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You might recognize Farrah Mills of the United Kingdom from adult films and magazines or from her guest galleries on premium websites including her own. You may have also seen her in several music videos or performing live at various events. After admiring her work for five years now, I was very excited about asking Farrah questions about her background, current and future projects.


Caramel: Where in England are you originally from?

Farrah: I’m from South East London, actually from a place called Lewisham where I grew up and lived until I moved out to my own apartment.

Caramel: You currently reside at Earl’s Court. What’s it like?

Farrah: I love it! I always wanted to live in Central London even as a child! So I lived in Greenwich in South East London for three years while I looked for the right place in Earl’s Court. It has its own community here and everybody knows everyone else. It’s so nice.

Caramel: You travel a lot and are often in the States, particularly New York City. How many times have you been to the US?

Farrah: I’ve been to the US quite a lot in my life! I’ve been to NYC, Florida, Boston, Minneapolis! I was last in the US when I was in New York to host Wendy Williams’ Birthday bash at Hard Candy, then the following night Allanah Starr through me one at her other club night Push!

Caramel: I love Wendy and Allanah. Those must have been two hot parties. Do you find it amusing when Americans are enthralled with your British accent?

Farrah: Its always interesting yes. I find I have to slow down sometimes as I speak to fast for them to understand me or sometimes they think I’m Australian lol.

Caramel:  What other countries have you visited?

Farrah: Quite a lot! lol okay here goes, France, Amsterdam, U.S.A, Tunisia, Italy, Philippines, Dubai, The Canary Islands, Spain, Majorca, Ireland that’s as much as I can remember I think lol.

Caramel: You’re quite the globetrotter. I’m always hearing about the Wayout Club in London. What’s a typical night like there and do you still perform there often?

Farrah: The Wayout Club will always have a special place in my heart its been going strong for almost 20 years now! I’ve been going there since about 2000. It’s a fantastic club for all, a warm, friendly attitude free zone! I’m actually going to be performing on the 22nd August 2009 for the Steffan Whitfield Tribute night (we sadly lost Steffan a few years ago to cancer. He was club owner with Vicky Lee who still runs it).

Caramel: Are you on a hormone regimen or choose not to take them. I’m asking because I know some unenlightened person suggested you weren’t a “real” transsexual because you weren’t on meds.

Farrah: Okay, so I’ve been full time since I was 16 so I was on hormones for 2 years from and personally for me, they made me gain weight, over-emotional and I completely lost my sex drive! Personally I feel that I could get anything I wanted with surgery that I could get with hormones so I stopped taking them, personally for me the possible health risks for long term use isn’t worth it, and without sounding vain I don’t think I’ve suffered in anyway for not taking them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of uneducated people out there who feel they can tell you what they think is right. As we all know, being born a transsexual woman makes you a real transsexual, not someone who overdoses on hormones! lol.

Caramel: You have a brother and a sister. How do they feel about your transition and how long have they known that you were transgendered?

Farrah: They’re both younger than me and they’ve known as long as I have known basically since we were children. It hasn’t affected my relationship with them at all because I’m the same person as I always was and they understand that completely.

Caramel: Are your parents very supportive?

Farrah: Yes, completely. I was always allowed to be who I was without being told it was wrong, I loved Barbie and My Little Pony as a child like any other girl and my parents bought me the things that I wanted to play with. They let me be who I wanted to be which is such a great thing and I love them both very much for it.

Caramel: It’s obvious that you take good care of yourself to maintain your girlish figure. You workout and power walk. What else do you do to keep in such great shape?

Farrah: Well I do love my food which means I have to constantly watch what I eat! I enjoy dancing still as I trained as a dancer in my teens so I like to try and get some dance in as well as it tones everything together.

Caramel: I know you love Thai food. What are some of your other favorites?

Farrah: I do indeed! Well, as I said before I do have to watch what I eat, but I am naturally a healthy eater anyway. I love creating salads to munch on and I love having a big bowl of vegetables, especially green beans. I dont eat sweets or fast food and I hate cheese so I’ve never eaten a pizza before so I’m quite lucky in that sense. I do love spaghetti bolognese though I just have quorn instead though as I don’t eat red meat either.

Caramel: Your website contains a lot of hardcore galleries and videos and the members area is updated twice a month. That’s quite frequent for an individual model’s site. You perform with hot guys and other gorgeous transsexuals. Do you have a preference in gender?

Farrah: Yes, well I have slowed down this year as far as updates go! lol as that was a lot of work for one gal! I’ve shot with other Transsexuals for DVD and shoots but personally my sexual preference is with guys only. I’m not attracted to femininity whatsoever and have never been with a woman sexually.

Caramel: Belated congratulations for last year’s Transgender Erotica Award for
International Transsexual of The Year! Were you surprised or did you see it coming?

Farrah: Thank you so much! it was a real surprise actually as I was nominated for 5 awards that year! And I only knew I had won that particular award when a fan congratulated me and I had no idea! lol its a great feeling to be nominated for anything but of course to win was amazing and I’m so grateful to all my fans and those who voted.

Caramel: I understand you’ll be producing your own films soon. You must be excited about that.

Farrah: Well it was something I was thinking about at the beginning of 2008 but I’ve actually found myself get busier with so many more projects that I feel I shall be performing in other peoples’ DVDs for a lot longer to come! But I still do all my own films on my website so I still have a creative hand somewhere.

Caramel: I’ve seen some of the adult DVDs and I know that there were thousands of creative hands at work out there. But you also have some fantastic YouTube videos that give everyone a chance to see your cabaret performances. It also seems to be a great strategy to bring new members to your website. Has your membership increased markedly as a result of the YouTube vids?

Farrah: Oh God, I so love YouTube! I’ve found that YouTube and my website have helped each other actually promotion wise anyway, but as I don’t really cover much of my porn work with my cabaret side I kind of have 2 sets of fans which I quite enjoy actually.

Caramel: I love your rendition of “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey. Who are some other recording artists you like?

Farrah: Thank you so much! Yes I will be doing so many more videos for YouTube including original songs too, I love Mariah Carey, Madonna, Lady Gaga to name a few its a long list! Singing and music is my first passion, I’ve been doing that since I was about 5yrs old.

Caramel: It shows. You’re very talented. You also have an appreciation for the finer things in life; Veuve Cliquot and Moet, Christian Louboutin shoes, etc. Are you a total fashionista and would you consider yourself a “high maintenance” girl?

Farrah: Ha ha yes, I do love nice things! but I would definitely say that I can take it or leave it. I enjoy sitting on my sofa at home watching a film as much as I do getting dolled up and hitting the dance floor, so I think because of that I can enjoy all of that stuff for what it is and not get caught up in it all too much.

Caramel: The webmaster who started Caramel’s TGirls with me in 2004 as a review site Darren J Sewell, is from Sheffield, England and has been telling me  how nice you were since then. He’s a good judge of character so that’s why I was especially honored to interview you. We both like divas but especially love nice people like you who aren’t superficial.  Do you plan to return to the States anytime soon?

Farrah: I would LOVE to at some point! It really is just finding the time! I really wanna get back to NYC to catch up with friends and do some shopping this time! So hopefully not in the too distant future!

Caramel: Thank you so much, Farrah. I hope that this interview will help to inform and remind your new fans and devoted ones to where they can find you.

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