Trixxy Von Tease Fucks Mara Nova


This is a killer video from the summer I forgot to rave about, but better late than never. As they sit on a bed looking like they’re at a slumber party for two hot trans girls only, Mara of tells Trixxy of of her appreciation that her friend has come to San Diego to see her. They make small talk about the weather and traffic and Trixxy touches Mara’s thigh saying she’s glad she came and wants to play with her. “Me too,” Mara replies and the two kiss. Mara fondles one of Trixxy’s breasts through her nightie and Trixxy does the same through Mara’s bra. After an intense French kissing session, Mara sits up and Trixxy moves behind Mara to unclasp her brassiere. Then Mara faces Trixxy to help her get her nightie off, revealing her pretty boobs with their pierced nipples. Mara sucks on the sensitive points and Trixxy reciprocates. Next thing you know, the brunette is sucking on her partner’s huge cock. After more feverish making out, Trixxy sits back on her heels while Mara gives her head, rapidly stiffening her pierced pecker. It’s a really rough skull fucking that gets Trixxy’s cock big and in need of more friction. So she proceeds to fuck Mara bareback in the doggy style position! Mara’s big dick sways beneath her toned body as she gets railed with one hand held behind her back and an ankle grabbed for deep, hard penetration. Trixxy also holds Mara by the neck as she pummels her tight ass and when she lets go, Mara is on her hands and knees thrusting back to meet her powerful thrusts! Trixxie then bangs Mara from below and we see the gorgeous fuckee’s big tits heaving and her huge hard cock bobbing and swaying. Trixxie looks at us as if to say, “Look at how hard I’m fucking this girl,” and next she’s on top piledriving Mara’s bottom. Then it’s a full on missionary position pounding with Trixxie squeezing and stroking Mara’s schlong while fucking her hard. I don’t want to spoil too much of this torrid scene so I’ll close by saying that the ending is absolutely cumtastic!

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