Interview With Anna – TGirl Foot Fetish Model

March 18, 2010

Anna of the Girly Feet Boy YouTube channel is a classy young tgirl from the Southeast of England.  You don’t have to have a foot fetish to enjoy her website, but if you do have one, her site is especially for you. You should definitely become a member of her free website to enjoy all the perks.

Caramel: Hi, Anna and a belated Happy Birthday wish to you for the 2nd of March. We’ve bumped into each other on the Net for ages now and I’m glad we’ve finally gotten the chance to chat. So you’re 24 years old now and I’d love to know when you began dressing as a girl.

Anna: Aww thanks very much hun. Well, I’ve not been doing it for all that long now so I’m still pretty fresh. I crossdress because I love being girly, as that’s usually the reason us gurls dress hehe, but also because of my feet. I’m blessed with feminine feet so I love to be girly head to toes haha.

Caramel: I understand that. I don’t think I’d get so much foot worship attention if mine weren’t naturally feminine too, but yours are pretty enough to devote a website to which led to Girly Feet Boy. Are you strictly a part-time girl, Anna?

Anna: Oh I’m part-time yeh defo. I like being this way, plus its kinda kewl being a femboy with sexy girly feets hehe. I go by T-Girl, as this is a really nice name for us gurls who just wanna be girly, but I also state that I’m a femboy, just a feminine boy, just so people know who I am.

Caramel: So how old were you when you realized that your attraction to pretty feet was regarded as unusual and a “fetish” Anna?

Anna: Hehe, yeh I think some people still regard foot fetish as weird, simply because it has ‘fetish’ on the end which makes it seem ‘taboo’ u know. I cant remember what age I was when my ‘fetish’ started but I’ve always noticed beautiful feet. I think it starts with just noticing. People sometimes say they are worried about having a foot fetish. Believe me you should be happy not worried. Its a beautiful thing. There’s a reason why girls (and me haha) wear, for example, toe rings, anklets, paint toes all kinds of colours, its to draw the attention of the eye to the feet. Girls who do this want their feet to be noticed. All or at least most girls do this, which means that inside, maybe sometimes sub-consciously, they Care about how their feet are seen. I do think all men have a foot fetish, some of them just don’t know it yet. It’s all about awakening your senses to the experience.

Caramel: I think all guys do appreciate a the beauty of a well-turned female foot, but I’m not sure they all have an actual foot fetish. Then again, I’ve given some foot jobs to guys who were turned onto this “new thing” and found it so pleasurable, they wanted me to do it again and again. It amazes me that so many people in this day and age find foot fetishism such an extreme kink, especially GGS (genetically born females).

Anna: Yes, some girls tend to still go ‘eww feet’ (coincidentally usually the girls who have nice feet haha), that’s most likely because they haven’t opened their eyes to the beauty of feet. That’s what I love most about feet, the beauty in them, and I certainly love to show the beauty in my feets. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a girl who Knows and Loves the fact that you’re looking at her feet.

Caramel: I agree that lots of  girls who have pretty feet are grossed out by attention paid to them especially when they have websites.

So, when did you realize that your feet could probably entice foot fetish fans to want to see more and more of you to the point where you decided to build your own website?

Anna: Well I’ve always loved my feets and for ages I’ve dressed them up to further feminize them. I love wearing toe-rings and painting my toes, my favourite colour to do them is pink, cause lets face it that’s the girliest colour tee-hee. Sometimes I like to use nail art and stickers, but usualy for special occasions as I seem to always change the colour of my toes. And gawd I love toe-chains. The chain around my ankle which connects to one of my lil toes makes me feel so exotic. Yummy. I’ve always said there’s a difference between someone with nice feet and someone with ‘feminine’ feet, and that’s something I am blessed with having. Feminine is an important word to me and its what I love. It was kinda a spur of the moment thing to create a site. I found a free webpage builder and started right away. This was well over a year ago now. Its kind of a blur hehe. I pay monthly for more site space and no adverts, so its all mine. I’m glad that I stand out as a Femboy with pretty girly feets, hence my nickname haha, and I have gained lots of normal straight fans and members who love female feet like me and have come across my pictures and loved what I am. That’s awesome.

Caramel: Do you realize that a large part of your fan base jerks off to your photos and videos and if so, does that freak you out or bother you at all?

Anna: Nah I mean its okay with me. I know people do this, but that means that they do it cause they know my feet are hot, so its fine. But I wouldn’t want them to think of the stuff I do as porn, so I just hope that people enjoy and love what I do.

Caramel: You’ve told me that you have no plans on showing your cock at your website; that it’s just a cock and there’s nothing special about it. We disagreed on that since I think every cock looks “special” whether it belongs to a guy or a girl. I regret suggesting that you show off your family jewels on your site not knowing you were so adamant about being strictly a foot fetish model. But do you understand that a lot of your fans would love to see your “naughty bits” and if you exposed yourself, how many more hits your website would get, even though your domain is free and not a pay site?

Anna: Haha well I would never ever show my ‘gurl thingy’ as I am a foot fetish model and with me its all about the feet. Plus, I’m way too nice to show my thingy. See I can’t even say… ‘thing’ hehe. I always knew from the start that I wouldn’t show this part of me as this isn’t what I want to be known for. We girlyboys all have cocks but not all of us have feminine feet like mine, so I know what people wanna see and that’s my feetsies tee-hee. I know what I’m special for and love doing it.

I’ve seen models who do show their ‘stuff’ and this just takes away from their personality a bit. It becomes more XXX and more about ‘jerking it’ than really seeing something special and watching with a caring eye. I started out wanting to be something different and special and I certainly feel, with all the support I have now, that I have achieved this. I try and make each picture something beautiful to look at, so it doesn’t just become a normal feet pic, it becomes like a painting you just want to stare at again and again, drawing the eye to something in the picture and holding that focus. I know my limits. I don’t wear lingerie and skirts haha, I just wear what I am comfortable being in, and I know my look is unique and individual to me. I’m like an emo/rock chick. I’m certainly an emo as I’m in tears most of the time haha. Also, sometimes people think all crossdressers are ‘sissies’ or they would most likely associate that word with CDs. I just think that the sissy thing is a little demeaning to us and shouldn’t be purely why some people crossdress. I wanna be as girly as I can, so flapping my ‘thingy’ about wouldn’t help that much haha. My members know what I am about and what I like to do. And I hope they look forward to each thing I do. I can say with a proud smile that what I do is unique. And as for getting more hit and fans if I show my ‘thingy’… I’ve had my site for only one year now and in that time I have gained over 205 wonderful adoring members, who know that they are the most important people in my life. I have tons of YouTube subscribers and Myspace friends and fans who follow me and what I do, and also people elsewhere on forums who may not be site members but love and support me. I have worship stories and poems written about me, me!! That’s something that is worth more than a million site hits to me. I have real female members, friends and fans and people from all walks of life… all this WITHOUT showing my ‘thing’ hehe. As I say, I dont wanna be visited purely for porn, and yes there are a lot of those people, I don’t wanna be a ‘quick one’, I want people to keep coming back for the specialty I do. Its good to be different and your own person. So I’m on top of the world right now.

Caramel: I love the way you make stories with your slides shows. How did you acquire you web building skills and what or who influenced you to build a presence on the Net?

Anna: Aww thank you for bringing up my slide shows. That’s very important to me and something I need to show. Going back to not showing my ‘thingy’, its part of my love for making a picture something as special as it can be and that’s why I put my picture sets in a video slide show with a song playing to it, usually a rock ballad as I love to show the Emotion I am feeling, and especially want other people to See and Hear what is burning inside.

It’s not all about showing an obvious foot shot; it can be more and can be special to view. I can’t wait for people to see my next slide show. And I’ve not got all that much web building skills hehe, just basic HTML; in fact the only use of that is on my site intro page where you click ‘enter’, that’s just a short bit of code as the site I build with doesn’t have an intro page, so you gotta make yourself you know, make it look more pro.

My intro page is also a good way to advertise new stuff and give basic information I want people to know about as I can put this up easily. I actually cannot believe I have this much of a presence on the internet and I feel very blessed to be where I am now. I do and run everything on my site, create logos and take all my pictures and videos myself. It’s so good having a personal touch to my site.

Caramel:  Have you ever had a real time lover who was a foot fetishist and admired your feet as much as your online fans do and are you currently dating anyone?

Anna: Nahh 🙁 single gurl here. I’m bi-sexual, but I have to say I date females… although none recently :(:(:( I get lots of female admirers though 🙂 I can’t live without sexy female feet. I hate male feet and the whole male foot fetish thing, unless they are CD/TS feet, but keyword…feminine. I would love to meet a female for a relationship, but she would have to be okay with me being this person I am. Loving my sexy feet also helps hehe. I just want a girl to snuggle with. My type of girl would be rock/gothy chick, I like dark haired and girls who wear fishnets, drool. As for their feet, I’m not too bothered if they don’t have amazing feet, as long as they not ugly haha, because apart from me being a foot model, I have a foot fetish myself, obviously. There are all types of feet, shapes, sizes, nice toes, nice soles and personally I think that every cute girl has special feet in her own way. So, if she loves her feet rubbed and pampered then I’m a happy gurlie. I’m a kinda quiet gurl really, I’m very shy as people will know, seems strange for a net model eh haha, but that’s me. I don’t have any real time lovers at the moment, as I say I’m very shy so I’m not big on meeting. But I have been with people, males and females, for the worship of my feet, yes females have even worshipped them hehe, lucky me, but that was before my site started. I haven’t really been with anyone since then.

Caramel: I don’t think I’ll ever understand the attraction to masculine feet either, Anna LOL. There are a lot of things I love about guys. but dorky peds don’t float my boat either. Moving on, let’s talk about your “coming out.” You told me that you came out to your mom and she was mortified that you might have done nude web cam modeling, which you don’t do. What did “coming out” to her entail exactly. You said she was relieved about that. Has she seen your website and if not, does she know what it’s all about?

Anna: Hehe yeh I came out to her. I was just crying one night, as I do usually and I just thought I gotta tell her what’s on my mind. It was kinda eating me up. This was about 8 months ago maybe. I peeked through my bedroom door as mum was coming up the stairs and she saw me in tears and she came in a sat down with me. I was a mess hehe. It took a while to let it out and be brave enough to say, hey I’m a Femboy Foot Model mum, I got my own website, what do you think about that? Actually it went more like, m-m-m-mum I’m a-a-a crossdresser… I-I-I got m-m-my own website… I model my… (point downwards)… feet?? yeh!!

Hehe. My mum was totalyyyyyyy fine about it. I was sooo relieved. I got out my iTouch and showed her some pics of me in a pink wig hehe, she was amazed, genuinely amazed at how I looked girlish. Then I showed my feet to her, I’d just come out of the bath and I’d freshly shaved my legs smooth with my lady Venus Razor and was wearing black polish on my toes. Her freakin’ jaw dropped!! Haha. She might have drooled herself a bit tee-hee, nah. She was amazed how femme they were. I gotta say my mum is the greatest person in my life, shes the best and I would be lost without her… writing that is making me cry now, and I think you know that’s true haha. She bought me the black wig I’m always wearing the next day and a few pairs of tights. Sometimes it was a bit worrying for her, but less now. She, silly her, thought that part of my website was performing on camera (this goes back to earlier, about what people naturally expect from CD/T-Girl models, but isn’t always the case), like I was a camera model hehe. I don’t do this, that’s something I don’t like doing, performing live for goodness knows who hehe. You’ve never seen a more relieved person haha. I think more so now she knows I’m very smart about my site and what I do, and that actually I’m okay doing it.

Caramel: So do you plan to add an online store where some of your biggest fans can purchase your worn items?

Anna: Yes, actually I am. I’m planning a lil’ page called ‘Anna’s Boutique’. Everything on my site is FREE, even joining, as I love to share my feet beauty with everyone, and my lil shop will also be FREE. I don’t like charging people, that’s just me, I’d suck as a shop owner wouldn’t I hehe. The first thing that will go up will be ‘Kisses’, people love my lips too and I do these thank you pictures with my members names written on my soles, this is something personal I mentioned earlier, as I literally walk around with peoples names inked on my soles. I also do personal thank you pictures if a member wants an individual picture with just their name on my sole, and with these I kiss my foot so its signed with a loving lipstick kissy. So I’ve been thinking it might be kewl if I ‘sold’ personal cards kissed by me, and if you would like one all you gotta do is give me your address and who to send it to and I will post it through the mail, you could clone me then couldn’t ya hehe. I’m also thinking about putting worn tights and girly socks up for ‘sale’… except I don’t really wanna charge, so if someone wants an item all they gotta pay is their postage and packaging and I’ll mail it asap. This is in early stages as I gotta sort out a PayPal account or something for the money to be paid into, as well as working out what the postage will cost. So it might be fun. Also I get lots of people wanting to send me something so I might set up a P.O.Box people have offered to buy me heels and stuff hehe, blessums. You can see I’m still getting used to all this attention.

Caramel: Yes, Anna. I see that you’re soaking up the attention quite well and was pretty sure that our interview would go into some uncharted territory most people are too afraid to talk about. Do you think that a lot of people have a hard time separating foot fetishism from porn?

Anna: OMG yes! I class myself as softcore, I’m a foot beauty/glamour model and wouldn’t ever wanna be know as a ‘porn model’. As I mentioned earlier it becomes all about ‘jerking’ and ‘stroking’ gawd…I hate those words hehe. I just don’t wanna be ‘used’ as jerking material, although I do get that people do that with me, and I say that’s fine, but as long as I’m not just seen as that and my material is seen as something different. One person I chatted with online just couldn’t differentiate between foot fetish with porn. I mean he seriously couldn’t. And it came to the point where this guy needed ‘footjobs’ to be turned on. Ones that end in the ‘money shot’. Foot fetish is so so much more than ‘stick your feet in my face’ or ‘gimme a footjob’ its about beauty and admiration too. Although I do get some people asking if I do footjobs videos, I set them straight and it’s fine from there.

Caramel: Your fans are now writing foot fetish stories about you, both guys and girls. You even have devoted foot slaves worshiping you and your precious peds by the pen. Does that give you a rewarding sense of accomplishment as well as a turn on?

Anna: Blush. Yehh I do. It’s a turn on yeh, but its also a blessing that people want to write about me. The first guy who wrote about me did so without me asking, he just saw something beautiful in the pictures I do and wanted to write me a story about worshipping at my feets. This of course made me cry. Gawd looking at the floor makes me cry hehe. He nailed what I do perfectly and included the use of confetti, something that I love to use. It was a really nice story and importantly for me he understood the type of gurl I am, like in the story whenever the character of the worshipper wanted to get a bit ‘naughty’, I made him play nice and concentrate on my feets. Knowing that the stuff I do can Inspire stories, and other People, is just an overwhelming feeling for me. I stuck a link to it on the site and it was a huge hit, so much so he’s gonna write one each set I do. Then other people started sending in worship stories and eventually they will all go up on my new story page. There’s even a couple of poems about me too. As well as this I get lots of people, especially after seeing me on youtube, asking to be my feet slave. I get tons of requests, so I added a ‘Grovel Here’ page for all wannabe slaves. Its online and a bit of fun, but I basically start by saying what I, Mistress Anna, hehe, like to do with all foot slaves. I make them practice their tongue action by licking their walls before they are allowed to crawl over to my feet. If they’re worthy enough hehe. So people can E-Mail me back with what they would do do please my feet. Its a lot of fun. One thing I love about my site is that its very interactive, its not just pictures and videos. There’s even my toe colour/what I’m wearing and what my feet are scented like on the right side bar of the site.

Caramel:  Would you ever show your members photos of a guy or girl with a cock working themselves to frenzied climax during foot sex with you?

Anna: Hehe nooooooo. Because that means they’ll be looking at a picture and NOT my feets haha. If you wanna be at my feet you gotta give them the attention they deserve haha. Plus they gotta prove themselves at my feet before I allow any kinda ‘ foot sex’ hehe.

Caramel:  What would you like to tell your current and brand new fans about what you have coming up in future updates to your website?

Anna: Well I got lots of stuffed planned, but I don’t need to update too often as my stuff is free and amateur, plus makes it so much more special if people get excited about something new. But I’ve got a few fun things in the works, like: Pumping in my Slippers, which is my 200 member video, also has me crying when I thank members for joining and Caring about me. That’s another important word to me. A video called ‘Snuffle Bear’, which is me rubbing my fluffy pink socked feet on the face of my teddy bear ‘Snuffle Bear’, wow I’m sad hehe. Maybe a Wiggly Toes video with some glitter and tinsel stuff. My next picture set is called ‘Sweetheart’ and is something very touching and personal for me. I got Metallic Blue toes, black nets, lots of glitter, tinsel stuff and confetti, with some rub on tattoos on top of my foot and around my ankles. I cant wait to put it all together with the music and finally show it to everyone. I’m gonna do a very late Valentines set, not specifically for that event but a Valentine-like set called ‘Be mine’ or ‘For You’, lots of red in it, but I’ve not started that yet. And for Easter I wanna crush some naughty chocolate eggs under my feets and a bunny too.

Caramel: I think that just about wraps up our interview.  Thank you so much, Anna. This was informative for me and I think a lot of readers will find it downright erotic as hell at times, too.

Anna: Thanks for caring enough to have an interview with me, Caramel. xoxo

Check out Girly Feet Boy on YouTube and follow her on Twitter at @girly_feet_boy!

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    This is just to complement both of you on a delightful and very
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  3. Vieno Sulo Marjamäki says:

    Thank you dear Anna for nice and intelligent interview you share. I’m sooooo happy you are going to share your beauty on your new website. I love so much pretty feminine feet you have. Never tired to look & worship them!

    I’m waiting desperately your website open!
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    • Anna says:

      Hey this is Anna here, thanks to all who commented and are fans. Just letting everyone know I have a new website now
      New beautiful photos of my feet and new online shop. Hope you enjoy. Contact me if you’re a fan.

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