TS Playground Summer Promo: Frankie and Cartoon Candy

I’m pleased to offer you to opt into the TS Playground Summer Promo! The promotion will be running now through July 31st, 2017 for $9.95 (USD) for the first 30 days of a monthly membership.

Now it’s time to introduce Frankie A and his trans partner Cartoon Candy. I’m not familiar with the male star of this scene and that’s no shade. He’s cute and talented but Candy is a mega star from Bangkok I’ve seen many times before across several major studios. She’s elegantly dressed in a white midriff-baring pantsuit that would look appropriate in a Bond film. In a display of breast baring and caressing and fun spot rubbing you might forget that someone is supposed to join her at some point.

A turgid erection strains upward against the mesh front of her G-string panty pouch. Then she arranges the tiny garment to have her hardon make an erotic tent out of it. The dick bouncing sequence that follows is quite enticing and about five minutes in, Candy allows you to see the portion of cockhead her foreskin allows to expose itself. You see more of it the hornier she gets. Then she eventually takes it off and this chick is truly blessed with amazing legs, dainty little feet, a waspish waist and firm, curvy butt.

After sitting on the sofa masturbating for a few moments, Candy wags her finger and Frankie A arrives hovering over Candy’s hardon. He’s an atypical male model yet the kind that drives me nuts – pure femboy hotness. I’m more intrigued at this point than what I think might happen if Candy’s partner was a type personality with a shredded physique to match it. I’m not going to give away everything that happens in this killer bareback TSPlayground.com update, but it ends with two big cum shots.

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