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Caramel: Hi, Kelli! Thank you for accepting my interview request. As you know, I think of you as one of the prettiest and sexiest girls I’ve ever encountered at MySpace and I appreciate that you’ve given me a chance to feature you at my website. Here’s how our interview went and I hope I’ve done you justice with my questions. At what age did you begin dressing as a female?

Kelli: This is my earliest memory. I was very young and probably no more than three or fours years of age. It was a couple of older female cousins who dressed me up like a little school gurl. I remember being paraded around the kitchen table as my parents played cards with my aunt Shirley and Uncle Jim. I was too young to think my behavior was out of the ordinary.  The plaid dress and patent leather Mary Jane shoes that I was wearing felt so normal. Yet, there was something about my uncle’s snicker that told me otherwise. This wasn’t one of my uncle’s more proud moments. My next recollection followed several years later. I recall how wonderful my mother’s high heel pumps felt on my feet. And, here is something embarrassing; the first pair of pantyhose that I tried on were my grandmother’s lol. Those early memories…but, I wouldn’t say that I really competely dressed until I was about twenty years of age. I was rather athletic and fortunately for me, these real desires didn’t overwhelm me until after I graduated from high school.

Caramel: Don’t be embarrassed. My first female clothing were my mother’s, also as a pre-teen. I’m actually a bit jealous that you had someone to dress you up the first time. Do you plan to go for full SRS someday?

Kelli: I really don’t relate well to the male part of my anatomy, but after much thinking, I came to the conclusion that I’m a non-operative girl. I’m very comfortable and satisfied with my sexuality. I’m a total bottom type of gurl with men or women and with penetration, I’m capable of having the most wonderful orgasms. So, it wouldn’t really seem to benefit me in that respect and pre-op and non-op tgirls are the most beautiful of all creatures, don’t you think?

Caramel: Personally, I’m a non-op transsexual who’s bisexual. I think SRS is great but not for me and I love girls with something extra. Post-ops are hot to me also and I like guys, too but it’s basically chicks with dicks that really spin my propeller. So, when did you first begin going out en femme?

Kelli: My first night “out” was in the mid 1990’s. I recall it being one of the most exciting experiences of my life. A female friend did my make-up, but other than that, I can’t recall too many details about my look. I can say this… I’ve pretty much been a “big hair” girl right from the beginning, lol. We went to a club called Faces. Unfortunately this place is no longer in business, but they had the most fabulous shows. The “Mistress of Ceremony” must have sensed the newness of my experience, because she called and “dragged” me up on the stage. I was much more shy in those early days and she could barely get a word out of me.  But, I remember her complimenting on my look and then we downed a shot. She made me feel like a queen and for a moment, I guess that I was one.

Caramel: Did your significant other know about you as “Kelli” when you met or after?

Kelli: “Kelli” was discovered early in the first month of courtship. Today, I’m the wife in marriage to a beautiful genetically born womanly.  I don’t know, I guess it was the the lesson of several failed relationships that led me to be upfront about myself and my desires.  Finally, I realized that it was best to be honest and that is the short version of what opened up the world as I know it now.

Caramel: Thanks for talking with me, Kelli. As you’ve known for quite some time, I’m a major fan of yours and you’re a great friend. Beware that your MySpace profile is about to be slammed by friendship requests and I hope to do a follow-up interview with you in the near future.

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