TS Jamie French in GGPink





Have you missed TS Jamie French? It’s strange when one of the adult industry’s most prolific performers is gone for a minute. It really hasn’t been that long. She had an injury and I’m glad she’s okay. Actually, Jamie is way better than just okay. It looks like she got herself some new kicks that remind me of a pair of my throwback jelly platform sandals. What does this youngster know about the 90’s? A lot, I’d guess since she’s mastered retro-porn. This new video is ultra-modern however, and as colorful as a rainbow. Jamie utilizes a generous amount of oil to enhance her smooth skin. It looks especially enticing on her impossibly shapely ass, not to mention on her big, cum-spurting cock. Geez, I almost forgot to mention the amazing climax at the end of this sizzling hot return on TS Jamie French! Jamie also kept us busy with some hot content from some of her gorgeous Grooby friends and this new update includes a cold shot from her hot girlfriend Ada Black.

TS Jamie French in Blue 3 of 3





No matter how dynamic your sex life is, you might find TS Jamie French doing things you could never do. You’d at least have to work up to her latest mind -blowing stunt if you tried it. In the final installment of the “Blue” set, The svelte Texan fox penetrates herself with on of the largest dildos I’ve ever seen. Her sleek form is coated in oil and her pretty peds are bare for her adoring foot fans. The footage is shot from the back in the beginning of the video. Then Jamie faces the camera while telling us what it’s like to feel the massive phallus inside her. When Jamie asks, “Do you want me to cum for you?” she’s directing the question to all of us. She uses her latex-clad hand to jerk off until a blast of creamy white cum shoots out of her big cock. Watch the whole series and mamy, many more on TS Jamie French. If you’d like to meet Jamie in Austin, Texas between August 7th 8th and 9th – 28th, click here.

TsJamieFrench Hanging Out 2 of 3

You can pretty much see what happens in parts 1 and 2 of “Hanging Out” on TsJamieFrench with the video previews. But since I like to go into detail about the best pornos out there, I’m gonna talk about these scenes a little bit. If you have a smoking fetish or a foot fetish, you’re probably going to be destroyed before you even get to the 2nd installment. The 1st part is actually PG rated when I think about it. Part 2 kicks it up a notch with Jamie worshiping one of Ada’s feet while the other rubs the blonde rock star’s cock. So now we’ve moved on to XXX. By the end of the video, Ada is stroking Jamie’s raging hard dick between both of her soft soles. I know how this “Hanging Out” story is going to end and I’ll be looking out for the hardcore 3rd installment on TsJamieFrench.



Golden Girls on TS Jamie French

The following photo and title of the latest TsJamieFrench video lets you know that Jamie is fucking Ada Black again (bareback). But have you guessed why it’s called Golden Girls? If not, you’ll get it when you see how the full video opens. If you happen to have a cock between your legs, you might find yourself wishing you were the one banging Ada, or giving it to Jamie in a daisy chain. If you happen to have a foot fetish, you might wish you were alternating between giving Jamie a two-fisted handjob, blowjob and worshiping her sexy feet like Ada did. I’m not going to spoil how this video closes, but I can tell you it ends with an explosive climax!


Tied on TS Jamie French


Do you know what it means to be spit roasted? It’s that thing when someone is sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time.


So anyway,  Ada Black is taken backstage by rock star TS Jamie French and told to behave until she returns. Naughty Ada can’t resist exploring with the audio equipment and instrument and she gets busted by Jamie and Stefani Special. She’s in big trouble and Stefani is an expert with rope work. She uses her Shibari skills on naked Ada in the “Tied” video and picture set. After seeing the 1st installment of “Tied” I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale on TS Jamie French!


TS Jamie French Update

TS Jamie French doesn’t just think outside the box. She makes you think about the fact that there just might not be any so-called box. That’s what I love about her the most. About her new sets, Jamie says, “Tanned, oiled feet, white soles, pink nails… combined make up is one of my favorite things. She asks, “Is it weird to say that I’m totally into my own feet?”




Side Shave 1 of 2 is live on TsJamieFrench.com – The first sets since her new haircut.

TS Jamie French Presents Dirty Blondes II

TS Jamie French and Eva Cassini are still hot and heavy, but they also deliver amazing content with others. That’s my kinda couple! Dirty Blondes II is the follow-up to Mia Davina’s 1st ever hardcore video and for the new photo and video set, Stefani Special is Jamie’s special guest. Members of Jamie’s great site have seen Jamie and Stefani going at it before (with rave reviews). Here are two sample photo galleries of the new production. One of the best ways to view the Windows Media video previews is to save and watch them on your own computer.





Visit the official TS Jamie French website to see the Dirty Blondes II flash preview!


TS Jamie French in Pigtails


Pigtails, also known as twin tails, handlebars, or bunches, bring a sense of youthful innocence to those who wear them. I read question from a woman on a blog somewhere that asked, “Isn’t it a bit disturbing to sexualize an emblem of prepubescence? I feel a little uncomfortable with the amount of men interested in this. It makes me think they like enjoying ‘destroying innocence’ which seems perverse.” I thought she made a good point. Although I identify myself as a pansexual transsexual, I must admit that some of my own fetishes and perversions disturb me. Perhaps it’s because I was brought up in the Church or because somewhere along the line, I’ve lost a common sense of morality.


But when I watch movies like this from the one of Internet’s most openly sexual transsexual fetish queens ever, I lose all sense of guilt and can’t wait to see what naughty content TS Jamie French will deliver next. It’s so nice to see someone fully exploring what both frightens and titillates so many of us at the same time. Jamie does this on a regular basis and that’s extremely brave (and sexy as fuck!). I’ll worry about whatever personal issues I might have at a later date and continue to follow Jamie’s exploits for now guilt-free.