TS Jamie French in Blue 3 of 3





No matter how dynamic your sex life is, you might find TS Jamie French doing things you could never do. You’d at least have to work up to her latest mind -blowing stunt if you tried it. In the final installment of the “Blue” set, The svelte Texan fox penetrates herself with on of the largest dildos I’ve ever seen. Her sleek form is coated in oil and her pretty peds are bare for her adoring foot fans. The footage is shot from the back in the beginning of the video. Then Jamie faces the camera while telling us what it’s like to feel the massive phallus inside her. When Jamie asks, “Do you want me to cum for you?” she’s directing the question to all of us. She uses her latex-clad hand to jerk off until a blast of creamy white cum shoots out of her big cock. Watch the whole series and mamy, many more on TS Jamie French. If you’d like to meet Jamie in Austin, Texas between August 7th 8th and 9th – 28th, click here.

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