Grooby Launches

Grooby has launched, the latest addition to its network of premium content sites. The site’s launch features such notable Euro-performers as Sarah Barros, Bella Benevola, Cherry Girl, Alice Lamborghini and others.

Steven Grooby, company founder and CEO, has made efforts in recent years to expand their roster of talent. “ features performers from parts of Europe beyond our production arm in the UK,” he said. “We’ve always added a few European models onto our site,, when they were visiting. They’ve been very popular over the years.”

A new producer, Dave Krull, is based in Spain and has begun shooting “a wider range of girls,” said Grooby, besides “the Northern European girls we hope we can continue to find, we decided it was best to create a new site and split it.”

I’ve just seen “Introducing Karolina” which runs 11:10 minutes and comes with 116 hi-res photos. It’s clear that she’s pretty turned on when you check out the photo set. But it really comes through in the video! This babe is horny! I’m not even talking about the state of her erection. She’s not even fully hard until past the midway point. It’s a nice little teaser to a collection of even more hyper-sexualized content. Click here for Euro-TGirls.

Caramel’s Review of Ringing Her Wedding Bells Part 1 on TransAngels

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Casey Kissses kisses Kenzie Taylor's big nipples.

Description: It’s the wedding day of the gorgeous Casey Kisses and she can’t wait to celebrate her devotion to Michael Stax with an elaborate and luxurious wedding ceremony. However, before she can make it to the altar, her long-time best friend Kenzie Taylor makes one final pass at her, hoping that their fling years ago could blossom into something more.

Casey can’t resist the chance for one more romp before she commits to Michael and decides to fuck Kenzie in the bathroom. When Michael comes in to check on her, she quickly hides Kenzie underneath her dress for a sneaky blowjob while her fiance is right there!

Once Michael leaves Casey and Kenzie are free to throw themselves all the way into it, blonde-haired Kenzie sucking and riding Casey before she’s even taken off her wedding dress. Stripped down, the two gorgeous women fuck, suck, grind and wind themselves into a premarital frenzy in the perfect send off to Casey’s single years.

Kenzie Taylor sucks Casey's big cock!

Caramel’s Review: The Ringing Her Wedding Bells trailer doesn’t prepare you for the opening of the full-length video. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s stunning Casey Kisses doing a white lingerie striptease in a tastefully decorated bedroom.

Casey bares her large breasts, withdraws her stiff cock and begins pumping the shaft while staring directly at you. Then, all the sudden, gorgeous Kenzie Taylor enters the frame, replacing Casey. She exposes her big tits and pretty pussy, but she doesn’t play with herself. Then they’re both shown together. Casey is about to play with Kenzie in a way that she’ll remember for a lifetime.

Casey fucks Kenzie's pussy and sucks her toes.

Within the first three minutes, the plot is laid out, with a fully dressed cast. I’m so aroused at this point, I’m hoping the story line doesn’t last too long. Not to insult the writers who do a fine job, but a vision like the one we’ve just seen isn’t easy to come down from.

When we get back to the sex, keep in mind that we’re going back to when Casey and Kenzie first begin engaging in foreplay. Casey bares and orally devours Kenzie’s magnificent boobs and this is when the interruption occurs. Kenzie hides under Casey’s dress and, of course, this is where Casey gets her big cock sucked to an unaware Michael!

I couldn’t make it to the end where Casey cums for Kenzie after a relentless, raw fucking upon my first viewing. But I loved the cute ending when I finally saw this instant classic the second time around.

Caramel’s Review of Kimberlee, Daniella And Bailee 3some

Kimberlee and Bailee Paris get their big dicks ready to fuck Danilla Hansson!
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Everything that I wanted to see go down between trans porn superstars Kimberlee, Bailee Paris and Daniella Hansson, their cisgender female playmate went down!

The scene begins with just Kimberlee and Bailee exchanging kisses and fondling each other in bed. They develop big erections as they strip and Daniella joins the girls as they’re stroking them. Just in time, right?
Kimberlee is first to get her big dick sucked. Daniella then switches her oral loving between both hung beauties. Daniella actually tries to stuff both cocks inside her mouth while laying on her back. But once she’s back on her hands and knees, Bailee gives her a hard doggy style fucking! Danielle gives Kimberee a fierce blowjob while getting railed by Bailee.

Daniella sucks Kimberlee's cock while Bailee Paris fucks her!
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Then it’s Kimberlee’s turn to get some pussy. She places a pillow beneath Daniella’s sexy ass and proceeds to give her a rough missionary position fucking! Daniella sucks Bailee off while getting banged by Kimberlee! I’ve only described a little bit past the halfway mark of this update. I don’t know what happens next because I came at this point. I’ll get to the end when I’m horny again. But that’s my review and I hope you’ll watch the full-length video and enjoy the massive, hi-res photo set! They’re available now on the, and on!

Daniella sucks Bailee's cock while Kimberlee fucks her!
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Caramel’s Review of Ladyboy Gan – Rail Thin Ramming

“Ladyboys are such magic creatures. And ladyboys without boobs are a huge turn on too because it gives them a bit of a teen vibe. Who wouldn’t like to be with a late teen who is into cock and wants to play with grown men?”

Ladyboy Gan sucks the dominant white man's huge cock.
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The producer continues, “Gan is one of those ladyboys that although she isn’t 18 or 19 anymore, could fool you easily. Her thin body, her untouched pubic bush and her lust for sex really give you the sense you are one of her first sexual experiences. I had always enjoyed playing with her between the sheets so I decided to ask her to make videos with me and I didn’t have to ask twice.”

Caramel’s Review: I get it, the whole teen vibe, but I’m personally more turned on by Gan’s form. I could care less how old she is. But I wouldn’t dare knock legal teen lust. As I watch the beginning of this update presented by the network, I can’t help but notice the beauty of Gan’s face. Sure, this is porn and most fans will be more interested in the naked form about to get fucked. But this model is strikingly gorgeous.

Gan jerks off while giving head as I love to do also. We’re different in that I’m a top and she’s a bottom. The look on her face when she’s on her knees with handcuffs encircling her wrists and a man kneeling behind her is foreign to me. She seems so unafraid of being powerfully railed.

Getting fucked hard doesn’t seem to hurt Gan. It just looks like she absolutely loves every minute of it! She gets her long hair pulled hard until the big man cums and shoots his cum across her lean back and wide bottom.

Franks-TGirlWorld Review: Barbara Perez Is Back!

Description: The sexy Barbara Perez is back and she is extra horny for you today. All alone in the bedroom, Barbara wastes no time in her pleasure session. Caressing her gigantic tits and ass then jerking off her thick meaty cock.

Barbara Perez aka Bianca Nafe is a trans adult entertainment superstar from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She stands at 5’7″( 170 cm) and weighs 132 lbs(60 kg). This update wasn’t shot by Frank, but by Louis Damazo from

This beauty has been killing it in porn since I’ve been doing reviews and that’s well over a decade. This is a typical hotel room striptease and masturbation video. What makes it so extraordinary is the beauty and seductive talents of the model.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens her in porn terms. It’s simply a finely shot update of Barbara stroking her stiff, eight inch erection until she climaxes. I’m hoping that by the time Barbara’s cock shoots beads of creamy white cum across her flat tummy, you will have cum. too!