Trans500: Natalia La Potra – Simply Natalia

Scene Trailer 1

Description: Hey folks. Welcome back to another update with one of the sexiest girls making her debut. Natalia La Potra is one of those girls you won’t soon forget. Sexy as fuck in her glasses, she just loves playing with herself in front of the camera.Let’s get right to the action. Gorgeous Latina model Natalia La Potra makes me proud to be a Floridian. As if I had anything to do with her good looks and amazing performances as a neighbor. You may get a similar good when a star you admire is local and get what I’m saying. It doesn’t really mean anything – just a fan thing.

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Josh Stone’s is one of the few sites that seems to have an unlimited production budget, so anyone who saw this update coming knew that Natalia was going to look phenomenal. All she had to do for that part was show up. But let’s bring our focus to her performance.

Scene Trailer 2

If you like bold, confidant trans women, just watching Natalia posing on the balcony of some plush South Florida pad will get you going. She doesn’t look like she owns the apartment she’s in. Natalia looks like she owns the city. About forty some seconds into her debut, Natalia has a nip slip. Otherwise, there’s no nudity right away and it’s such a smooth and tasteful directorial approach. Natalia’s striptease is an absolute killer that evolves into a raunchy and explicit masturbation that ends with a big juicy cum shot! Well, not quite. The viewer is tortured by watching Natalia’s big dick lurch as sway still hard and throbbing for several moments after her explosive climax.

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