Aubrey Leigh and Sofia Bun on Chaturbate

I recently saw Aubrey and Sofia up to their old tricks on Chaturbate again. This gorgeous central Florida trans girls are a couple and their shows involve a lot of bondage. I live in north central Florida and I wonder if they’ve been to Woodshed in Orlando before the pandemic temporarily shut everything down. It’s an amazing BDSM club and they’d fit right in because they’re serious about it – not posers.

Aubrey Leigh, the brunette, was doing most of the talking with fans and blonde Sofia Bun was cuddling and chiming in every now and then. Aubrey was explain the BDSM props and gears they’d be using while basically topless except for her rope harness. Blonde Sofia wore a black harness onesie with straps and rings. It had a button crotch which Sofia unsnapped to release her circumcised penis.

She scooted up to Aubrey in invitation for Aubrey to suck it hard. This resulted in an instantaneous upright boner. That’s around the time I noticed Aubrey’s circumcised poking out above the waistband of her panties. Aubrey soon decided to pop a boner and Sofia lent a helping hand. This is when the tips really began rolling in.

Aubrey mentioned that she’d like to someday get a studio space large enough to install a real dungeon. If these girls keep it up with hot shows like this, Chaturbate pays pretty well for great broadcasters so you never know. She might have one in no time. Please help realize this goal by tipping generously when you register for free to the world’s best webcam platform. Be sure to follow

Happy July 4th from Evil Angel!

There are two options for joining on the July 4th Sale with the 30 day offer: $50 for 30 days of unlimited streaming only and $14.95 for 30 days of unlimited streaming and downloads. I personally prefer to save my smut, but the choice is yours, but consider this special offer seriously. I’ve tried streaming only and it just doesn’t cut it for me. You could opt in for an annual deal as well and that’s $95.40 for 365 days of unlimited streaming and downloads. Take a look at the previews and decide for yourself if you get more bang for the buck. And if you celebrate Independence Day, continue to have a great July 4th celebration!  

Miss_Corina98 on Chaturbate

Miss_Corina98 of Antioquia, Colombia

Every time I catch Miss Corina of Antioquia, Colombia broadcasting live on Chaturbate these days, she’s having sex with the same guy. He’s a nice looking bearded young guy with smooth dark skin in contrast with her bronze coloring.

They were on this morning, but at about 7:45 am EST, they were getting dressed and making the bed. Luckily, I took notes about the last few times I caught their shows in progress. The first time, Miss Corina was on the bed in the doggy style position. The man stood behind her beating his average-sized meat. Her bra was half off and her panties pulled to the side and she jacked off furiously as she waited to be penetrated. Miss Corina had a narrow pink Lovesense vibrating toy embedded in her well-rounded butt. But the dude eased his erection right in beside it.

I love the way she wails when she gets fucked! Sex with no sound does little to nothing for me. When the guy needed a break, Miss Corina lay down on her back and jerked off. Her man pinched one of her puffy nipples and the tips rolling in sent her vibrator buzzing. The camera angles and resolution were very good. We could see Miss Corina from the top of her head to her pedicured toes. The young man eventually started sucking one of her small breast as she drew closer to getting her nut. Soon, they were both jerking off in a race to climax. The guy’s uncut black cock shot a load of cum first.

Then Miss Corina’s dusky dick blasted creamy white spurts of jizz next! I’ve seen Miss Corina’s man suck her stiffness in other shows. I’ve seen her giving him head, too. What I love most about the Miss_Corina98 channel is that this couple does not tease. They deliver everything I love to see with a Trans Woman/Cis Male couple – hardcore sex! Be sure to pay them a visit or a follow when you register to Chaturbate free. Please tip well because they go out of their way to keep us cumming.

Ashlyn May and Amy Matters on Chaturbate

I love trans girlfriend porn, especially when it’s live! Here’s a hot couple that broadcasts on Chaturbate either completely naked or close to it frequently.

Ashlyn May is the brunette with highlights and eyeglasses. Amy Matters is the blonde. Both California girls respond pleasantly to fan questions and requests. They masturbate themselves and each other in wide format so both of their bodies can be enjoyed in full. What I love specifically about trans lesbian porn is the intimacy girlfriends share every now and then between bouts of torrid sex. Ashlyn and Amy give you that, “I want someone to look at me like that,” vibe and it’s incredibly sweet. Fucking and sucking are enough to serve the purpose of cam shows. Kissing and cuddling are the icing on the cake for me. As Amy informed new viewers the last time they were online, they take turns. They jerked each others stiff cocks off the last time I saw them, and they both suck some mean dick. Both girls are on Twitter and OnlyFans. To get those links and to watch them having sex live, go to Aslynmay and be sure to follow!

Nahomy Safeira aka Sexychocolatets on Chaturbate

Nahomy Safeira aka Sexychocolatets of Cali, Colombia

Cali, Colombia is where beautiful Nahomy Safiera is from and that general area was no surprise to me. I’m pretty surprised when black Latinas broadcasting on Chaturbate are American these days! I’ll let you know if I ever figure that out. The only thing that sort of puzzles me about her performances is that she usually cams from the neck down. But at the end, she shows her face during farewells and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

You should register for free and then follow Nahomy on her Sexychocolatets channel so you’ll be notified via email when she goes live. She shows her face and full body at the top of her shows. Then the focus evolves to her massive dick usually until she cums. Nahomy was wearing a sheer navy blue nightie with a red sash around her waist when I last saw her.

Her huge cock was swinging below the hem when she wasn’t stroking it. It’s a lovely shade of chocolate brown with thick veins running down its length. It’s also uncut and she has to pull her foreskin back for you to see the red, bulbous head. Her tits are big, too. Nahomy was playing porn in the background instead of music and I loved hearing the sounds of sex.

At the end of her show, about an hour and a half later, Nahomy turned around and you could see the narrow pink Lovesense toy embedded in her magnificent ass. Then she turned around to show her stunning face. Nahomy re-wrapped a red bandana around her pretty head next. Then she slipped into a backless summer dress and flat sandals like she was heading off to the beach. It was sad to see her go. Be there when she returns to Sexychocolatets!

Erica Chery on Chaturbate

Erica Chery of Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve been following Erica Chery on Chaturbate for well over a year now. I remember when her etertaycb profile on the platform listed Salt Lake City, Utah as her home. It’s been quite a while since she’s relocated to Sin City. It’s fun watching adult industry newcomers become porn stars. This is one of the things I’ve been blogging about for well over a decade. If you do not know what’s so special about Erica’s shows, I’m about to tell you.

Everyone else, just have fun with the reminders. The other night I jumped into my favorite webcam platform to see what was going on. I hadn’t seen Erica in awhile and I think the last time I did see her, she was with her sometimes cam partner Calliope. They’ve done a lot of remarkable hardcore shows. But I almost feel sorry for other cam girls even when Erica is camming solo. She takes up a lot of Chaturbate real estate when she goes live.

Anyway, the other night, she had on a blue and white paisley top and a white skirt, already in progress. Her thick boner was standing up from her thighs – a moment that might make viewers wish they’d been following her. That way they’d have been there at the start of her show to generate straining erections together. Erica raised her top and the sports bra underneath to show of her lovely tits and puffy nipples. Her legs and feet were bare and the only other thing she wore was a narrow pink Lovesense toy in the tight ass I’ve seen Calli fucking so often.

Tips flowed in generously as Erica jerked off. She’d removed her top and just had the bra and skirt on when she made her big dick explode. “Oh, God I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” she shouted as her cock fired thick ropes of creamy white cum in the air to land across her skirt! If that’s not special enough for you, Erica seems to have a model’s sixth sense about delivering what so many different live trans porn fans want to see. She evenly displays her luscious bottom, her perky tits, curvy legs and dainty feet and she’ll sometimes stand up naked and pose with her hardon sticking straight out in front of her. She does this sort of posing both before and after she cums. And if she fucks a cock sleeve with her long, thick rod, she always ruins her orgasm by allowing you to see her massive cum shots. Do yourself a favor.

Since you know how good she is, register for free if you haven’t already and follow etertaycb. Have a towel handy when you’ve been notified that she’s on live.

TS Madison: Bitch, I’m Black

I’ve wrestled with what to say about all that’s been going on lately. There’s so much going on right now. The global pandemic and chaos surrounding police brutality against black people in America. I was inspired to share a video by someone I was honored to interview in 2009. TS Madison Hinton released a video on her YouTube Channel The Queen’s Supreme Court. “Bitch, I’m Black” tickled my funny bone at the beginning. By the end of it, I was reduced to tears. So please watch this amazing trans icon and hear what she has to say.


Memorial Day 2020

It’s a sacred day to all war veterans: None need to be reminded of the reason that Memorial Day must be commemorated. But what about the general public, and more important, future generations? Do most non-veterans really recognize the importance of the day honoring their fellow Americans killed in war?

Thomas J. Tradewell, Sr., “Meaning of Memorial Day,” Veterans of Foreign Wars (May 28, 2010)

Shainize on Chaturbate Trans

Shainize was jerking off with her back facing the camera the first time I saw her on Chaturbate Trans. The French long-haired blonde was totally naked except for black pearls, a pair of sheer textured stockings. There was a black butt plug in her well-rounded ass. When she rose to her feet, I saw there was a pink dildo on the futon she was just masturbating on. Shainize has a hard body with tight abs and a flat chest.

She also has a really big cock that arcs upward. She was listening to the same sort of bizarre house music I sometimes play on weekends at home. If she made any sounds, they were drowned out by the music. That’s why it took my by surprised when she formed a palm into a cup, placed it beneath her erection, and fired her load of cum into it!

She offered some of it to viewers as if we could jump from the screen and lick it from her hand. I couldn’t see the expression on her face because she doesn’t fully show it. But she has a great set of pearly whites – a beautiful smile. Shainize allowed drops of cum to spill from the tip of her slowly deflating dick for about ten minutes before retrieving a towel to wipe it from the black fabric of her furniture. I managed to get a quick view of her face when she dropped the towel and bent down to pick it up. She’s pretty and she’s a smoker. I just wish I’d found the channel before things had progressed so far. I hope to catch her again sometime and so should you.