. I’d been looking for something amusing recently and I finally checked out some of Bailey’s episodes. I was impressed and I’m not normally a LOL chick. I’m still impressed with TS-BaileyJay.com and the mobile version also. I thought I might get bored with her sucking and getting fucked by her hung husband, but it hasn’t gotten old to me yet. Actually, her man shows up mostly just for blowjob movies and she’s back to doing more creative solo work. Click on the following pictures for some video previews and sample photo galleries. I think you’ll be impressed with Bailey’s steady updates, too.     









TS Bailey Jay Big Red Bow

The “Bailey’s Big Bow” solo masturbation video might as well have been titled, “Bailey’s Big Cock”. Several of the TS Bailey Jay movies feature her getting railed by her husband. This video and the “Red Bow” photo set are designed for admirers who want to see Bailey stroking her big cock all by herself. Click on each image for Photo and Video Previews.






TS Bailey Jay Alone In A Summer Cottage

When TS Bailey Jay makes movies, she gets straight down to presenting to the naughty good stuff, so there is no need to make overbearingly long videos. All the production values are in the makeup, wardrobe and styling and in the background settings coordinated with her talented husband. They run a little hot spot named “The Bailey Jay Show” in case you haven’t heard.




At any rate, enjoy the Photo and Video from “Alone In A Summer Cottage” and check out her TS-BaileyJay.com for more updates!


TS Juliette Stray on Evil Angel


I don’t know why the gorgeous 5’6″, 36E-25-31, 135lbs Juliette Stray of San Francisco doesn’t have her own official website. Thankfully, she has an Evil Angel Filmography. Two of my favorite films with Juliette co-star TS Bailey Jay and Christian XXX of Pure-TS. Juliette’s work is amongst the best the adult transsexual industry has ever seen.





Juliette Stray on Evil Angel