One thought on “TS Luxury D”

  1. Hot, sexy Transsexual Luxury D! Luxury D can be my private Transsexual anytime! In a matter of fact, there is a website called, “”! I love and respect Luxury D. I have her as a friend on the Black-Tgirls Forum. I just found a Transsexual/Transgender social website called,! If you have time, go visit it’s a great website, almost like Facebook! I’m doing the best way I can in meeting some trans-women, it’s hard to tell on the streets. if I do meet Adrianna Lynn Rush, Anjel, Hailey, and Ashley George in person at a nearby Mall or even Wal-Mart with a beautiful femininity of their face, I may never know that they are Transsexuals ! keep those beautiful TS/TG posted, Caramel!!!!!! Thanks to you Caramel, I learn that it’s not what’s between their legs that makes a woman, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. Thank you Caramel. I love all women, Real Biological women, Pre-Op Trans women, Post-OP Trans women, and Intersex(born with two reproductive organs) women! I guess that makes me, “a polysexual?”

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