TS-BaileyJay.com vs Bailey Jay VR

Bailey Jay VR Scene Trailer

There’s no honest way to compare the new VR site to that of the TS-BaileyJay.com archives I’ve been raving about since June of 2010. The new site is way too new but it does have an edge in quality if you’re familiar with 180 3D Virtual Reality porn. No matter how top notch the original and current the content is from her main site, nothing can replace the VR experience that comes closer to actual interaction.

TS-BaileyJay Sample Photo Gallery

Don’t feel bad if you’re just now getting into VR or about to. I’ve just started and I review adult entertainment! I needed to be convinced first that it’s all it’s cracked up to be. I viewed it sort of like Bitcoin when it was brand new. I’m very skeptical, but knowing what I know now, I love what I see. But there’s nothing wrong with being cautious.

TS-BaileyJay Scene Trailers

I’m a blogger not a techie and Bailey Jay VR makes it easy as pie to figure everything out with the whole Virtual Reality process. If I can do it anyone can. So be a little late to the party if you’re just getting there. It might actually be cooler to arrive fashionably late. I guess you could compare TS-BaileyJay.com and BaileyJayVR.com but to me it’s a waste of time. They’re both great porn but totally different.

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