TS Aubrey Submits To Anal, Cum Facial

TS Playground: TS Aubrey Submits To Anal, Cum Facial Starring Aubrey Kate & Spencer Fox

Aubrey Kate, again? Really? Like she’s as hot as she was when her porn career first started? Yep. Even better now than before. Spencer Fox, her co-star is one of porn’s most underrated actors. He and his cute face, boyish charm, tight body, big dick and bubble butt have been at this for years.
It almost sounds like I didn’t want to love this scene but no, that’s not it. I just didn’t think it would have the same fire these two could generate, lets say, six or seven years ago. But their looks are still exquisite and their passion is still there. They’re masters at giving the people what they want.

It all begins with Aubrey Kate doing a cosplay kitty kat striptease. Sh’e sporting a hardon when she releases her cock and she makes it throb, bounce on it’s own and swing back and forth. Next, she gives us a tantalizing butt show and a topless full frontal presentation. Spencer Fox joins Aubrey within the first three minutes of a scene that almost runs a half hour.

MP4 Scene Trailer

She kneels and gives Spencer’s big prick a deep sucking as her own boner almost points toward the ceiling. Spencer returns the favor before sitting on the sofa and allowing Aubrey to joist up and down on his dick raw. She jerks off her erection while riding Spencer in both cowgirl positions, then missionary. His last banging is doggy style before Aubrey turns the tables and fucks Spencer!

Aubrey uses Spencer’s hardon as a sort of man handle to help pump in and out of his tight ass as he lays on his back. She then gives him a doggy style railing until they’re both about ready to produce two tremendous cum shots! There’s a classic TS Playground cum shot instant replay to bring this exquisite union to a close.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Mary Willows on Chaturbate Trans

Mary Willows on Chaturbate Trans

Chaturbate Trans star Mary Willows gets her tight ass banged by a fucking machine!

I recall a porn star recently having come across a mysterious porn newbie with a large following who didn’t show their face. The star asked, “This is a thing now?” I found it more shocking that his established star wasn’t already aware of the amount of mystery porn stars out there today!

I’m out of the loop on a lot of things, but I’ve gotten used to seeing several femboy identifying and crossdresser ingenues popping up (please pardon the pun). Marry Widow is amongst the best self-described sissy sluts I’ve seen on the Net recently. This 28 year old Chaturbate Trans broadcaster typically dresses in latex body suits with tall striped socks and tall sandals.

Part-time girl Mary Willows make her cock shoot loads of creamy white cum on Chaturbate!

Her face isn’t shown and quite often, her junk is clamped in CBT devices that can’t contain her cum shots, or sissygasms as I prefer to call them. She’ll most likely show a few strands of a blonde wig, but make no mistake, no face. She moans when jousting up and down on big dildos and sometimes they’re attached literally to a fucking machine!

She plays trendy music in the background often, but not loud enough to drown out the sound of her sissygasms. I think her no hands climaxes are astounding, especially I haven’t managed to make that happen for myself or any sissies I know personally (But hope springs eternal). It’s been about three weeks since her channel has been active. But I suggest you follow Chaturbate.com/mary_willows so you won’t miss her next show!

Mary Willows wears an e-stim around her cum-shottong cock on Chaturbate!

Mistress Norma on Chaturbate Trans

Mistress Norma is a stunning German dominatrix I’ve seen first in solo performances that captivated my attention. I didn’t know that this 43 year old blue-eyed blonde domme was also broadcasting shows dominating a submissive crossdresser on Chaturbate Trans until recently. What’s Mistress Norma’s part-time girl partner’s name? It doesn’t matter. She’s just some hot little submissive fuck toy of little importance.

An upside down heart of a nice ass was facing me perched upright beside a grinning Mistress Norma. The sub’s bare bottom was framed by colorful Christmas tinsel and fishnet stockings adorned her legs. The domme wore a black bra and panty set. Mistress Norma. She removed her brassiere about 15 minutes from when I checked in and she’s got a lovely set of large breasts. Her ass, framed in the black panties, looked very well-rounded as well.

At some point, the bra went back on, but the panties came off, revealing a seriously edible-looking smooth shaven pussy. Seeing a woman’s quim also makes me start to yearn for cock, but the subby’s dick was still hidden while the buttocks were fully exposed. There was a bit of ball action going on as Mistress Norma affixed a strap-on around her wide hips. She lubed up and enormous red phallus and I almost felt sorry for the poor sub.

The strap-on fucking that followed came with all the part-time girl noises I crave when topping my own little collection of femboys. The doggy style railing I witnessed in profile captured both “ladies” figures wonderfully! As a matter of fact, the subbie dressed just the way I like my subs, with kitty ears, a red tartan plaid pleated schoolgirl skirt, black fence net stockings, a tight black halter top and I could care less that she didn’t have any heels on. Mistress Norma tried fisting the poor thing between pounding her ass with her enormous tool!

I barely noticed that the sub had on a thong panty until she got a butt break and jerked off in a magnificent full frontal view. She has a nice long uncut cock that Mistress Norm placed a dog bowl under.

The now fully naked domme and hostess of the Chaturbate.com/Mistressnorma room enforced a milking with a riding crop in hand as the sub jerked away. After the pet shot her creamy white cum into the silver bowl, Mistress Norma made her bend over and lap in up. She stepped on the sub’s head with her bare foot to make the humiliation even worse (or better, depending on your perspective)!

Devil’s Film | My Secret Transgressions 2, Scene 1: The Love Shack | Featuring Johnny Hill and Natalie Mars

My Secret Transgressions 2, Scene 1: The Love Shack
Featuring Johnny Hill and Natalie Mars

Devil’s Film


Description: My Secret Transgressions 2 explores the real life situation most trans women find themselves in. Still a taboo in our culture and a point of embarrassment for most men to be caught dating or having sexual relations with trans women.

Yet so many men are interested or have experienced the joys of sex with a trans woman it is slowly entering the mainstream consciousness. Four tales exploring various topics from the first timer to the men who are actively dating a secret trans mistress to the man who is embarrassed his friends will find out.

Natalie Mars deep down knows Johnny will never leave his wife for her and also knows there probably is no future in her relationship with the married man Johnny she has been seeing. Sure he buys her nice things, and spoils her when they see each other. But as long as he is married she will always just be the mistress. The woman on the side. Johnny surprises her by renting a house for her to live in while she visits L.A. It’s their little love shack.

Caramel’s Review: It’s sad that Natalie’s character has to settle for being Johnny’s side piece. But is this Jim Powers directed storyline unrealistic? It’s probably more realistic than Natalie being Johnny’s wife as real life would have it. Natalie is obviously fine with taking this “love shack” arrangement for what it’s worth and the way she thanks the married man is extremely erotic to watch.

As Johnny lays waiting, stroking his big cock in bed, Natalie enters the room in red lingerie. She joins him and they kiss passionately. She then worships his tool and his body in just about every way she can think of. Johnny treats Natalie’s amazing form with the same adoration and slowly plunges his erection inside her tight ass raw.

Doggy style fucking evolves into a missionary position railing. A reverse cowgirl ride presents Natalie’s breasts jiggling and her cock and balls gyrating wildly. At the end of this scene, Johnny asks Natalie if she’s glad that he’s rented this house for a year. She seems happy about it. If she has any objections, she’s not going to state them with a mouthful of cum.

WATCH My Secret Transgressions 2, Scene 1: The Love Shack Featuring Johnny Hill and Natalie Mars.

Transerotica Khloe Kay Drives Fast and Gets Fucked Hard

Description: If there’s one thing that will get Khloe excited, it’s driving fast! Well, two things… driving fast and fucking hard! You may not get to see her drive fast in this one, but you do get to watch her slurping on cock and getting her asshole fucked hard and fast! You’re going to love this one!

21 min, 22 sec

Caramel’s Review: That Transerotica description sums things up quite well. Allow me to fill you in with some extra details about Khloe Kay Drives Fast and Gets Fucked Hard for a moment. “The Daddiest Daddy” Colby Jansen is the perfect specimen of male pulchritude to enhance the petite form and exquisite femininity of Khloe Kay.

Before the hardcore begins, Khloe is modeling for a hot rod pinup girl style shoot. She’s directed by an off-camera male to gradually reveal more of her body. She opens her flannel shirt, exposing her perky boobs encased in a lacy black bra.

Suddenly, Colby enters the frame naked with a hardon kindly telling the director to take a break. This is playing out as if he’s Khloe’s boyfriend and seeing her pose like this was just too much to handle. He kisses her and worships her incredible ass while she’s bent over the red Dodge Challenger.

Khloe gives Colby a blowjob in return, and she’s stripped down to her tall, strappy black sandals, ready to get fucked. Colby penetrate her tight ass with his big cock as she lays face down across the car. He also rails her as she lays across the hood and joists up and down on him in the reverse cowgirl position! I didn’t expect to go on for so long. Sorry, but I really got into this scorching hot Transerotica update!

Xiaohuasheng on Chaturbate Trans

was dressed in Chinese military garb, with a breastplate exposed, nipples an all today on Chaturbate Trans. She was playing a bit of bizarre dance mixes in the background, something with a speech track with Morgan Freeman and something that sounded like 80’s New Age with a Hip Hop bounce.

She also wore sheer black stockings and tall black mules with dark pedicured toes. It always blows my mind how studio and Chaturbate Trans broadcasters can make these wild combinations work.

After vanishing for a few moments of just sitting pretty, perhaps to go in private with a fan, she returned with her mules off. Perhaps it was a private moment wit ha “Show feet” fan. At any rate, Xiaohuasheng sat back and fully exposed her ass as he began to jerk off. She has a lovely un-cut cock with a head that fully exposes itself once the shaft is fully erect. Xiaohuasheng eventually removed her skirt to reveal sheer black crotchless pantyhose that provided easy access t fap.

She tooks a few smoke breaks when things were slow. And she left her military garb up top on, including her cap, which added to the lewd activity happening below. At times I’ve seen 30 year old Xiaohuasheng aka Alina masturbating with nipple clamps on her flat chest as opposed to today’s large breastplate.

I’ve also seen her sounding, but I’m a bit too squeamish to stick around for that. She’s usually very quiet, opting to type messages (in English and Chinese) to her fans. One thing I’m not sure to forget any time in the near future is the heavy cumming that closes out a typical Chaturbate.com/Xiaohuasheng show!

KayTVGirl on Chaturbate Trans

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this Netherlands cutie-pie, Kay TV Girl. It was somewhere else on the Net, not on Chaturbate Trans. I’d seen some unforgettable photos of this 20-something, hung fox. When I saw her broadcasting live yesterday, I recognized her immediately, although I may not have seen Kay’s explicit photos since around 2015!

On cam, she was sitting in a computer chair facing the camera directly. Her outfit consisted of a black woven hat and a floral robe. The robe was open to reveal a lacy black bra and a black cock ring. That ring encircled a thick, uncut cock that was fully swollen as Kay typed her responses to fans’ questions.

After about fifteen minutes of calm masturbating, Kay was sent into a fap frenzy when Lovesense tips rolled in. You know, that narrow vibrating butt plug that generates arousing sensations when fans send tips. At any rate, Kay’s stay-up black stockings and pretty peds came into view wen she crouched in her chair. Most cam girls know how much their foot fans appreciate that.

Kay later began fucking the swollen cock head of her 7.7″ (19.5 cm) tool and the first few inches of her shaft with a pussy toy. She sucked on a big dildo and added that she was finally feeling really horny. “My cock isn’t going soft anytime soon,” she added.

I’ve seen Kay sitting in this position shoot cum into her mouth before. With 3 rings around the long hard shaft, her orgasm wasn’t quite that powerful yesterday, but it was nevertheless an extraordinary cum shot! Is this type of orgasm necessary for a trans webcam show? I certainly don’t think so. But I think it’s something fans of this particular girl have come to expect. Please pardon the pun. And be sure to register free and follow Chaturbate.com/Kaytvgirl!

Subsissi aka Ava Adore on Chaturbate Trans

Ava describes herself as a little sissy from Germany. This gorgeous Chaturbate Trans broadcaster loves to serve both Masters with big dicks and Mistresses. Spanking gets her dick hard, but you can lock her up in chastity and have fun with her butt. And what a glorious butt it is! You can purchase some of her video clips if she’s not online when you visit Chaturbate.com/Subsissi.

She had her cock encased in chastity when I found her channel and was enraptured for almost an hour. I really, really like pretty sissies, if you didn’t know. Reading that she might be open to a hung Mistress propelled my lust. Ava wasn’t fucking herself since there was already a huge black butt plug imbedded. Also, she was concentraing on spanking her incredible ass.

But later, she reached across the bed, stretching out her lithe form. Showing off her trim waist, long legs and dainty bare feet, she produced and enormous black dildo. No one in the world could be possibly hung like this toy. Ava managed to fuck her tight little ass deeply with the faux black cock!

A great portion of Ava’s show was devoted to gaping and foot fetish content. She also gave an off-white phallus a foot job. I’m sure she’d have a live penis spurting in no time with her pretty peds.

One thing you must know about Ava is that she broadcasts anonymously with a mask covering her face. Her voice is “passably” girlish and since lines are blurred about sissies theses days being trans or part-time girls, it’s anyone’s guess what her status is. I don’t personally care because I don’t see myself traveling to Germany to meet her. I just know that she’s hot, totally fuckable and worthy of all the tips you’ve got to offer. If you’d like to see her Twitter account, it’s posted on her webcam profile at Chaturbate.com/Subsissi!

The English Mansion – Dominant Dolly’s Slut Maid

Dominant Dolly’s Slut Maid featuring Dominant Dolly & Miss Jade Jones

Description: Dominant Dolly is continuing the training of her rubber maid Jade, she is wearing a serving gag and is very nervous, dropping the contents, which soon gets her into trouble. Jade is put over her knee and giving a hard spanking, her twitching clitty teased in between the smacks. She is then inspected, showing no chastity cage and uneven seams on her stockings, earning another punishment, this time a caning. DD then decides to take some pleasure, allowing Jade the honour of licking and sucking her thick cock, promising to fuck her if she does a good enough job, which she desperately tries, earning her a hard fucking and a precious mouth full of cum.

Caramel’s Review: It’s always a pleasure, as a lifestyle Mistress, to watch Dominant Dolly put a submissive through the paces. This beautiful dominatrix and lithe, gorgeous Jade Jones are one of my favorite pairings on TheEnglishMansion.com. The outdoor riding crop hide tanning is some of my favorite footage. That’s because the cropping is real and Maid Jade’s ass is so appealing.

Dominant Dolly is punishing the maid for taking so long to get ready. A paddling comes next with, “Thank you, Miss. May I please have another?” We’re talking old school BDSM techniques with having a sub begging for more punishment. I also love the manual and oral worshiping of Dominant Dolly’s latex clad calves and thighs. They’re so well-rounded and it’s pretty obvious what’s coming next. DD forces the maid to lick the bulge in her crotch and I just know that Jade is close to having Dominant Dolly’s big, juicy cock inside her mouth!

Just as I’d suspected, DD pulls the latex back and her huge dick springs out into the open air hard as a rock! Maid Jade can only manage the first couple of inched below the swollen head into her mouth. Knowing that, how much will she be able to take inside her cute little tight ass?! Find out at The English Mansion!