The English Mansion – Mistress Sarah Jessica, Tiffany Real Doll – Dolly’s Punishment and Reward

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Mistress Sarah Jessica releases her submissive Tiffany Doll from her cage outdoors for some fun afternoon playtime. She checks her outfit and makeup and pats Tiffany’s panty bulge while holding her leash with her other hand. The pretty sub doesn’t have a hardon yet, but she will soon. The stunning Domme notices that the corset Tiffany wears is for waist training and makes leads her sub to The English Mansion garden. Both of their ass cheeks jiggling as they walk is an exquisite sight. Once inside, Mistress Sarah conducts a serious inspection, making Tiffany stick out her tongue. When Tiffany’s big cock is released, it’s fully erect and bobbing before her full, creamy thighs. Her Mistress is surprised that Tiffany isn’t in chastity. But she’s pleased by her cleanly shaven genitals. When Tiffany is instructed to straddle the sofa, her panties are still on but her large round balls and big cock are on display as is her delectable round bottom. Tiffany is told to lower her panties after a few spanks and the view of her goodies is magnificent. With a gloved hand, Mistress Sarah lubes and penetrates Tiffany’s tiny wrinkled rosebud. She rubs lubricant across the surface of her pink vibrator and gives Tiffany’s waiting ass a deep fucking. The sub’s thick cock is raging hard as she’s bent over pleasing her Mistress with her devoted submission in this deliciously naughty update on The English Mansion.


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