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This incredible superstar has been one of my favorite adult entertainers dating back to even before my Interview with TS Jesse here on Caramel’s TGirls in 2011. Her large bosom is clothed but her nipples are visible through her semi-sheer top. Her long legs and sexy feet are bare and she says how horny she’s been lately as she lays on her bed and withdraws her big cock. She says it’s hard already because you turn her on. She jerks off slowly yet firmly, and fully exposes her big tits. She squeezes a few drops of pre-cum from her swollen cock head and resumes beating off. Jesse changes positions several times during this torrid fap session. The way she’s sitting while stroking her schlong at some points, you’d almost think she could fuck her own cleavage. When she’s ready to cum, she lays back slightly on one side and begins pumping faster, in full concentration of getting her nut. The sexy black garment she’s wearing is obviously going to get splattered with creamy white ropes of cum in this TS-Jesse.com update. And then it actually happens! “What a waste,” she laments jokingly. “It should have been in your face.” Imagine that!

Superstar Jesse Flores Cums!

Bob of BobsTgirls.com did a video interview with beautiful Jesse Flores of TS-Jesse.com talking a bit about her receiving her Lifetime Achievement award at this year’s Transgender Erotica Awards. I can’t believe we’re at that stage since I’ve been promoting her amazing word since Jesse’s amazing website was launched. I’m really happy about the recognition because she’s one of the nicest and most charming adult actresses in the industry.

Bob and Jesse also discuss Jesse’s long-running and unique FanFuxxx series on TS-Jesse.com. If you’ve never seen any of theses videos, they’re actual sex hardcore scenes with the icon herself literally fucking her fans over the course of nine years!

That’s in addition to her high glam photo shoots and luxurious solo videos. Jesse is still accepting applicants and if you need her Twitter page, just go to my 2011 Interview with TS Jesse.

The TGirls.XXX video I’m focusing on today is filmed by Bob in his world famous red velvet chaise lounge at the start. Jesse’s goodies, both on the bottom and the top, are just barely contained by a bodysuit and she’s wearing tall platform pumps. She begins rubbing the bulge between her open thighs and away we go.

In about a half minute, Jesse withdraws her cock and begins masturbating. Bob’s close-up footage is amazing! One of the things Jesse had mentioned in their interview is how she thinks she looks better than she did when she first entered the adult industry.

I agree and I wonder if the fact that she’s never had to adhere to a hormone regime has anything to do with it. Whatever the case, she’s been naturally gorgeous for as long as she’s had her incredible staying power.

After about seven minutes into Jesse’s stroke session, Jesse strips out of her sexy outfit and heels, becoming completely naked. Her big uncut cock is stiff and just, damn! She finally announces that she’s going to cum and turns her massive dick upwards so that a torrent of creamy white jizz jets across her flat tummy in this blazing hot TGirls.XXX special update!

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TS Seduction: Jesse, James Darling & Corbin Dallas

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Someone at Kink Unlimited obviously gets as turned on writing about incredible sex scenes as I do! The synopsis for “TS Dominatrix Jesse Fucks and Punishes a Submissive Man AND a TS Man!” reads: Sometimes one just isn’t enough. TS Dominatrix extraordinaire Jesse woke up and was hungry for some young, hot, and athletic submissives to worship her heavenly form.Lucky for her, James Darling and Corbin Dallas want to book an appointment to serve Jesse for the same day and at the same time. Unbeknownst to the two pathetic little subs they are about to be fucked and sucked with a rough sex ride that will leave them breathless for weeks. First our blonde haired vixen locks her slaves in a cage. Dressed in only their boxers and work ties, corporate moguls James and Dallas can only stare and drool over the perfection of Jesse FemDom form.

She is dressed in beautiful sheer nylons and gorgeous patent leather high heels while reclining like a goddess on her couch. She teases her pets and pits their competitive corporate spirits against each other. Who can serve her better? Whose holes are juicier? Who can pleasure with oral sex the best? Which can devote themselves fully to cock worship? Jesse is a stern mistress and demands absolute submission from her underlings. After letting them stare from the cage for a good long while Jesse tosses them the key and lets them crawl to her across the floor. Cowering in submission they first sit at the feet of their goddess, content to just smell her divine presence.

But the allure of her big tits and throbbing cock is too much for them to handle. They beg to sniff her, lick her high heels, touch her golden blonde hair…anything to show their devotion. Jesse allows them touch her and they gorge on her mystical, seductive powers. She tears open her nylons and face fucks both her subs until they gag sloppy wet drool all over themselves. After their pathetic mouth holes are warmed up, Jesse begins to explore the multitude of whore holes at her disposal. To her delight she discovers that James is a TS man with a dick that Jesse can fuck!! And the orgy begins…

Okay I’m going to add a few words of my own. I adore Corbin Dallas and I’ve downloaded all 14 of his scenes on TS Seduction and Divine Bitches from Kink.com. I fell in love with James Darling not long after the launch of his amazing FTM Fucker website. You’ll have to run through two pages to see Jesse’s thumbnails of her scenes on TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. I was honored to interview her long ago and her top shelf website is TS-Jesse.com! Get to Kink Unlimited to see the full-length movie for yourself!    

TS Jesse – Fan Fuxxx Masked Mario May the 4th Be In You Part 2

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Beautiful TS Jesse has no problem finding her lucky Fan Fuxxx co-star’s orgasm spot when he’s bound and suspended on ts-jesse.com and on ts-jess.tgirlnetwork.com in “Masked Mario May the 4th Be In You Part 2”! This spot isn’t somewhere on his cock but deep inside him and she’s found it digitally. I mean with her probing fingers, not with her huge cock just yet. That happens quickly because she’s got a raging hardon and she stands up and begins pumping away as soon as she penetrates him with it. For those interested in whether Jesse’s fan is a cute guy, he’s very attractive as far as I can see through his mask. He has a great body and his cock is straining against his fishnet undies as Jesse powers her erection in and out of his tight ass. It’s a suspended version of a missionary position fucking in Jesse’s bedroom/dungeon. Jesse seems completely enamored with her mate’s cute butt and takes a break from fucking him to finger him again while taking a close look at her probing. Then she rams her enormous dick back inside with footage shot in a mirrored panoramic view and in profile. There’s also an incredible sequence of this fan getting railed while riding Jesse and his ass looks so girlish from this angle. In profile, his body looks really sexy too which enhances Jesse’s gorgeous frame perfectly. I’ve seen a lot of Fan Fuxxx films with Jesse paired with other great looking males, but they’re usually a bit more masculine. I especially like this series because I happen to get turned on a bit more when Jesse’s partners are more girlish. I cant help wonder how cute he’d look with his body shaven hairless or maybe even if he was totally feminized. But then it would be a different niche altogether and I’m 100% turned on by this production just the way it is. Jesse’s powerful ramming continues with the guy on his back on a mat on the floor. What happens next is legendary – Jesse fires off a tremendous creampie cumshot and re-inserts her big erection to fuck him again! You can watch stunning Jesse cum twice with super cute Mario also on the tgirl-network.com!

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TS Jesse Chained Down and Masked Mario

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Fan Fuxxx is a continuing series, for those who don’t already know, where TS Jesse actually tops her real fans. In Masked Mario, she makes the cute bottom boy suck her big cock while she’s standing and lying down on the bed. She fucks him doggy style, from the bottom, while facing us and with the camera focused on her lovely, humping ass while she pummels away. She fucks him in profile and this affair runs for 33 minutes. These videos are almost filmed with a raw, amateur feel intentionally. Jesse has the best photographers in the adult industry. She utilizes more high production values for her solo sets. The Taboo set gives you the polished side of a TS Jesse productions. Speaking of production, these scenes are like a bonus look at what it would be like to actually work as a porn producer. You get a look at the props and gear that are utilized in the shoot while Jesse as talking and masturbating. In Chained Down, Jesse basically lies on the floor in a revealing BDSM outfit and strokes her big cock until she cums on the floor. She scoops up one of the last drops from her cockhead and tastes a bit. The Making of Chained Down is just as explicit. But you catch different angles of her gorgeous body in the behind-the-scenes clip, the photo props and gear and a peek at the photographer moving around shooting. I liked that version even better.

TS Jesse

Happy Independence Day!


Any true TS Jesse fan will know that this gallery isn’t brand new because she’s been rocking the strawberry blonde look for awhile now. But I’ll never forget this classic patriotic set. Have you seen her June movie and photo updates yet? If not, let me warn you that they might set off some fireworks between your legs. Take a look at what Jesse has been up to by visiting her homepage and enjoy the holiday!


TS Jesse – Morning Play

Whether you prefer the Fan Fuxxx series or solo performances, I think you’ll find this  feature one of the best ever on TS Jesse’s amazing website. She wakes up after a wild night alone and although the action that follows is predictable, it’s nonetheless incredible. If you’re already a fan, the ending is as explosive as you’ve come to expect from TS-Jesse.com. Click on each image for more photos and video previews!




I think you’ll love the hi-res 94 image “Dream Girl” photo set as much as the HD movie!


TS Jesse and Sheena Shaw – American She-Male X #04



In Scene 1 of American She-Male X #04, it’s Sheena Shaw’s birthday and her present is a hardcore session with the hostess of TS-Jesse.com! When it comes to showcasing gorgeous transsexuals having  sex with men, women and each other, Joey Silvera is the master. The quirky director who changed the face of transsexual smut with his “Rogue Adventures” series presents “American She-Male X 4,” a five-scene smorgasbord of starlets!


Click Here for More Previews of American She-Male X #04

TS Jesse and Simone Sonay – Kink On Demand

This film is a great example of the kind of kink I demand – plot driven with good acting. Here’s how the story goes: Simone Sonay wants nothing more than alone time with her new beau. The only problem is, his undying devotion to his daughter Jesse. It’s getting in the way of their private time together and Simone is one her last nerve over it. She’s about to break up with her man when her proposes a cruise – just the two of them for 10 days in the Caribbean. She packs her suitcase full of lingerie and her sexiest outfits. Just as she is about to latch her suitcase, Jesse walks in and reveals a very private secret that only her and her dad know about. A secret so tempting that Simone can not resist Jesse’s sexual advances and dominant power. I first downloaded this video from TS Pussy Hunters and I’m glad it’s also available via Pay Per View at Kink On Demand.