Creamy TS Lara Lactates, Fornicates!

Directed by Joey Silvera from TS Factor #10 DVD Starring Lara Machado and Alex Victor.

In “Creamy TS Lara Lactates, Fornicates!” on, gorgeous Lara Machado snaps selfies on the bed, lactating milk from her perky breasts. In elegant lingerie, she shares a few words in Portuguese with Joey Silvera and she greets Alex Victor’s stiff cock with her mouth when it enters the frame. Alex later leans over Lara while she’s on all fours and sucks her hard dick from behind. The pair actually move through many different positions during oral. Lara gives Joey a rim job and one more cock sucking and she then lays back to receive his hardon into her tight ass. They also fuck in the missionary position and in reverse. Lara has tremendous staying power and a cock that just won’t deflate while she takes a powerful bareback railing! She makes her stiff prick cum while getting drilled by Alex. She then takes his load into her mouth and across her pretty face.

This is the final scene of the TS Factor #10 DVD in which Trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera’s “TS Factor #10” exhibits femme but functional T-girls in racy rendezvous with both hard men and freaky genetic women. Stunning trans babe Chanel Santini shares a heated date with porn super starlet Adriana Chechik. Adriana deep-throats busty Chanel’s boner, ejaculates girl squirt and swallows cum. Japanese TS star Miran is a tan, blue-eyed doll with perky tits and a fit body. She rims and pounds ass in a deliciously depraved encounter with muscular stud Gabriel. T-girl bombshell Keylla Marques and Alex Victor double-dick bio babe Karolyne Vibe. The passionate plowing climaxes with Keylla jerking an explosion of semen over Karolyne’s face. Gabriel surprises Joey with beautiful, fair-skinned TS Annabelle Lane. The blonde, plump-lipped vixen takes a fierce anal plowing. Gabriel slathers the sassy slut’s face in sperm, and Annabelle makes him lick up his mess!

Alex reams transsexual lactating temptress Lara Machado up the butt in the scene I’ve just described. It’s available now on

Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy

The official synopsis of “Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy” reads: Gorgeous blonde T-girl Lena Kelly strokes her stiff lady-cock through sheer pink lingerie. She tugs on her pulsing boner, thinking of her date with exotic American TS temptress Honey Foxxx. The horny trans-girls sit on the bed stroking each other, and Honey sucks on Lena’s sweet dick. Lena eases the thick shaft up her own tight ass! She jacks her dick to orgasm while Honey sodomizes her. Lena sucks dick ass-to-mouth until Honey fills her mouth with she-cum. Okay, I can’t top that succinct description so I’ll just add a few words about the scene and extraordinary actresses. If I may describe the adult industry in terms of levels, Honey has been on Level A for years and in recent years, Lena has joined her there. It’s a brilliant move for a top shelf studio like to feature them together. Fans have especially high expectations and the names of these two trans women ensure excellence in porn for those of us who haven’t even seen this production yet.

“She fucked the words out of me,” is the first reply to the famed director’s first question. The entire synopsis of the TS Factor #09 movie with the exception of Lena and Honey omitted for redundancy reads: Legendary trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera has packed ‘TS Factor 9’ with the sexiest, best-hung T-talent he’s scouted in recent global travels. His tasty temptresses bring mysterious erotic power to seven varied segments, from solo masturbation to perversity with crazy men or wild women to trysts with other trans beauties. Tall, bubbly Latina Moka Mora excitedly rides tattooed Chelsea Marie’s stiff lady dick.

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Blonde Latina trans goddess Jazling Perez uses toys and her long-nailed fingers to get off, and she licks her splooge from the carpet! Brazilian TS Isabelly Ferreira butt-fucks muscular stud Alex Victor; she rides his fleshy pole anally in a rim job-flavored romp. Dark, dominant Keylla Marques reams pale, young Brazilian T-girl Lara Machado’s butthole. Exotic Thai ladyboy Jakki squeezes her sensitive, puffy nipples as she strokes her she-meat to climax. Busty Brazilian wanker Geovanna Oliveira edges her huge cock to a creamy eruption with manicured fingers. My #1 go to spot for Honey’s incredible performances is

Candy in TS Factor #08

Tennessee-based starlet Candy’s fans have been waiting for this scene to be released for such a long time and it’s so well worth the wait. Cosplay sex kitten is the theme but there’s no need for a plot in this TS Factor #08 sizzler.

In Scene #01, she’s stripping and deliciously topless by the time we hear famed director Joey Silvera’s voice asking her name for viewers. The primary focus is on her lovely hormone breasts, her killer ass even more so, and she reveals her beautiful cock within the first three minutes. It’s semi-erect when she lowers her panties and rapidly swelling as she teases verbally.

Flash Scene Trailer

Candy makes her big dick dance as it swells harder and fully exposes her perfectly rounded bottom before playing hide and seek with her cock and the panties that haven’t been totally removed yet. While seated however, Candy reveals it again and now it’s raging hard. She makes it bob and swing all over the place and her undies soon disappear. Then she’s kneeling, tempting you mercilessly with her love stick and her beauty in general. I can’t go into lurid detail about this scene like I do with most models because it’s like lusting after a close friend or relative. My Interview with Candy Liscious has put me in the friend zone and there’s absolutely nothing to regret about that! I’m so proud of her and on top of her exquisite looks, Candy is as sweet as they come. I’m suggesting that you bypass my obvious personal bias and trust me – it’s a phenomenal must-see solo scene. It comes with a short yet pretty in-depth discussion with Silvera after her massive cumshot too!

The official synopsis reads: Sporting fishnets, cat ears and a thick, alluring bulge inside her lacy panties, gorgeous American Latina T-girl Candy wants to show us how she gets off. Flexing her taut ass cheeks and stroking her sensitive nipples with long fingernails, she peels down her undies and releases her huge, rigid schlong. The TS cutie lubes her fat dick and pumps her stiff she-boner, moaning in pleasure. Hand moving faster along the curved shaft, Candy climaxes, milking out a creamy load of hot sperm.

Watch All The TS Factor #08 Trailers

TS Factor #07: Carol Penelope

Carol Penelope stands between a window with a city view and a plush bed sucking her finger and gyrating her hips. She licks her lips, cups and squeezes her large breasts through her brassiere and proceeds to bare and fondle her soft boobs. Carol allows her swelling uncut cock to escape her sheer blue panties and soon its glossy head and shaft arc upward.

She continues to stroke her raging hardon while sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide open. Carol is lactating and she squeezes a nipple firmly to pour out some of her fresh milk. She repeats the process with her other milk-filled tit and moans softly. She wears tall sandals on her little feet and wiggles her pedicured toes while stroking her cock rapidly. About three-quarters into the video, Carol is sitting on the bed masturbating furiously, doing what she needs to do to reach her climax. Immense spurts of clear and white cum blast out of her swollen cock head. With her hard, yet spent cock pointing up toward her tummy, Carol tastes some of her own cum.

This is probably the wettest solo scene I’ve ever seen Carol Penelope in. Acclaimed director Joey Silvera is so impressed and he exchanges a few words in Portuguese with the voluptuous blue-eyed fox who grins from ear to ear. She says she loves having her cock sucked and when asked if she’s active or passive, Carol says she’s both. Joey gets her to say, “Suck my cock,” in English which is appropriate because even though she just had a massive orgasm, her powerful dick doesn’t seem finished just yet. “Brazilian TS Lactates and Ejaculates is the final scene of TS Factor #07 and you can watch ALL the trailers.

TS Factor #06 – Nina Lawless & Rococo Royalle

I have a few comments to add after the official synopsis of TS Factor #06 with TS Nina Lawless & Rococo Royalle on Evil Angel: Foxy redhead Rococo Royalle can’t wait to wrap her lips around the big she-cock of busty blonde TS temptress Nina Lawless. Rococo gives a loving blow job to the lingerie-clad bombshell, then spreads her pale thighs so the statuesque ladyboy can pump her hairy pussy. She rides Nina’s boner in every position and buzzes her sweet twat with a vibrator while getting fucked. Finally, pretty Rococo sucks and wanks Nina’s hard-on and laps up the creamy eruption.

Self-described Bushy Queer Feminist Slut Rococo Royalle and trans megastar owner of are on fire in this Joey Silvera production. We first see the gorgeous redhead playing with her exposed breasts while sitting at a glass table making seductive eye contact. A couple of moments later, we see Nina doing pretty much the same thing thing on the other side of the room while standing. Then she moves the lower part of her sexy lingerie outfit to allow her cock to spring out in the open. Nina is approached by Rococo who gazes lustfully down at the big dick standing attention at a 45 degree angle.


After they kiss, Rococo sinks down to jerk Nina’s turgid erection and gives her what looks like a mind-blowing blowjob. After stripping the hot ginger naked, the beautiful blonde gives Rococo a rim job from behind. When Rococo is on her back, Nina eats her pussy. I don’t necessarily have a hirsute fetish, but I love that there’s pale hair surrounding the redhead’s quim. It’s carefully trimmed and doesn’t look like a 70’s porn film pussy. The first position Nina fucks Rococo in is missionary and it’s bareback. She uses the assistance of a vibrator on her mate’s pretty poon tang while pumping in and out of her powerfully. Nina is also completely nude by this point. Both girls totally naked gets this scene bonus points from me for an A+ performance. I highly recommend that you watch all the trailers from TS Factor #06 on Evil Angel. Just wait until you see how Rococo devours Nina’s cum!

TS Factor #03 Mara Nova and Nia Li

MP4 Trailer

MP4 Trailer

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Flash Video Preview

Flash Video Preview

In TS Factor #03, Mia Li is washing dishes and exposing a lot of cleavage as she leans over the sink. Her large breasts jiggle when she shakes the cookware dry and she’s joined by Mara Nova who also has the girls out. Mara wants to hit the town with her girlfriend, but Mia has so much to do tonight. Mia can’t believe how skimpy the mini skirt Mara plans to go out in. But if that’s what she’s going to wear, Mia wants Mara to at least try on the garment so she knows how sexy Mara will look on a night on the town without her. She gives Mara a kiss, squeezes the bulge in her blue jeans, and suggests they move into the bedroom. Mia is claiming her territory – making sure that Mara remembers what’s back at home while partying with her friends. This is Mara’s first ever performance with a cisgender female. You may have read my interview with Mara Nova on TS Dreamland. If not, click here to read it and I hope you’ll enjoy it. But back to the video, Mara strips down in the bedroom and her cock, which is falling out of her panties, is swelling in anticipation of thing to come. Director Joey Silvera films her brief masturbation sequence with Mara staring at you while jerking off like there’s a hidden camera in the room only you two know about. Mia, who really doesn’t want Mara to go out at tall straddles the bed beside her and gives her another kiss. Although the fact that Mia fondles Mara’s firm breasts, strokes her huge fully erect cock and gives her a blowjob is predictable, it’s astounding because these two are so damn beautiful. Mara’s first experience with her big dick inside a hot, tight pussy is bareback. Mia does not only use her snapper to please her however. Mia employs rimming, digital stimulation, toy sex and lots of oil to work Mara into a sexual frenzy. After Mara produces a big cumshot, Mia tells her girlfriend that now she can go out. An informative and fun closing interview with Mr. Silvera wraps up Scene #02 of TS Factor #03. You can stream or download in various formats on Evil Angel.