TwoTgirls: Roomate Gets Dominated

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Description:When River Enza’s night of hot kinky fun is cancelled, she returns home with a look of disappointment. Luckily for her though, her loving roommate Bailey Love is interested in learning about what she had planned for the night. Bailey agrees to letting River Enza have her way with her! River Enza completely dominates Bailey Love tying her up and fucking her in all kinds of positions! This is one HOT kinky video you DON’T wanna miss!

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After seeing Bailey Love and River Enza together in “The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed“, their last Two Tgirls video, I grew accustomed to seeing Bailey topping River. I never imagined that the tables would be turned on but that’s exactly what happened. Director Mayumi Sparkles opens the video with River looking sexy as hell describing how the night’s BDSM adventure failed. Bailey is dressed like a total sexpot, but she’s a normie with absolutely no experience with Domination/submission. The way River introduces her friend to kink play begins as more of an educational thing than a sexual one. Even when River gets Bailey to remove and cast her bra aside, it still comes off like a learning experience. Bailey’s cock happens to be exposed through the open front panel of her panties as River applies cuffs to her wrists., but River still remains fully dressed. River doesn’t seem to notice that Bailey is getting turned on being in bondage until the cuffs are attached together. The cock that was not so intimidating or seemingly aroused before is now large and erect. This kinky pre-play finally becomes sexual when River takes Bailey’s stiff cock inside her mouth.

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This update is special for those of us kinksters anxious for the site to delve deeper into BDSM. River Enza is key when it comes to rope play and other kinky acts to follow. Her BDSM master is The Goddess Kyaa, a cisgender dominatrix, so the interplay between River and Bailey comes across as totally authentic. The hard flogging across Bailey’s big erection surprises me however. So does River’s furious fucking performance. I previously thought of River as a bottom only. Bailey is at her versatile best and now I know that River Enza can top with the best of them. Roomate Gets Dominated is available in 4K (Ultra HD)6.55GB, 720P (HD, 814.22MB, 480P (SD), 411.85MB, and 1080P (Full HD), 1.68GB resolutions. Also check out the new sister site from Mayumi Sparkles:!

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