Tryout Tuesday: Robin Banks!

No shade to but I don’t know how there could be any question about how hot this brand new Floridian model is. On May 8, 2018 her debut shoot went live and the description reads:

This Tuesday, in another episode of our “Try Out” series, we have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous new girl. Meet Robin Banks! This Florida cutie was just discovered by Jack Flash. A star is born! Robin just oozes sexuality: she is young, pretty and eager to be in front of the camera. This girl is going places so keep your eye on her! She is smoking hot!

In this case, “Tryout Tuesday” should evolve into a “Must Repeat” Tuesday with Robin. She’s fully dressed as she explains that she’s a South Beach Florida transplant from Ohio and only 22 years old. She’s bisexual and she likes chiseled men and other trans women. She’s a bottom but she might switch for the right girl. Ladies, I know right?

Robin’s lacy bodysuit can’t seem to contain her goodies downstairs when she stands up to pose. But I think you’ll manage somehow to get over that. When she turns sideways just before presenting the wonderful curves of her bottom, you can see that her cock is held upward by the tightness of the garment.

Then she pulls the bodysuit down to reveal a gorgeous set of perky breasts and her bare sex organ. You might find it hard to keep your eyes off of her lovely legs while all this is happening. Robin’s cock is semi-erect and growing by the minute.

“Do you like my small titties,” she asks and I guess they’re small, but not really considering they’re all estrogen made. Wait until you see her fondling her boobs and how those manipulations get her cock fully engorged.

Robin’s finger banging from the rear on a black wicker chair comes next and it’s so erotic to see. Then her beauty is captured again full frontal as she jerks off more intently than before.

Foot fans who were checking out her pretty peds in tall sandals get to see them bare also. There’s actually a prolonged foot fetishist sequence that I’m certain several people are blowing their loads over before the end of this fantastic Tryout Tuesday update!

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