The English Mansion – In Service To A Lady

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer

The official “In Service to a Lady” video synopsis featuring Lady Nina Birch and Natalie Gothtv on reads: Lady Nina Birch is very demanding on her house slaves and expects exemplary performance at all times. When her sissy maid Natalie Gothtv is tardy bringing her breakfast and is dressed incorrectly, she is scolded and an immediate OTK punishment by hand and hairbrush is administered. After changing into her sissy maid outfit, Lady Nina inspects her and the cleanliness of the kitchen and is again disappointed with the effort made, resulting in further punishment to the hapless maid. I my October 25, 2016 interview with Sera Glam Trap, who identifies as a sissy, I touched on something I’ve never specialized in, but that intrigues me. It’s called Petticoating – a type of fantasy role play. I explained to Sera that this practice is said to have originated as a form of punishment in Victorian times although it may have come about even earlier. Petticoating enthusiasts enact this in order to achieve sexual arousal and often engage in the practice with the aid of a dominant figure who aims to humiliate them. Petticoating is sometimes referred to as pinaforing, pinafore eroticism, or pinafore. Unfortunately, Sera hadn’t experimented with Petticoating either. I plan to correct that someday and I think this is an appropriate time to reopen this discussion.


Let’s refer to this mp4 scene trailer where beautiful Lady Nina sits topless in bed admonishing Natalie for being Petticoated, yet not wearing her proper maid’s uniform. One of the things I like most about petticoats is that when a submissive wears a few to several layers, the crinoline is quite sheer most of the time. So if she happens to have developed and erection, it will most likely be visible. She might be in chastity, but I’d be able to detect the outline of a cock and ball device through them as well. Notice the way that slender Natalie’s plump buttocks seem framed by her petticoats. To me, this is almost like having a gift wrapped ass to spank, flog or fuck. While watching Lady Nina full breasts jiggling as she spanks her sissy’s pretty bottom red, so many of my senses are aroused. After Natalie brushes her Lady’s hair, she’s instructed to raise the hem of her pink uniform. The one she should be wearing is the black one for service since she’s brought breakfast. Not only would I have spanked her cute ass, I would have fucked it until she was wailing. But I’m just a lifestyle Mistress and Lady Nina is a pro. I’m still a little rough around the edges and often in search of instant gratification. I learned a lot from the Lady about new methods of humiliation once the sissy was dressed properly and flogged in the kitchen. But there goes that sexy bare ass of Natalie’s again. I simply must learn to use more restraint. My big horny cock often does the thinking for me in situations like this. But there are many different levels of restraint that the amazing Dommes employ on Sometimes the subs get fucked too.

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