TS Chelsea Marie

Update July 27, 2016: Chelsea’s new website is tschelseamarie.net!

Original post from June 18, 2014:

Good morning, everyone! Would you like an early morning cumshot?  This is one of the 61 photos from the “Early Morning Cumshot” set released by TS Chelsea Marie.  The video is a satisfying 18 minutes long and it might have you craving a cigarette even if you don’t smoke.


Chelsea Marie and Michelle Firestone

Update July 27, 2016: Chelsea’s new website is tschelseamarie.net

Original post from December 23, 2013:

Transbian sex doesn’t appeal to every TS admirer and there’s lots of amazing hardcore action with men on TsChelseaMarie.com. But if you love seeing fierce TS-on-TS content, her video and 177 image photo set with TS Michelle Firestone and other transsexuals are on fire! Michelle gets seriously railed in this video.

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Congratulations To TS Chelsea Marie!

Update July 27, 2016: Chelsea Marie has a new independant website – tschelseamarie.net!

Original post from August 28, 2013.

Congrats to TS Chelsea Marie on her amazing new website! All of her videos are available Standard and High Definition MP4 format. Chelsea’s hi-res photos are enormous! Click on each sample picture to see the original size:

Chelsea Marie offers custom shoots to members of her site. If there is something that you wish to see, that you have not seen elsewhere, contact her through the member’s section of tschelseamarie.net