Interview With Kelly Shore

September 20, 2010

Chaturbate room=mrskellypierce

Chaturbate room=mrskellypierce

February 25, 2016 Update: “Stop Chasing…Start Dating – Real Advice from an Actual Trans-Woman” is coming soon.

Caramel: Hi, Kelly. Thank you for doing this interview with me. I understand that you danced for 12 years, were a makeup artist and taught others how to perform and model.

Kelly: I did take dance for twelve years – I took ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, and ballroom. Dancing was something that was in me from a young age. I remember watching Flashdance when I was a child, and thinking I want to be Jennifer Beals. I begged my mother to put me in dance class.

I took modeling classes and pageantry classes at a young age as well, coming from a family of beauty queens. I learned how to pose, dancing also gave me that natural feel in front of the camera. I have taught many girls how to pose, as well as girls my ex-photographer Jasmine Jewels shot. I choreographed routines at a strip club for extra money while I went to college. I taught the girls how to strip, work the pole, and give a lap dance. It was very interesting to say the least.

I did make-up for M·A·C Cosmetics for a long time as well as did make up for fashion shows and events. I did a huge one for a fashion company in Gulfport, Florida and put on a drag event at a local straight bar there to raise money for PRIDE. I was the secretary of St. Pete Pride at that time. I had the fabulous Angelique Ali at the event as well as Felicity Lane and other girls. For PRIDE I had the fabulous Erica Andrews and Maya Douglas as co/host along with me which was a lot of fun too. I lead an interesting life outside the porn world to say the least.

Caramel: Where can your fans find you online these days to keep up with what’s going on in your life?

Kelly: They can now find me on Twitter @MrsKellyPierce. I still enjoy connecting with my fans.

Caramel: I’ve heard that someone popped the question recently, on one knee and the whole works. All I know is that he’s tall, dark and handsome. Tell me more (well, as much as you can without telling too much of your personal business).

Kelly: Yes, you are correct on all accounts. I am engaged, very happily so. We have been together since May of 09′, about a year and a half now. We have had our trials like any other couple has, but we worked through them, and now lead a very stable and normal life. I think for any man to date a transsexual openly is a challenge, much less one that is in the public eye. I am happy I have found someone that accepts me for me, as well as my past and now my future. He is so intelligent and is the butter to my bread. In many ways he is my best friend, as well as my lover. He knows my in and outs, and I couldn’t ask for much else.

Caramel: Awhile back, you took a hiatus from porn not too long ago. When you took your break, you deleted your MySpace and XPeeps accounts. Did taking a step back help you to refocus and did you ever consider never coming back to adult entertainment?

Kelly: I still am retired – I do not perform in movies. I will never return to the porn world. It did help me take a step back and refocus and say I am done. Many believe I left porn for my relationship, I left porn because I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t a career for me. I have other ventures I want to get into. I want to lead a normal, happy life. I didn’t do porn for fame/ego, I did it solely to transition. I saw it as the easiest way to do so. Transition is very expensive, surgeons make tons of money off us transgender women, and half the ones that claim to be experts in FFS (facial feminization surgery) are doing exactly that ‘claiming’.  For face alone it costs 20k to 40k, breast augmentation can be anywhere from 5k to 20k, you have hormone expenses. I was paying out 1200 dollars every three months at one time, and then you also have laser. I didn’t just have money lying around like that, so I thought the fastest and easiest way to do that was porn. I was very open with my fans, SMC, and others. I was only in porn for transition, and this wasn’t a long-term venture for me. I honestly don’t see why anyone was shocked when I said I’m done.

Caramel: I think it’s because you retired at a point where people considered you to be at the top of the game. I couldn’t wrap my mind around your retirement either. Hell, I still have industry questions I’m curious about. For example, I’ve seen you in some of the most amazing bdsm shoots available online, such as from Kink’s TS Seduction, for instance. However, it looked like you were more interested in bringing fashion and mainstream to transsexual adult entertainment. Obviously, you’re a pro at fetish content but was your main focus to concentrate on glamor?

Kelly: I think it’s funny how you refer to me as a pro in BDSM. My first porn scene was with TS Seduction and thank God for Isis Love! She helped me so much! I had no clue what to say, and kept apologizing for hitting Jason who I performed with on my first scene. I was so nervous, Isis said “GIRL I GOT YOU”!  She basically fed me my lines and I counted to 5 and said them after. I am a good actress, I was in a lot of drama classes etc so it was simple for me to act like I knew what I was doing. Isis is the most amazing director I have worked with. She makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh, and makes sure you look your best. She helped me a lot.

I believe fashion should always be a part of everything in life. Put your best foot forward. I am huge on mainstreaming transsexuals. I think we all need to stop flowing into the sex industry, because we think that’s all we can obtain. There are a lot of beautiful and talented girls out there that could easily go mainstream. My main focus was mainstreaming when I did porn, and it still is at this time. I have other ventures in mind. You will just have to wait to see. I think it’s great girls like Candis Cayne, Jessica Savano, Calpernia Addams, Jennifer Justice and others are believing in themselves and not letting society or their past tell them they can’t. I went to high school/college as a female, and that’s the attitude I have always had. I am me, and I don’t care if you like me or hate me. I will always be me. I think girls like Mimi Plastique, would be great on their own reality show. I keep telling her to check it out!  Mimi and I, may of had our differences here and there, but I respect her vision of who she is, and find her entertaining. Anyone who argues otherwise is jealous.

However back to fashion (lots of laughs) I am sounding like an agent for girls. My main content will no longer be glamour – because I don’t do porn anymore.


Caramel: Do you think that because you present yourself the way that natural genetically born females do, that’s why you have such a huge straight male fan base?

Kelly: I do! Believe it or not there are a lot of straight men and women that are into trans-women who find us exotic. I should know, because I dated men who were like this and been with quite a few females. I am openly bisexual. I think porn only caters to the men that are into cock. There are other reasons men are into trans-women than just what they have downstairs. Despite the jaded thoughts from many transsexuals, and the men that are just in it for the cock.  I did a lot of solo shoots with Jasmine where I didn’t show the downstairs, and if i did, I showed it soft on purpose. Obviously everyone knows I can get hard with the best of them, and shoot cum like crazy! Just watch my scene with the beautiful Foxxy.

I got a lot of good reviews from my members that claimed to like that seduction, and not seeing what I had downstairs. I think it gave them the fantasy of a straight women, who just happens to have a surprise.

I think a lot of porn directors forget we are women. I am glad Jasmine allowed it. I think her being a trans-woman she really understood it. I will say SMC didn’t really support my decision, but it was my site and I had control of what I wanted, so they really couldn’t argue. When I want to do something creatively, it’s very hard to make me budge. I am a very stubborn person when it comes to photography and my vision. Jasmine will tell you when I do shoot and get in the groove we did the best shoots. I was fast – I didn’t like taking more than 20 to 30 minutes doing a picture set. Any longer I felt it was wasted time. I know my lighting and how to pose, however if I wasn’t feeling it that day, I would make every excuse under the book not to shoot. Jasmine would beg me to shoot, but I would not budge. I gave her a bit of a headache! haha The life of a photographer. I will say I hope Jasmine mainstreams her work. She is gifted. I never had to photoshop/crop/fix lighting with Jasmines work really. If I did photoshop it was by choice to make the shoot flash more. Jasmine captures “YOU”, and that to me is a great photographer. Too many photographers rely on photoshop and editing. A lot of times girls will look horrendous in pictures, because that’s how the photographer captured you with the lens. Lets face it most porn photographers are better at video than photos. Jasmine is not one of those, she is a gem when it comes to photography.

Caramel: I personally think there’s no better TS photographer than Jasmine and I love her as a model and performer, too.

I’ve seen some hot suggested translesbian photos and videos with you and some other gorgeous transsexuals,  but I understand you’re a relationship girl and strictly into men when it comes to dating. Did that make it hard for you to do lezzie porn?

Kelly: Yes and no! I never really thought about a transsexual sexually. I love men – I relate to them emotionally and physically. But I also love women, however I didn’t figure that out till I was 21 and my ex talked me into having a threesome with a girl. It was kind of like Pandora’s box. I think it was harder doing a scene with a transsexual, due to being scared what other ts girls would say. I did my first transbian scene with TS Jesse, but it was too awkward for me then. It’s like how a straight guy has his first experience feels. I was even too nervous to touch her. Jesse the veteran she is was like no big deal! But Jesse is my friend too, so it was weird on that aspect.

Then we did another scene with LOBO, and it made it easier that time. I was like hmm this isn’t so bad, she looks like a beautiful woman and has a great cock…hahahaha saying that makes me laugh. But I love a great cock. Thanks Jesse!

With Foxxy – it was back to that same little scared girl feeling. Giggling most of the time on the scene we did for our sites. But we made it through it. Then the second scene we did was for Frank of Frank’s Tgirl World and that was a lot easier. I became comfortable with her and she looks like a beautiful woman. So I was like hmm whatever. We had a damn good time and I came all over her face I believe! hahahaha Thanks Foxxy! Plus Frank is a good director. He was a very dominant man saying what he wanted. I think it’s easier when a man is controlling the situation. I prefer that. When my man and I do threesomes I like him telling me what to do lol

So I think now if I had to do a scene with a transsexual or in real life I would be open to it if I was attracted. I am bisexual, and I think sex should be fun and about exploration. I am very much a relationship girl, but I do not believe that you can sleep with the same person for the rest of your days, however I am not into the swinging lifestyle. But I am into threesomes as long as my man and I are both involved. It has to be a decision made by both of us. I guess I am kind of a kinky girl. But I think most people cheat in totally monogamous relationships, because they desire others and are too scared to admit it to their partner. Too many try to lead the white picket fence life!

Caramel: When you were at your thinnest during your adult career, people speculated that you might have had an eating disorder. I’ve heard to the contrary that you’re a meat and potatoes girl and have never been a bulimic or anorexic. Is it true that you simply have a fast metabolism?

Kelly: Yes, very true! I come from a family of small people, who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. I guess it’s genetic. I eat a lot! My man will tell you. I love food – I have to eat every few hours. I also have a dancers body, from the many years of dance I took.

YES! I am a meat and taters girl! Yes I said taters! Thats what we call it in the south! I love steak and a good baked tater! My man always tries to take me to these fancy shmancy restaurants with specialty menus. I hate it, because you can never understand what the hell exactly is coming to you. Plus they put a special spin on everything that usually tastes HORRIBLE. Like when you order a piece of cheesecake. You expect it to taste like a damn cheesecake, but oh no they give you some kind of yucky cheese that tastes spoiled, and call it elegant dining! WHATEVER!!! He hates how picky I am about it, its the one thing we fight about most! lol He loves that crap, and I do mean crap. I will say though my favorite place to eat in Chicago is Cite! It’s fancy, but it’s amazing! If you come to Chicago I recommend it! Great view and great dining!

Caramel: You don’t drink or smoke either. Are your fans surprised to hear about that?

Kelly: Yes, very surprised! I think when guys think pornstar they think we are whores, drug ridden, and drunks! Nothing could be more untrue about me. I am a goody goody, and I like it! I don’t like drinking, because I think it tastes bad. Plus I like being in control of my body and head. I think alcohol makes you do some pretty stupid things, that you wish you hadn’t. I don’t see the big deal of having a few drinks to get tipsy, but when you take it to the extreme is when it is a problem. Unless other drunks are around you, nobody wants to be near you. I think you can have a great time and real conversation with out the substitute of alcohol. It’s really not healthy to drink either when you are on hormones. I don’t judge though, I just don’t like to drink myself.

Smoking is just DISGUSTING! It smells bad, its just horrible. That is all I will say about that!

Caramel: There is a rumor about you that has been discussed extensively at TG/TS forums that you’d never work with or sleep with a black man. The closest you’ve come was with the highly celebrated Lobo, who’s often mistaken for being African-American, but he’s Latino. Is it true that you’d never work with a black male and not at all attracted to them? This has become such a big issue, I think it might have affected your subscriptions from the black community. Can you settle this issue for good?

Kelly: I am happy to clear this up, since it’s obviously caused a lot of confusion. Yes it is true, I am not sexually attracted to black men. This is just a personal preference, I don’t understand why people read so much into it. It has always been important to me, to feel comfortable while shooting a scene. Since I am not attracted to black men, this is why I have never and would never work with one. I hope my fans can respect the fact that unlike other girls I will not do anything for a paycheck. No offense intended to other pornstars. It has hurt my feelings when people who don’t know me and don’t take the time to ask my side accuse me of being a racist. Racism means judging another race by the color of their skin, which I have never done. I am however attracted to black women. I find them beautiful.

Caramel: I never knew you were attracted to black women. That definitely puts a whole new spin on the race perspective.

Why did you turn down your job offer from Bravo? Were you just not ready to jump into the mainstream because of your porn career? Was is because of a lack of desire for super fame?

Kelly: I didn’t feel I was ready. I just had surgery at the time, and I wasn’t sure of my look. I was basically scared to go forward. Facial surgery takes a year to really calm down and settle. Plus, I was just starting a new relationship, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave it to go chase after it. I do have ventures I want to try out for now. As I stated earlier!

Caramel: You were so against Twitter at first, but now you like it. What changed?

Twitter allows me to speak my mind and connect with old friends, with out a lot of drama. If someone @’s me I don’t really need to respond. I have become kind of a Twitter addict. I always pride myself on speaking my mind, and I do so on my Twitter. If i feel bad you will know it. If I like something you will know it. I will also respond to BULLSHIT said through Twitter. I don’t really associate on Hung Angels anymore, but I do like a lot of the people from there still. The reason why I don’t is because it’s rampant with a bunch of haters. So many use it for an outlet for drama. I would know I did plenty of it back in the day to get my name out there. I would post like crazy, because I was trying to get a name and break into the industry. I worked that board for everything it’s worth. The persona you saw on there wasn’t really me. I think after I became well known, people started realizing half of it was me bored and bullshitting around. Drama creates people talking about you. The guys love it. Even though they claim not to be gossips!

Caramel: I think you share my view about the danger of tricking men – that not telling them before things get hot and heavy that you’re not a genetic female. Would you like to warn transsexuals about how bad things can get if they go down that road?

Kelly: I did this a lot when I was younger. (Knock on wood) I never got caught. I think girls doing this are usually lonely, horny, and wanting to experiment and feel like a girl! I think some of the best sexual times I can remember is when the guy didn’t know and treated me like he would a girl. A lot of times with guys that know you are a trans, they still treat you like they would treat a man. It’s not hot to me. I am very particular on sex in real life, I want you to be the dominate one in the bedroom.  Whether you are topping or bottoming be the fucking man! But girls really just look at all the headlines of girls that lost their lives! A romp in the sack isn’t worth your life!!!

Caramel: I know that you currently reside in Chicago, but you’re originally from New Orleans. I’m not a huge football fan but enjoyed watching last year’s Super Bowl and was elated with the Saints winning, especially with all that Louisiana’s been through. Were you excited about that win?

Kelly: I was excited for Louisiana. They needed some happiness. Although like you I am not much into sports. I like baseball though. Their butts look so good in those outfits. I have a fantasy where I want dress my hubby up as a baseball player and let him go to town on me. But that’s me. I love the fantasy! I miss Louisiana! I haven’t been back in years. I will need to visit soon!

Caramel: You write beautiful poetry. Do you ever plan to publish it officially some day?

Kelly: I have talked about it a lot. I would love to! I can write things up in minutes. Gosh, I could write books and books for days! I will let you know if I ever do!

Caramel: It was recently announced that would be closing on September 3, 2010. Before a possible legal battle ensues, can you give me your take on what happened?

Kelly: I was one of the second girls on SMC Revenue. It was a great opportunity from what I saw when I started the industry. I think my words have been misinterpreted by many girls. I would like to be open about this matter, since so many have responded about it. I announced my retirement a long time ago, so the fact it’s closed should be of no SURPRISE. I want every document pertaining to my website. I want to know the traffic/members/money/costs/anything that had to do with my site I should know. Since it was advertised to me by SMC we are in a 50% partnership, it should come to no surprise I would want or be allowed such information.

All I have ever seen is their accounting with a third party program they use. I have never seen paperwork, receipts, and other material. If my website is closing there should be a final close out, with all the information given to each party. That’s how a partnership works in the business world. To this date I have only received their accounting. I cannot say everything is on the up and up, ’til I see such information. If it was on the up and up they should have no issue giving me access to such information. So I NEVER SAID they embezzled me, I said I want to see PAPERWORK on everything. We are in business, you can bet SMC has covered their ass. Why can’t I cover mine?

Now the gossip can keep going. As well as some girls’ hearsay. You can elude what you want from it, but for me until I see factual proof of everything, I am on the fence! Do I like the owner – yes, yes I do. I don’t have a personal vendetta against them. I just have the right to see every thing that went on with my website and image! SMC prides themselves on advertising the girl owns a part of their image and they want us to be in control. I am trying to take control and get answer, but yet I receive flack from SMC and some of the girls on the Network.

My site has nothing to do with their sites, it’s my own personal need to know. I TWEETED about it, because until I tweeted I was ignored by the webmaster and the owner. When I tweeted about it they all of a sudden started paying attention. If I wasn’t ignored after several emails I would of never went public. I am not in this for the drama. Although they have made it drama on forums etc. I will respond on here. I will not post on Hung Angels in a debate. It’s ridiculous. People can say what they want about me, but I will always say whats on my mind! I don’t need to respond on a message board/make a fake account to do so. I wish all the SMC ladies luck! I think they are all beautiful and talented in their own right. Much Love, Kelly.

Caramel: Thank you so much for being so candid and continued success on your new ventures, Kelly.

Kelly Shore is now happily married and broadcasting live on Chaturbate with her handsome husband, Mason. Her channel is mrskellypierce. You can also follow her on Twitter @MrsKellyPierce

7 thoughts on “Interview With Kelly Shore

  1. Joe says:

    Interesting interview. I can’t say I really know much about Kelly, but it seems she’s been quite a controversial figure recently.

    You certainly don’t shy away from the big questions Caramel! lol

    I don’t think I really understand where she’s coming from on the racism stuff. Preferences and attractions must be helpful in her kind of work, but it doesn’t seem very professional to publically generalise like that. Just my opinion – i don’t want to stir up any long standing Internet arguments…

  2. Beatlephil says:

    Cara, your interview with Kelly was definitely one of your best ever. Intimate, tasteful, insightful, and certainly uninhibited. It’s nice to see that Kelly’s life seems headed for a happy ending, and I wish her all the best. Erotic, and beautiful, sexy and sassy, of all the Tgirls in porn Kelly always came across to me as the kind of woman who added to her charisma by understanding herself and her own sexuality. And she’s correct about dating a transsexual being a challenge, and my hat’s off to her fiance for having the kind of fortitude I wish I had being bold enough to be with a transwoman even if she has been public about her transsexuality. Well, maybe someday. And we shouldn’t be too quick to issue her a robe and a hood. Indeed we all have our preferences and attractions, but I doubt she has a real bias toward Black people etched in stone, and it’s really a matter of circumstances likely to change over time. Finally, Kelly deserves a pat on the back for taking control of her life into her own hands. She’s an unpretentious lady and I find that pleasingly different.

  3. martin says:

    you are so good looking
    kelly,will you have a hot scene with great mistress and great director respected madam isis love
    like natassia dreams do.

  4. MARTIN says:

    kelly,you are amazing you want some more variety like natassia do.isis is your favorite director and you will do a hot scene with her .it will improve your quality because you are with a great great great mistress.the mistress of mistresses do it

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