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August 27, 2009 Updated April 12, 2019


Jamie French of Arlington, Texas is one of the most versatile talents I’ve ever seen in the trans adult entertainment industry. When she’s not busy working in adult entertainment, you can find her writing and performing live music for several bands all over Texas, though she’s most comfortable at home hosting and working on her own personal website,!

Caramel: Hi, Jamie. Thanks for doing this interview with me. The first time I saw you online was on in 2006. Is that where you got your start as a model?

Jamie: Hey, thanks for having me. I believe I may have given one other interview some time in the past for Transformation Magazine and I’m pretty sure it was never published… This should be fun! There was a 5 year gap between my first modeling experience and the sets I did for Ten years ago I was recruited in a well known goth club to model for the 2000 Fetish Ball in Dallas, TX. I skipped a year and modeled once more for the 2002 Fetish Ball – then kaput, nothin’ up until my work for Grooby in 2006.

Caramel: After your first modeling gig which got great reviews, how did you lay down the ground work to pursue a professional career in adult entertainment?

Jamie: I never saw any of this coming. I never had a plan. I was really just screwing around on the Internet one day, stumbled into a webmasters forum and the next thing I know I have a modeling offer, a web site and a small group of people who don’t seem to mind slipping me their credit card numbers in trade for these weird little pictures I take. See, for years I was holding down Joe jobs, quite unsuccessfully I might add. The last conventional job I ever had was at a pizza joint where I was hipped to a little website called Craigslist. I suppose you can see where this is going. Once I discovered escorting, I spent a good chunk of time kicking my own ass for not getting my start in the business years earlier. Explicit modeling seemed like a natural extension of whoring. I thought it’d make for a nice supplemental income, something to augment the money I was making from my clients. Little did I know it would actually wind up replacing the escorting gigs altogether. (well… one or two there every now and then – guitar strings don’t buy themselves!)

Caramel: Your first webmaster, Vincent aka RVince, is very well-known and respected. He’s involved in every webmaster forum I’ve visited and gives great advice. How did you find him and begin working together?

Jamie: Vincent actually found me. A couple of offers were put forth by different webmasters when all of this initially started. Wait – Initially started? That’s a bit redundant, sorry it’s 4:30 in the morning and I have Young MC’s, “Stone Cold Rhymin’ ” turned up a bit too loud. Where was I? Oh yeah… Vincent. Vincent is great! On one hand, he knows exactly how to squeeze every bit of profitability out of a website, a number crunching monster who keeps his eye on the ball and plays his cards to his chest. On the other hand… he’s from France. (Sorry Vince, I kid the French!).

Caramel: Young MC. Wow, that’s a blast from the past. I think that Vince will get a kick out of the playful jab. A lot of models working in the tgirl niche don’t seem to realize there’s a big market for alternative BDSM, foot fetish and goth porn. Does this work in your favor?

Jamie: Well, I suppose you have to be a bit of a perv in order to see the charm of all these different sub niches. It definitely works in my favor and it favors the way I work… see what I did there? Word play! Very bad word play. In all honesty, I cater to foot fetishists; folks who enjoy watching truly submissive types getting the rough treatment, latex enthusiasts, etc., because I enjoy those same things. This in turn makes production a breeze. I know what the customer wants to see and how they want to see it because I’m that same kind of weirdo – which isn’t to say that I stare at my own work all day but I do enjoy the same kinds of websites and movies that my customer base seems to enjoy.

Caramel: I definitely prefer what you do over what you see at so many cookie-cutter glam sites. Your fetish and roleplay content is so hot also. How did your band Gravity Euphonic get started?

Jamie: These stories are never as cut and dry as I’d like them to be. I’ll do my very best to cut the fat so as to not bore the Christ out of your readers. Gravity Euphonic is a band that has been around for 15 years. It was started by one of my best friends, Eric Hunter. It began as a thrash metal band and over time has morphed into a hard rock industrial outfit. I’ve only recently joined as the new singer and fellow songwriter. Up until that point Eric and I were in separate bands. Our personal taste in music suffers a wide gap but that never stopped us from helping each other out over the years. We were the respective ‘gear heads’ in our separate bands so we were always over at each others houses teaching each other the latest home recording techniques, taking guitars apart, all the nerdy stuff that helps keep bands afloat. Well, one come a day when my wanna be “They Might Be Giants” band fell apart and his singer became too much of a handful because of drugs, alcohol, ego, etc., we were both in a bad place so we decided to put our musical differences aside and join forces. We basically drew a diagram of our influences and aspirations and put all of our focus on the section that overlapped. Thus: Gravity Euphonic in it’s current incarnation.

Caramel: Your GG (Girl/Girl) porn starlet ex-girlfriend Megan Murray aka Dollie Deathray is involved in your company Skull Candy Media. How did you two develop the company?

Jamie: Retired porn starlet Megan Murray and I came up with Skull Candy Media, which started out as Jagen Entertainment. It really only existed so we’d have a snappy little graphic to place on the cover of this independent DVD we put out. A year went by before we decided on a name change and even then it wasn’t really doing anything but sitting there as a jpeg deep in the catacombs of my hard drive. It wasn’t until I began helping other websites out with graphic design work that I decided to wrap up everything I was proficient at into one catch all production company. I re-purposed the name Skull Candy Media and that was that.

Caramel: How did you and Megan first meet?

Jamie: The same way all folks in bands meet chicks. She saw me at show I was playing and rock’n’roll nature took its course.

Caramel: Did you and Megan ever have jealousy issues to deal with when working with other people?

Jamie: As some folks might already know, Megan and I are now just really good friends with a shared credit report and a few cats we take turns spoiling. Now, I’m not the kind of person to air their dirty laundry but in the interest of being as candid as possible for the sake of the interview I’ll put it like this: I’ve always encouraged Megan to follow whatever path she chose with as much gusto as she could possibly muster. She did her time in LA and it just wasn’t her cup of tea. Not the work so much as the vibe Hollywood put off for her. She became incredibly homesick and completely intolerant of the pace at which that city runs. All she ever knew up to that point was the wide open spaces of North Texas where everything flows at the pace of well greased molasses. I on the other hand live my life like a strange character from a old Tom Waits song so I was as pleased as punch to be anywhere that even hinted at the promise of grit and adventure. Jealousy on my end never came up, my mind is far to clinical and compartmentalized for that kind of nonsense. On her end, well let’s just say that shooting my solo scenes could be taxing if the vibe wasn’t just right. That’s as close as I can get to trash talking when it comes to Megan. A large part of my life belongs to her and I don’t have it in me to sully the memories with a lot of drama talk. Good question… keep ’em coming!

Caramel: Thanks, Jamie. I really appreciate your candor. Tell me about the DVD “By Appointment Only.”

Jamie: Another fine question and a nice little horror story that Megan and I share as a working team. See, when you’re signed with a large agency as Megan was, they’ll tend to stick you with a particular booking agent – someone you can build a rapport with as a means to make booking as efficient as possible. Problem was, this particular agent she got paired with was keen on taking modeling requests from just about anyone who had a few dollars to throw around. Megan winds up taking a gig with a real Hollywood phony, some guy who worked as a rigger for a small post production studio off of La Brea and Sunset during the day and used the sound stage as his own personal porn palace by night. So she does a couple of hours of suspension video, a little lesbian anal play and some bondage stills, collects her check and starts out towards the car were I was waiting to pick her up. The guy follows her out as it’s late at night and Hollywood ain’t the safest place in the world after 7pm – he sees me, comes over to shake my hand and converse about how well the shoot went and it slips that I’m Jamie French – half assed niche porn star poser. The idea of a video featuring Megan and myself is floated out into the ether and we agree as we thought it would be neat to do some work together in a semi official capacity. The date comes around and we head out to the studio. All hell begins to break loose as the guy turns out to be really creepy and demanding. We spent most of the time suffering some of the most obnoxious behavior I’ve ever witnessed on any set… it wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just the guys demeanor but it was all the extra little bonus annoyances that really took the cake. He insisted that we do repeated cum swapping shots with this foul concoction of egg whites, dairy cream and baby oil that had us retching with every take. He insisted on using his ‘homemade’ sex toys that he pulled out of an old chest wedged under a makeshift sleeping apparatus – god knows who last used them. He couldn’t stay hard during shots that involved all three of us and he wouldn’t let up with this ridiculous dialogue he’d expect us to riff off of with a straight face. Part of our agreement was a cut rate if I could use the footage for my own purposes. When I finally got the tapes edited I wound up with just under an hours worth of usable footage – out of four hours worth of shooting! What was left on the cutting room floor were a bunch of cynical looks and sideways glances, flaring attitudes, walking off set and renegotiating the scene on a scene by scene basis. We quickly learned to stick with the names that we know when it comes to taking work in LA.

Caramel: What a creep! I hope this sicko is run out of the industry. Actually I think he belongs in prison. So, You’re 5’9″ and you’re a svelte 133 lbs. What are your diet and exercise regimens like and how did you quit smoking?

Jamie: The diet thing is easy. I simply reasoned that I had indulged in eating whatever I wanted for the majority of my years and that the good tasting stuff wasn’t going to get to tasting any better so I might as well head over to the dark side for a while where the keep all the vegetables and rice cakes. Really I just watch my calorie intake… about 800 to a 1000 a day, Diet Dr. Pepper and I walk everywhere I go… the pounds just stay away. As far as the smoking – well, I bought the patch. The box says that smoking while on the patch would be inadvisable under threat of death – so that makes it pretty easy.

Caramel: You’ve done art work for and I loved your work so much, I commissioned you for my trans interview and review site. Thanks, again! You’re extremely fast and professional. What’s the basis of your strong work ethic?

Jamie: It’s not really work ethic. It’s all I ever do, it is what I must do. I have dispensed with all of the trappings of contemporary living – no career, no family, no religion, no spirituality, no children, no drugs, no creature comforts, no video games (Last video game I ever played was Metroid. When I was 10.) no Twitter, no gossip columns, cat websites or bowling leagues – NOTHING that posses a threat to my creative output.

Caramel: I know what you mean about focus. I avoided the Internet entirely until 9 years ago because I was 100% committed to my art and cut out all other distractions. When did you first begin dressing in girl’s clothing?

Jamie: Oh jeezers… that’s a thinker. Umm… Puberty, yes puberty when I became sexually aware and the Ninja Turtles began to seem a little silly.

Video Preview

Caramel: Did you go through the whole binge/purge experience with dressing when you were younger?

Jamie: Oh Jiminy no! I suffer from no psychological weakness. I have no body issues, I’m not OCD, ADD, I’m not bipolar or depressed – I have ZERO issues. If I get brain problems I don’t sit on my laurels and hope the meds work this week no no, I bulldoze through that mess and conquer another day! RAWR!

Caramel: I have to ask you about the self sucking I’ve seen and found pretty amazing. I’m sure everyone reading this has heard “if I could do that, I’d never leave the house.” This is one of the many “must see” performances at your website. It’s not often brought up in conversation, but leave it to me to bring it up. When did you learn you could do it and what has the feedback been like?

Jamie: ‘Member that whole perv thing I mentioned earlier? You’ll try anything twice when you’re a teenager I suppose. Funny thing is – I still leave the house.

Caramel: Yeah, I guess it’s still important to interact with other people, even if you can do that. When you and Megan first met, did she just see you as androgynous, as a crossdresser, a transvestite or transgender and how did she react towards you?

Jamie: When Megan first met me it was at a benefit concert my band was playing. She was in attendance with her cousin. She wasn’t paying attention to the show but was dragged by the arm to the front of the stage by her cousin and told to check out the “tranny bass player” – this was intended as a goof, but she looked her cousin straight in the eye upon witnessing my performance and told him that she would have me. She is a weirdo as well.

Video Preview

Caramel: I love the bass, whether it’s industrial, funk, rock, or jazz. What drew you to learn to play it?

Jamie: I had no choice… when I was 15 I lied to the only other kid in school who liked Metallica. …Told him that I played the drums. Naturally he played a little guitar and wanted me to join his band. I stalled for a little while and when my birthday came around I asked for a set of drums, as if I could upgrade the package with a side order of talent juice… it didn’t matter, dad said no, too loud, you’ll play a bass guitar instead. It’s like the drums in the same way the an asparagus is like a freeway overpass. Anywho, I joined the kids band as a bass player and all was right with the world. At any rate it turns out we were only ever going to learn how to play Enter Sand Man – ad nauseam.

Caramel: Enter Sand Man is still my favorite Metallica song. So, Are you dating anyone right now?

Jamie: Nope. There’s not going to be any dating in Frenchkistan.

Caramel: Okay, but what prerequisites must someone have to win your heart and turn you on physically?

Jamie: They must be made out of cookies and sunsets and know all the lyrics to Hammer Smashed Face.

Caramel: You are a scream! Do you think that as your band becomes more successful that you’ll still continue with your website?

Jamie: Ouch, you have just blinded me with your optimism! Success… band… Success? …Band? I’m sorry but there are just some non-sequiturs that go blindly flopping right over my head.

Thank you for reading this interview from 10 years ago! Time flies when you’re having fun and since our discussion, Jamie has become an adult industry superstar! Give her a follow on Twitter at @JAMIE_FRENCH and join her new website co-created by Transerotica:!

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  1. Rockabilly says:

    Fantastic interview Caramel 😀 Jamie is a great girl and was there when i needed someone to talk to. She gave me some great advice and is just awesome.

  2. Jamie someday we need to get trashed and play some music together. 🙂 Reading your interview makes me miss Texas (lots of things make me miss Texas)

  3. Heather higgins says:

    Great interview again Caramel . Thanks for asking great questions that allow us to see Jamie as she is, intelligent ,funny and talented !
    xoxo Heather

  4. Gary says:

    great interview! I love Jamies look and her attitude that goes with it. She seems to be a real person not just some fake model type. It’s nice to see that she has a good head on her shoulders and very focused in her life. I wish her the best and keep up the great work! thanks Cara

  5. Courtney says:

    What a riot! I love her sense of humor! Very down-to-earth and just seems like an all around cool chick!!! I wanna party with her 🙂

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    If I remember well Jamie French is currently dating Tiffany Starr. It seems she finally found something made out of cookies and sunsets. I always knew Tiffany was such a sweet and brilliant girl, but this is too much ! 😀

    • Yeah, they’re dating and I’d kill and die to be in a threesome with Tiffany and Jamie. Ooops, did I just say that outloud? 😉

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