Interview With Bee Armitage

August 9, 2010

Bee Armitage is one of my favorite girls , not just because of her work in the adult entertainment industry, but because of her wonderful personality. I knew she was straight forward and direct, but I wanted to find out more about her. So here we go!

Caramel: Hi, Bee. My first question is, what was your motivation behind choosing the name Bee Armitage other than the fact that it has a nice ring to it?

Bee: Bee is a nickname a lot of friends gave me because of my random and busy attitude. Armitage is actually my last name! haha craziness.

Caramel: You’re living in Vegas, having left L.A., but were raised in North Carolina. I know the South pretty well and assuming you’re feeling a lot more free being yourself in Hollywood than you did in N.C. Was there a burning desire for you to get out of there and move to a big city?

Bee: There are so many differences between the west coast and the South where I lived. Once Grooby offered to fly me to LA and shoot me a bunch of times for Shemale Yum and Frank’s T-Girl World, I went for it instantly. People that I have become close to on the west coast are much busier and more motivated, which is great because they aren’t constantly gossiping and caring so much about what other people are doing. They have their own ambitions to see through to the end.

Caramel: When you were very young, did you relate more to girls more than boys and were you more interested in what they were doing?

Bee: I always related more towards girls from as early as I can remember. It mostly started off as confusion, then lead to jealousy as I became more aware of my feelings.

Caramel: Did you use the Internet a lot to try to figure out what was going on with you mentally and emotionally and find out via the Net that you identified with other transgenders?

Bee: When I first learned what being transgendered was, it definitely resonated. I scoured the Internet and met various people on forums and such, just trying to learn a little about myself. I made some mistakes, as children are wont to do. You have to be careful on the Internet! It’s sort of an imaginary world that can become real if you let it, you know?

Caramel:: I certainly do, Bee. I often think of The Net is like a vacuum designed to devour your mind and it’s so easy to get sucked in. You have to know how to control it or it will control you. For many of us, our first time dressing up is sort of a test run. Your first time was just a silly play event with your sister, but when was the first time you dressed alone and took it seriously?

Bee: The first time I dressed alone and took it seriously was some time early on in my teen years, and some of my friends knew about it and helped out. It was secretive, but fun!

Caramel: How did you first acquire your first feminine wardrobe and how did you manage to hide it from your family?

Bee: I just went out and bought it from stores. I always kinda looked like a girl, so I got away with it. If I tried at all to make myself look feminine, it worked out. I was blessed with a very well off family, so living in a huge house made it easy to hide things. I dressed up somewhat secretly. I mean, even as a boy I wore girls pants and make up. So, I guess I only secretly would wear dresses. When you look like a girl even dressed as a boy, it makes it easier, but blurs the lines of what constitutes “dressing up”.

Caramel: Did you ever wish you were born a genetic female?

Bee: I used to wish I was born a genetic female, but I like being transgendered way more now. I am very happy with it.

Caramel: Did you ever go through purging stages – trying to deny your femininity and throwing away female clothing only to start a new wardrobe again from scratch?

Bee: Like I said earlier, being feminine or looking like a girl didn’t depend so much on the clothes, so purging wouldn’t exactly matter. I did try looking and acting more masculine for a while to give it an honest go, but it didn’t feel natural.

Caramel: Your roommate was a genetic female and you went from being just friends to being involved in a relationship after 8 months. Did she see you in both girl and boy modes and have an understanding about what you were going through?

Bee: She saw me at my most feminine and my most masculine. When she met me she didn’t know that I was born a boy. Transition was always very simple for me, so it wasn’t an issue or something I was going through. It really didn’t get talked about a lot.

Caramel: Were you also interested in guys and if so, did your girlfriend know about it?

Bee: I have always been interested in guys. Since puberty, they are what I am most attracted to. I have never really been in serious relationships with guys because they kinda scare me. Every now and then an awesome girl will come along and things work out. My ex gf knew about that, I mean, she dated guys too.

Caramel: How did you meet Bailey Jay and end up working with her?

Bee: I met Bailey when Joey Silvera was going to do another DVD with her and they needed another transgirl to shoot with. I don’t think she had even heard of me at this point, but Joey championed for me to be the other girl. Bailey and I talked on the phone a couple times and were on the same page and got along very well. We did the scene and became fast friends and now we live together. She is an amazing person.

Caramel: Your hardcore scene with Bailey is a cult porn classic already. With all due respect to Bailey, you’re no less exciting and attractive than she is. You two both have different a different vibe. Did you ever consider launching an adult website of your own?

Bee: I did consider launching a site, but now I am content with not being an adult film actress at all. I kinda want to settle down with someone, travel a bit, etc. I have enough money to live a comfortable life and just do other things. I don’t regret doing porn, though.

Caramel: So you don’t identify as being a transbian. Do you think the person you’ll end up settling down with will be a man?

Bee: I will probably end up with a man. Though, I do think girls are amazing in their own right. Who knows!

Caramel: Well, you certainly have some great options. Are you currently on hormones?

Bee: I am sort of on hormones! It’s a random thing. I can be forgetful.

Caramel: I can relate to that. Do you ever consider undergoing SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery)?

Bee: I will never have SRS unless they can make me able to birth a child.

Caramel: LOL Wouldn’t that be great? Do you plan to have breast surgery? Personally, I prefer natural hormonal tits and I like the way you look now and not sure you’d look better with a boob job. Ultimately, you’re going to do what feels best for you, but I just had to ask.

Bee: I like my natural hormone chest, I doubt I will get breast surgery ever. They are what they are.

Caramel: What are your favorite physical attributes?

Bee: I personally like broad shoulders and wrists the most. And I like overly tall people.

Caramel: You must know that a lot of transgenders would kill and die to look as “passable” as you. Do you find it strange that you look so feminine and that matches your inner being?

Bee: I used to think about that a lot. Maybe I am just blessed and it’s totally random. Or maybe I really was meant to be a girl and something went crazy at the last second. I’m not sure how it went down, but I am grateful.

Caramel: Your voice is ultra-feminine. Did you ever use some sort of voice-training system?

Bee: I didn’t use any kind of training system. Again, just very blessed!

Caramel: You can say that again. I’m sure a lot of transbians out there will be thinking, “I don’t know if I want to sleep with her or be her.” Do you have any particular fetishes and are you into BDSM at all?

Bee: I don’t really have any fetishes to speak of. I mean, things can get wild sometimes and that’s cool, but I am pretty dull when it comes to sex; as I have a painfully low sex drive.

Caramel: Do you prefer to top or bottom in bed?

Bee: I am always a bottom.

Caramel: You’re so drama free and know who you are. I really admire that about you. So my last question is, what do you see yourself doing for a living five years from now?

Bee: Five years from now I will be doing the same thing I do now: Whatever I want.

Caramel: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me.

Bee. Thanks for the questions! I hope I answered them well.

Caramel: You answered every question I had candidly. Some people think that good looks are the best currency, but I think it’s honesty.

You can find Bee at Model Mayhem.

26 thoughts on “Interview With Bee Armitage

  1. Frank Harrington Wood says:

    WOW what a lovely girl –
    well done Caramel –
    great interview – and what a modest young lady Bee is –
    would so love to bump into her some day!
    a fan

  2. Rosewood says:

    Yeah I could tell from the first video I saw of her that she’s a really cool chick. I’m only mad that I never got a chance to bump into her when she lived in NC! LOL I wasn’t too far from her if I’m right.

  3. Martin says:

    Really nice interview, it’s very interesting, and nice to know what such a beatiful shemale like bee really thinks…very great job

  4. Nice interview. I love Bee’s natural chest too. I go along with her thinking on that issue. Such a gorgeous looking girl. Really got me hot and sweaty. Definitely look out for her more in future.


  5. junior says:

    bee is an amazing young woman. beautiful and cenetered… is she really completely out of porn? if so im personally sad but happy for her if shes happy doin other things

  6. Felipe says:

    “I don’t know if I want to sleep with her or be her.”

    Although I love a nice t-girl and I would fuck Bee in a minute being transexual myself and struggling with my own transitioning I would stay with the second. Bee’s face is so precious, so delicate and feminine, I would do anything to have a cute face like that.

  7. Rich says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Bailey, but when I saw her with Bee, My heart lept into my throat. She is a marvelously beautiful woman. Thanks for the interview. I only wish her the best in whatever she decides to do. But like the earlier post, my heart will be broken if she drops porn.

  8. Ken says:

    I was always a Baily Jay fan, and when I saw Bee I was so in all of her, that natural cuteness is to die for. Then I saw the movie with her and Baily, I think it was the 1st in the apartment? I have never been so turned on in my life ! Those two were just so natural and sweet together. And now live together, that’s so kool. Are there any videos of Bee playing Music? Great interview. I hope they have a great time together.

  9. HornyNHigh89 says:

    I wonder why her official site links to the TGirl Network (where Bailey Jay is) but I just jointed TGN today and Bee is not listed as a model nor does she have any videos – or a dedicated TGN website (like Bailey). Weird – TGN has plenty of cumtastic material on it and girls but I really signed up because my two favorite transsexual’s ever are Bailey Jay and Bee Armitage!

    I cannot believe that Armitage is her last name. Given the way she dressed (kinda cosplay/anime ish) – I would’ve bet MONEY it was an homage to the anime movies where (the main character looks ALOT like Bee and is blonde/kinda bad ass but cute as hell) that we’re called – and I believe the character was named “Armitage” in – “Armitage III” (Armitage The Third – not the third movie) and it’s sequel “Armitage III: Dual-Matrix.”

    Crazy coincidence (unless thats part of the reason she chose to use her last name/likes the anime/AND thought it would be a good adult model name haha)

    • Hi! Bee retired shortly after her scenes with Bailey Jay and a few Grooby Production websites. I did however find Bee’s hardcore scenes on Bailey’s site. They’re from way back, but they’re there. It’s rare that any porn stars use their real names and I didn’t ask Bee what hers was. I felt it would be too invasive. But I love that Bee was ahead of her time with her knowledge of cosplay and amine before most of the trans porn world even knew what these art forms were.

    • HornyNHigh89 says:

      I hope that doesn’t stop Bee and Bailey from doing more videos together; I couldn’t dream of a better team for a porno Mmm. Goddamn – not to mention Bee and Bailey are funny, cool, cute, intelligent and seem like they’d be fun as hell to hang out with.

      I never thought I’d see a TS model tie with Bailey, but Bee definitely does in my book 😛

    • I love it when stars make comebacks and perhaps Bee will come out of retirement. Like Ryder Monroe, who threatened to retire, Bee is also a musician. Thank God Ryder is still working once in awhile in adult. Tori Mayes had announce she was going to retire, but she’s now more prolific than ever. Sadly for us, this job is often a short-lived one. There’s always a new “it girl” around the corner, but no one can be replaced.

  10. HornyNHigh89 says:

    Thanks for the fast reply! Had I seen it my 2nd post would’ve been a little different

    I didn’t know that she retired, that’s a damn shame. Looks like Bailey is the top Goddess of the TS world again haha…

    Was there a specific reason for her retiring? I mean she already had an in with evil angel, and all that good stuff. Looks like she was on her way to the top. But I can understand as well if it’s personal.

    I hope she still remains part of the “scene” (if you will) even if it isn’t in front of the camera.

    Either way she’s gorgeous and exactly the type of person I’d want to chill/smoke a joint with, shooting the breeze on cloud 9.

    • I do think Bailey Jay is #1 currently, especially with the success of her podcast and mainstream visibility. Plus, I mean just look at her. I almost forgot about the Evil Angel sets and thank you for reminding me. I’m going to have to dig those videos out of my archives. Back to Bee, music is her first love like photography is more of birdmountain’s thing. So you’re into 420 and the sissy lifestyle? You’re my kinda girl. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  11. DOCTOR CHIPS says:


  12. DOCTOR CHIPS says:


  13. Michael says:

    Just stumbled across Bee…she is gorgeous! And her voice…I could listen to her forever! She ought to have a fan page out there somewhere! (are you still out there, Bee??)

  14. mike pepper says:

    Oh yes, Bee Armitage is ultra-cool! The first photos I viewed of her were with guitars, I was immediately taken by her beauty. I later saw the clips featuring she and Bailey Jay at play, and was totally blown away! I love her slight form, natural chest, and glorious cock. Also, her voice, so gentle … like music to the ears. It is a dream, I know, but I would love to be that man she ultimately settles in with <3. Many thanks for this fantastic interview, Caramel!

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