TS birdmountain on Bob’s Tgirls

Bob Maverick pulled out some guitars for TS birdmountain’s Bob’s Tgirls debut. One was a black and cream-colored, 1960s Les Paul Classic reissue – the same guitar that she had used in her days of playing in punk/rock/psychedelic bands. Then, he pulled out another guitar, the headstock in which was signed by Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult. This is the guitar that featured in the sexy new photo set and video. 




Bob snapped some photos and got some video rolling while interviewing his multi-talented new model. Meanwhile, birdmountain played a few choppy pieces of random tunes from random eras. Eventually, as happens in transsexual porn, she decided it was time to put down the guitar and masturbate. To make a long story short, birdmountain summed up the shoot saying, “It was a blast, and I would shoot with Bob again, as well as recommend him to others. His work is beautiful, and I hope that you will enjoy our collaborative efforts.”