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hazel_tucker01March 28, 2009

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Caramel: Thank you so much for accepting my request to interview you, Hazel. When I’d blogged about you recently, I had no idea you’d see it and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you’d found it. Well actually, I was star struck. I write about celebrities every day, but it’s not every day that I hear from them. What did you do for a living before you became a leading star in the adult industry?

Hazel: Well,  before porn I was a server in a family restaurant.  It was my first real job and helped me be able to afford my transition at the age of 16.  I waited tables for 2 years until  I was 18 and then went on to beauty school and became a nail technician. Turned out I didn’t have the knack for doing nails and made very little money doing it.  After the nail career didn’t work out I tried being a phone sex operator. It was a lot of fun but got to be a little  constricting on my time out of the house. Plus the real thing is always so much better.

Caramel: You have an incredibly sexy voice which must have driven the phone sex clients nuts. What led you to the actual adult entertainment business?

Hazel: The first time I saw a Playboy magazine I was about 13 years old  I flipped through the pages and I can remember thinking how beautiful the centerfold was and how I wanted to be like her.  It was like everything clicked in place…like I finally understood myself more. I admired her beauty and wanted so bad to feel and look as sexy as she did naked. I imagined being her, naked in front of the camera and wished I could be a model too.

In late spring of  08 I was looking for something new and exciting to do and had been pondering the idea of maybe doing porn. My boyfriend at the time, whom I had mentioned wanting to do porn to, had sent me a link to a Grooby Productions site. I clicked on the “Model Applicants” link and emailed a few pics of myself in. I never thought they’d even get back to me but I was so psyched when I received a response.  In the email it said they wanted to fly me out to California to shoot. That’s how I met Buddy Wood and how I became the “Independence Day” girl.

hazel_tucker06Caramel: I’m always hearing great things about Buddy Wood and he’s one of my favorite photographers with some of the best movies out there also. I’m glad you chose Grooby first. Grooby sites are my favorites and I love the owner Steven Grooby and his great team. Telly is my favorite administrator. The whole team is pretty awesome.

Lots of performers have issues with family and friends when they choose to work in the adult industry. Did your choice affect your relationships with family and friends?

Hazel: My close friends were so excited for me. But my family wasn’t so happy about it. When my mom found out she and I got into an argument and didn’t speak for almost 3 months. My parents are both pretty religious so it was hard for them to deal with it. Now they have found a happy medium saying that it is none of their business and that they don’t walk in my shoes so they cannot begin to understand what I need to do to survive in this world. We just try not to talk about it. Just my mom and dad know so far…as far as I am aware. It seems to be less and less of an issue with time. I know they love me and want me to do whatever makes me happy.

Caramel: What’s the best part of working in adult entertainment? What’s the worst part?

Hazel: The best part I’d have to say are my fans. It makes me feel so good to get  messages and poems in emails. Also knowing that my work is out there making someone’s day makes me smile and is actually quite a bit of a turn-on. I think I might have a little bit of an exhibitionist in me…well, I have a lot of things in me so… (laughing). My least favorite part of the job is  the lack of respect I feel that our niche gets from some of the main stream porn world. I have to give a hand to girls like Kimber James, who have worked and are still working hard to make things better for all of us in transsexual porn.  Another thing that kind of makes me frustrated from time-to-time are the misunderstandings that some people have when it comes to me (and other girls) cumming and sometimes even getting fully hard. I think some producers and fans of ts porn expect girls to be feminine yet well-hung and also produce a decent cum-shot. What they seem to not get is that for me to look as feminine as I do I have to take male hormone-blockers along with female hormones which affect penis function and size.  It especially affects functionality if a girl was young when she started to transition because she has halted her development as a male by stopping male puberty. This is the reason I cum just a drop if not anything at all. I even feel the pressure to go on and off my hormones for work so that I don’t upset some of my fans, which can be not so good for my health.

Caramel: I’m on hormones myself, but even before that, I understood that transsexual stars didn’t always have volcanic eruptions, so to speak. However, I’ve seen most if not all of your videos and they’re so hot, I think that most viewers feel fortunate just to see you on video . Whenever I post something new about you, my readers go absolutely nuts.I also believe that many of your viewers probably climax before you do in the clips. Your stroking sessions are so nice and long. There are a lot of cum fetishists out there, but I think  that most are satisfied seeing such a beautiful girl with a delicious looking cock. I know it seems like I’m fawning but your sweet personality and great looks are why you’re at the top. Besides, true hardcore transsexual porn fans understand that most tgirls don’t shoot halfway across the room like males stars such as Peter North. What I often read from men who see you and aren’t familiar with transsexual porn is, “I’m not gay but she’s hot!” as if being attracted to transsexuals makes a man gay. Gay men aren’t attracted to transsexuals, just straights and bisexuals, but I digress. Are there any funny career related moments you’d like to share with our readers?

Hazel: Gosh, there are so many! The great thing about this job is that it is so much fun and there is always time for a good laugh. I have already had so many hilarious moments on the job happen within my first year in the industry. I’d have to say my favorite was recently, when I was working with a genetic girl for the first time.  I had never been with a girl before and I got a little carried away and injured my “girl package”. Let’s just say a bruised ball doesn’t look or feel so pretty. Later I went to the doctor and he said something along the lines of, “Wow, I have never seen anything like this before.” (Giggling)

Caramel: So you lost your virginity twice! Yay! I know a lot of genetic girls who’ll love to hear about and see this!

A lot of transsexuals have mentors. Did you or do you have a mentor?

Hazel:  I would have to say that my mother was and still is my main female role model in life . I have learned a great deal from her about how one can be feminine and yet also be strong. Watching her these past 20 years has helped me learn so much about what it really means to be a woman. Even when we don’t see eye-to-eye I know that having her for a mother has made me a better person. “I don’t think you’ll ever read this but, ‘Thanks Mom!’ ” As for a transsexual mentor…When I first started researching transsexual porn-before I got into the industry, I came across the beautiful and talented Danielle Foxx. I admired how well spoken she was and how good of a performer she came across as.  Never did I think that someday Buddy Wood would introduce the two of us and we’d become friends. Danielle has taught me a great many things in the short time that we’ve known each other and I am so happy to have met her.  She is a friend, big sister and mother all-in-one to me and I am so thankful she is here to guide me along my journey.

Caramel: Danielle is now post-op and a living legend. She’s one of my all-time favorites with a great personality also. She’s whip-smart and I can how you two hit it off well. I love her “glam” work but I also love her bondage photo and video shoots. Are you into bdsm or roleplay?

Hazel: Caramel, to be honest I am still exploring my sexuality just like any young person I learn new things about myself daily it seems and porn has helped me to open up sexually like I never have been able to before. I lost my virginity at 17, around the same time I started living my life full-time as a woman. So I have only been on the “sex train” 3 years.  (Blushing) But I have gotten a little into role playing. Although I am more of a submissive/bottom girl from time to time I like to be the aggressor.  BDSM? Hmmmmm…we’ll have to wait and see if I travel down that path sooner or later.

Caramel: Most straight people know little, if anything, about transgendered life and transsexual material. What do you think is the biggest misconception or stereotype about transgendered life and transsexuals?

Hazel: The misconception I feel that is most common is the idea that certain stereotypes dictate gender and even what it means to be a transgender person. Although I believe that some stereotypes have some basis of truth behind them, most are false. Even many transgender people have a hard time with this one.  Just because a boy likes dolls doesn’t make him a girl/gay. Just because a girl likes her hair short doesn’t mean that she is necessarily masculine. When I was a little kid you could catch me strutting my stuff in my mom’s pumps wearing a tool belt while fixing my toy car. (smiling hard) Gender is what we are wired to be in the brain (male/female/something in the middle). Sex is just the equipment between our legs.  I think this is the hardest thing to help others understand because it’s difficult to relate to something you have not personally experienced/had an issue with yourself. And each of our feelings (even as trans people) vary from one another’s, so it’s hard to really understand each other exactly.

Caramel: What is your next movie project going to be about and who is going to film it?

Hazel: “Hazel Does Hollywood” is my current project which is done filming and in the process of being edited. As some of you may have heard about it already-it is a fictional(but based on truthful events) Transumentary similar in style to the Buddy Wood’s Kimber James DVD. It’s all about my move to Hollywood to do porn and my findings and fuckings along the way to stardom. It is going to be awesome! I am so excited and can’t wait until it’s release, which will be sometime in mid-late April.

As for after this project….I dunno. I have heard Buddy tossing around the idea of doing a Buddy Wood’s Shemale Neighborhood #3.…and I have been approached by Devils to maybe do the next Transsexual Cheerleader’s movie. We’ll have to wait and see. (Wink)

Caramel: There is no doubt in my mind that “Hazel Does Hollywood” with be the most anticipated film since Buddy’s Kimber James DVD. Do you have an ideal mate or are you attracted to different types of people?

Hazel: For the most part I like the tall dark and handsome type…but I am totally eclectic in my taste of men. I have a strong liking for nerdy and skater boys. Something about the passion of artists and geniuses makes me wet. I used to be more into jock guys around my age but lately find I am also into older men.  Muscles are never a bad thing. I love accents…French, Italian, Spanish, English, Bostonian/New Yorker….mmmm! Can you tell I am a New Englander?! I totally dig guys who are comfortable in their sexuality. Open-mindedness is a must and having a great personality always helps.

Caramel: I can you’re a New Englander because I lived in Boston for eight years and picked it up right away! A lot of guys will be thrilled to know that they don’t need to be Brad Pitt to spin your propeller (laughing).

What hobbies do you enjoy? How do you unwind when alone and just want to do something non-stressful and non-business related, but stimulating to your mind?

Hazel: I love music. Without it I think I would die. I constantly have the CD player or radio on. If not listening to music I sometimes read a good book. The Internet I think is my favorite pass-time-yes, I’m one of those web-geeks. Shopping is also another hobby of mine that I have had to retire for a little while. I am one of those girls that could spend all day at the mall if money permitted. (Laughing) Watching movies is another favorite of mine. I usually stay home and rent a handful at a time. My favorite genres are horror and comedy.  I rarely go to the movies but when I do it’s always a treat. But I have to say there is nothing better than a good movie and cuddle-fest under a big fuzzy blanket. (winks)

Caramel: How did I guess you were the romantic type? Few things can compare to great movies and cuddling.

Do you define yourself as a transsexual person, as a person who happens to be transsexual or as a woman?

Hazel: Wow, such a good question. All of the above. I would have to say in my day to day life I don’t think about myself as anything other than a human young lady. I guess that’s because that’s all I know myself to be deep down. But when amongst other people especially sys-gendered women I consider myself a transsexual woman.  I have had genetic women confront me and say “You’re not a woman and you’ll never be one so you couldn’t possibly understand what we (genetic women) go through.” Well, in a sense these women are right. I am not the same as them, nor do I pretend to be some kind of undercover imposter. I am of a different kind of women with different experiences and different perspective. Just like being a white woman doesn’t necessarily make you understand what it’s like to be a woman of color- I do not pretend to know what other girls go through. However, my sense of womanhood I feel helps me connect with other different kinds of women. I am a woman by instinct and a transsexual by experience. I believe that the feminine power, which distinguishes us all as women, is universal and connects us all to each other. Sometimes that’s hard for people to see but I think with time it will be better understood.

Caramel: I love that answer and I also think things are getting better. The younger generation is much more accepting and insightful. Your fashion sense is not just hot and trendy, but classic. Do you have any favorite designers?

I love Bebe and Guess by Marciano. They are my two faves for clothing and accessories. I am a total shoe-addict, and looooove Nine West, Aldo, Bebe, Guess, and any kind of shoe store you can think of. For purses, although I can’t afford it- I love Luis Vuitton and Gucci. My style changes from time to time. Sometimes I wanna be super girlie and wear mini skirts and high heels and most of the time you’ll catch me in my skater/tomboy clothes. Lol. I have tried punky looks and older more sophisticated styles too. I like to change it up every now and then.

Caramel: Variety is the spice of life. The most stylish women I know mix it up.

Where do you see yourself five years from now. Is marriage and family in your future? Do you ever think about settling down and raising children?

Hazel: In five years…another hard thing to foresee since my life is constantly taking new turns… in five years I hope to have finished up my career in porn and be moving on to school to do something else with my life. Maybe even get into makeup artistry or photo editing: two things I have recently become very interested in. I hope to be more financially settled and to have completed my transition. Just like any young girl I wanna take on the world and do everything. Hopefully five years gives me time to narrow it all down. As for when I’m a grown-up…I love kids and want to be a mom someday in the future. But I have a lot of growing up to do before I can even think about settling down with someone and having a family of my own.

Caramel: If you meet someone you’re attracted to who doesn’t know you weren’t born a genetic female, how do you handle it?

Hazel: This is something that I used to really have a hard time with. When do you tell/do you even tell at all? I am always honest with anyone I even think I am going to get involved with or doing anything sexual with. Honesty is the best policy in my book and has helped me to be safe and true to myself. I always try to not get too flirtatious with boys who don’t know because sometimes it’s just too much of a hassle to break the news and sometimes it’s just not safe. However, if I am in a public safe place and I get to the point where I feel comfortable enough to tell the guy, I will. Some take it better than others, but I’ve noticed the more honest and upfront I am, the more guys who are not so cool with it will respect me. Most guys are just so blown away they are speechless or just feel totally confused and embarrassed. It’s hard for me but I understand it is just as hard for them to deal with sometimes. It’s not easy having everything you thought you knew about yourself  challenged by your sexual attraction to one person. Putting myself in their shoes has helped me to deal with this better.

Caramel: So many people in the transgendered community look up to you, including myself, look up to you as a role model regardless of their age or gender status. That’s a responsibilty that most transsexual celebrities don’t want to have and for good reason. However, how what would you say to someone who admires you, a true fan who wants to someday follow in your footsteps? What advice would you give a tgirl model with potential who wants to break into adult entertainment?

Hazel: It’s very touching to know that I inspire other girls. It’s something I never thought about before to be quite honest. I never thought doing porn would make me a role model. I always thought quite the opposite actually. There are so many trans girls out there who do so much more important things, like my friend Jacqueline-who helped organize the first annual New England Trans Pride. Girls like her are the real role models out there that other trans girls should look up to. But for girls breaking into the industry that admire me, I’d have to tell them to keep their eye on the prize. Goals are important and the industry is a great place to make them come true, but only for so long. I would tell them to save as much money as they can and don’t let things like partying and drama get in the way of making their dreams come true. It’s hard for me to give advice when I still feel the need to take it.

Caramel: Many of my readers are dying to know if they have “a chance” to date you. Are you currently unattached and available to date if the right person comes along?

Hazel: Hmmmm….you and your good questions Cara! Hahaha! Well, right now I have taken myself off the market due to my new career and busy, busy life.  I don’t personally feel that anything besides casual dating could happen for me while I do what I do for a living. I am the type of girl that when I give myself to someone, I give all of myself.  For me personally, I feel that porn takes away from my ability to give all of myself.  But hey, nothing is written in stone and I am not a fortune teller so…you never know.

Caramel: I think that your sweet personality shows through in your work and that you’re a generous person and that’s why so many people respect you as a person. At the end of the day, how do you want people to perceive you?

Hazel: I want people to understand I try my best to be myself on camera even though I am an actress of sorts.  My goal is to give my viewers a peek at how I really am but also show them my naughty sex-kitten side that I don’t always get to show off.  I like to stay as true to myself on camera and I think that that’s what gives me that “Girl Next Door” feel. I really am just your average girl…but with a little something extra.

Caramel: What websites that you’ve worked for have been the most professional and respectful to you?

Hazel: I haven’t worked for too many sites so far, but I have had pretty good experiences with each one of the one’s I have worked for. Grooby / Shemale Yum has been wonderful in boosting my career and getting me started in the industry. They pay well and give me the utmost respect and continue to promote me. I highly recommend anyone breaking into the industry to contact them. Buddy Wood is just an awesome guy to work with. He makes his models feel comfortable and his talent as not only a photographer, but a videographer is outstanding. Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting Frank Drachmann from Frank’s T-Girl World. I have to say he is a sweet heart and is a very talented photographer.

Caramel: Thank you again for taking the time out to answer my questions so promptly and frankly, Hazel. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this interview turned out.I wish you all the best and hope we can do this again sometime.


hazel_tucker05Enter Hazel Tucker

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  1. Fantastic interview Cara. Thank You Hazel for sharing of yourself with us. You are very sweet and I wish you all the best. And for the lech in me, I think you are a very hot young lady.

  2. It’s all Hazel’s work. She made it so easy for me. Hey, Miss Shelly. I know you and you’re no lecherous than I am. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you around 3> Cara

  3. Great interview!!! I really feel like I have a better idea of who she is as a person and not just a picture. She is a well spoken and intelligent young lady. I am sure she will make the most of her life and make others better just by knowing her. Thanks for doing this interview and sharing it.

    Gary V

    1. I’m going to ask the same from you, Wendy. Everyone who knows me knows I admire no one more than you. I loved your AVN interview and would love to ask some questions they didn’t get to, Miss TS Performer of The Year 2009!

  4. Wow, Cara, another great interview and as always you asked just the right questions to bring out Hazel’s personality. I learned a lot, both about her and the performance side of the ts world in the adult biz. Keep up the great work, we all enjoy your insights and the passion you put into the interviews you do!

  5. Hi Carmel,

    Thanks for this – I’ve been a big fan of the lovely Hazel since she first appeared. Your excellent questions really let her open up and give us a little insight into who she is. BOTH of you, please keep up the great work!!

    Bob in St Pete FL

  6. Is it just me or am I the only guy who thinks that women who wear their eyeglasses instead of contact lenses are really sexy? That one picture of Hazel in her glasses is a knockout! Believe it or not but glasses add a tactile energy and an immersive sense of space particularly in those eyes of hers. Then again I like tall, hefty, women of good cheer to cuddle up with, their warm, smooth skin rich to the touch. Anyway if you have more pictures of girls wearing their eyeglasses please show them. There are lots of guys like me who do appreciate a woman’s mind.

    1. I agree. Whoever it was who said guys seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses would have eaten their words if they’d seen Hazel and we’d have one less classic yet invalid quote to perpetuate. I’ll be on the lookout for more bespectacled hotties.

  7. Hola. Quiero decirte que te amo y te extraño. ¿Cuando vienes al Perú? Yo vivo en Lima. Soy tu fans No. 01. Solo me gustaría chuparte tu pene todos los dias, y sacarte tu lechecita rica que tienes. Escribeme mi amor.

    I don´t konw to write much in english. Only I wanto to say you. I love Hazellllll.

  8. Just wanted to say I stumbled on the interview, and am happy I took the time to read it. Hazel is quite a young woman, and while I wouldn’t recommend the career path to others, she is remarkably level headed and articulate. Something made me stop and read this, and I am glad I did. I was particularly moved by the way Hazel’s troubles with her Mom early on in her life were sorted, and how much she still loves and admires her Mom. That took courage, and love, and she never gave up on her Mom… she is a very special little girl. The way she carries herself, her undying cheerfulness, and the way she so positively communicates the trials and tribulations of transexuality is an example we should all follow, whether we are old or young, straight, gay or in-between. I wish Hazel the best of luck and a bright future, and hope everything in her life comes out as she would wish it to.

  9. Carmel! Congratulations for the interview. Your questions were very intelligent. I’m from Brazil (sorry for the bad english) and now I’m a happiest person because I know a little more about Hazel! When I saw her in the web it was love at first sight. I am married to a beautiful girl, but Hazel is irresistible. She is a perfect little girl, and I wish she’d be really really happy now and forever. I’m really her fan and I would love to one day be able to meet in person. Like a good dreamer, continue to believe that one day it will be possible.
    All the best to you too!

  10. Caramel,
    Thanks so much for the interview with the beautiful :Hazel! I’m a solider in the US.Army and I first saw a video of hazel not to long ago. Didn’t know mush of the Tgirl porn world, jst exploring one night and BAM! My jaw drop and been hook on Hazel since. /lad to have read this and now have a better understanding of her and hopefully one day I can meet her. She is truly the girl next door and an amazing beautiful women! Thanks!

  11. I’m not sure where to start! I fell in love with Hazel at first glance!!! She is so sweet! I hope, and pray, that she remains just being herself. So many T-girls get ruined by plastic surgery, and Hazel needs NONE of that! I have many close friends who are T-girls, so I have been gifted with a personal knowledge. Some stories are so sad! And others are actually inspiring. I have the highest level of personal respect for anyone who is not afraid to just be themselves! I wish Hazed all the best in the world, and plan to wait patiently until she is ready to settle down with me! : )

  12. “So many people in the transgendered community look up to you, including myself,…”

    And specially me. Along with Amy Daly Hazel Tucker is my favorite porn actress in general, a real idol and an inspiration. Not only I think she is so amazingly hot and knows how to make a great photoshoots but also reading her story and knowing of her makes me proud and comfortable with my own transexuality and makes my own transitioning more easy and tolerable. Knowing that there are awesome t-girls out there like Hazel who’ve made it fills me with courage and hope that I may make it too. Thank you for the great interview Caramel.

  13. What a beautiful and together young lady! I knew she was special the first time I saw her but I now have a completely different level of appreciation to go along with the obvious physical beauty. I always find it refreshing when a young lady carries herself in such a manner. Intelligence is such a major turn on! Caramel, your interviews are insightful and entertaining and I am so happy that I stumbled across your site! Take care beautiful

  14. An absolutely awe inspiring interview from Hazel Tucker! She has been like girl next door in my mind, from her first photo I ever viewed. It is so refreshing to find out this much more about her, and how she got to where she is today! I love her openess, honesty, and insightful comments. Her sexy voice and gorgeous form totally blow me away! Thank you both so much for this fabulous read! xoxox, Mike

    1. I owe Hazel Tucker who’s let the industry (but still has that amazing archival site) for putting this blog on the map. Thanks for the wonderful comment!

  15. Awesome interview! Hazel seems so grounded and cool, she’s also open, honest and comfortable with your questions. I’ve liked Hazel from her first photos, she’s a natural beauty. Any idea what Hazel’s up to these days? Not to be nosy… If I were to to a guess, it would be that she’s happily married. She’s definitely wife material for sure.

    1. Hazel would love your sweet comments. I hope she still checks in every now and then. In her post adult entertainment life, the last I heard she was still dating and becoming an author! I’m looking forward to reading her first book.

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