TwoTgirls Review: Kami Kartel & Kasey Kei in I Wish to Get Ass Fucked

Scene Trailer Description: INTRODUCING! Kasey Kei! A hot new tgirl that we’re VERY proud to present! Kasey Kei has just about finished moving in her new house, she has one box left to unpack. She starts to go through it and finds what appears to be an ancient lamp. Not sure about where this item came from, she’s puzzled. After rubbing it a bit she laughs to herself, yeah right, only in the movies. Out of nowhere, Genie Kami Kartel appears and startles Kasey Kei. Kami Kartel tells Kasey Kei that she will grant her three wishes! Laughing it off, Kaesy Kei jokingly wishes for some dick. To her surprise, the Genie Kami Kartel makes her dick magically appear! Hot and horny, Kasey Kei takes no time and begins to go to work in Kami’s big cock. Up and down she bobs her head up and down taking it in all the way and letting it back out. Licking the tip, the shaft, and even the balls. Before you know it Kasey Kei is RIMMING Genie Kami Kartel! This of course isn’t enough for either of them, Kasey Kei lays it all out and Genie Kami Kartel fucks her tight asshole BAREBACK in several different positions completely dominating her and fucking her super rough. A couple more wishes later and Kasey Kei has one of the BIGGEST loads of cum we’ve ever seen on a tgirl’s face before!

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About Kami Kartel

Florida girl Kami Kartel came to us and did her first ever hardcore scene, since then she’s blown up and became a big star! Kami is a very kind and loving individual, she’s nice to everyone. She features long beautiful blonde hair, nice titties, and a big cock that rarely goes soft!

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About Kasey Kei

Florida tgirl Kasey Kei is new to the industry, but you wouldn’t know it by how good she can take a dick! Kasey Kei is a sweet loving care free girl that radiates femininity on and off camera. She’s the kinda girl you wish you could get to know and take home with you. She’s short and petite packing a nice juicy cock full of cum. Be sure to check out her hot videos, only on Two Tgirls!

Caramel’s Review: One of the coolest things to happen to me last year as a Floridian was meeting Kami Kartel in Orlando. She’s even hotter in person and a total sweetie pie. 2018 marks the debut of gorgeous Florida adult industry newbie Kasey Kei. I haven’t met Kasey, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about her. If her personality is half as sweet as she is attractive, she’s a walking love trap. I’m not at all surprised to see her on the brilliant site of Mayumi Sparkles who is based in central Florida. The blowjob sequence with Kasey going down on Kami is mesmerizing to watch. And after tossing the Genie’s salad, Kasey is held in a forceful embrace as she gets the Genie’s big dick thrust inside her tight ass! This pounding from Kami is the most powerful I’ve seen Kami deliver and I absolutely love it. There are 4 remarkable position changes and isn’t kidding about that huge cumshot at the end!

TwoTgirls: Joining the Porn Industry

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Description: When tiny teen Nyxi Leon reveals to Chelsea Marie that she’s had trouble finding a new job, Chelsea Marie suggests Nyxi joins the porn industry! As a porn industry worker herself, Chelsea Marie has all the connections. Before she can extend a job offer to Nyxi though, she’s gotta make sure she’s TOTALLY COOL and put her through some tests. Before you know it the two girls are fucking like crazy all over the couch! You’ll love the MASSIVE facial Nyxi Leon takes at the end of the video from Chelsea Marie!

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That’s the official synopsis and I just have a few words to add about how the action plays out. Producer Mayumi Sparkles injects a little trademark humor into the script with Chelsea telling Nyxi she’s going to shoot her long-time friend with the best camera ever made, A Kodak?! Sure, it we’ve traveled way back in a time machine.

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The dick-hardening warm-up comes with Chelsea getting handsy with Nyxi while taking shots of her friend’s well-rounded derriere. By the time Chelsea gets Nyxi to remove her shorts, there’s already a bit of cock-swelling evident between the model’s legs. Chelsea captures a few selfies with Nyxi’s tool inside her mouth and it gets harder yet.

Chelsea gives Nyxi a handjob, a blowjob and a tittie-fucking that looks out of this world before asking for some attention in return. She stands and guides Nyxi’s head-bobbing motions while getting sucked off to a raging hardon! I’m going to end it here with the foreplay details and move to the actual fucking. One of the reasons I’ve been raving about Chelsea since she evolved from a porn ingenue to a major porn star is that no one can out fuck her. I expect versatile Nyxi to follow in Chelsea’s footsteps and if ability to take such a long, powerful drilling is an example of my prediction. The pleasant look on her pretty face when gorgeous Chelsea sprays it with a voluminous cumshot is porn magic. Your download options are 4K (Ultra HD) 6.79GB 720P (HD), 715.28MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.48GB, and 480P (SD) 366.99MB! You can also see both Nyxi and Chelsea on the Two Tgirls sister site!