B. Scott On Chef Roblé

I’m not much of a television viewer, but last Wednesday (June 12, 2013) I caught B.Scott on Bravo’s ‘Chef Roblé & Co.’ This post is a week late, but I needed to think about what went down before making any comments. Roblé Ali catered a party with an androgynous-themed menu for B. Scott and the food looked amazing with dishes made to look like something they were not. For instance, there were salmon eggs made of watermelon spheres atop feta cheese resembling tofu, steak and eggs which were actually ostrich meat and ostrich eggs, “pulled pork” that was really turkey and other mind-fuck culinary delights. 


The event turned out to be a train wreck with no air conditioning, causing B.Scott to have a breakdown. But the Internet star and recording artist handled the disappointment with class and in the end, promised to give Chef Roblé a second chance. I question why he chose a NYC venue he knew little to nothing about to host the event, but I know he did his best. B.Scott forgave him and so did the majority of viewers. It doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely adorable and B. Scott is just…phew!  Check out the LoveBScott.com website to see more.  


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