Interview With Luci May

May 11, 2009

Thank you for taking the time out for this interview, Luci May. I enjoyed reviewing your website so much and having the chance to learn more about you is the icing on the cake.

Caramel:  When did you first begin dressing in female clothing?

Luci May:  Oh a long time ago, when I was a small child, way before puberty.  I remember stealing my sisters clothes, trying them on and then hiding them so that I could return them later.  My mother often found my little stash and would return them before I got the chance. I suppose that prepared her for what happened later in my life.

Caramel: I did the same thing, but with my mother’s clothes as have no siblings. I can totally relate and was always getting busted.

A lot of outspoken transsexuals in everyday life and in the adult industry attack crossdressers and transvestites for being part-time girls.  They often express resentment because of all they’ve done to transition full-time.  Has this ever affected you?

Luci May:  The simple answer is no, although I’ve heard of transvestites being abused by transsexuals it’s never happened to me and I wonder if that’s not all in our past now.  I think that most people now realize that transvestites are not transsexuals who haven’t transitioned and that transsexuals are not transvestites because they dress up in clothes associated with the opposite gender to their birth.  It’s like the difference between soccer and American football.  The teams both play with balls but their goals are very different.  Am I a part time girl?  I think it would probably be more accurate to say I’m a part time boy.  I’m Luci all the time – it’s not some sort of super-hero costume I put on in the phone booth.  It’s just that I don’t wear a mini skirt or a schoolgirl uniform when I go to the supermarket.

Caramel:  You’re quite well-endowed and some of my favorite photo and video sets reveal you in solo masturbation scenes.  Let’s say I were to meet you in person myself as a photographer and I were pressed for time and needed you to to get aroused as quickly as possible?  My PC is on and I have a few gigs of porn of all niches with folders and descriptions of the videos in my archives to get you hard fast.   What would you choose me to play for you to get you going?

Luci May:  Well that changes from day to day.  At the moment I’m really into the stuff they do over at Only Opaques. The girls are stunning and I love the soft tease format which leaves so much to the imagination.  Generally I’m not so interested in hard-core porn as I like to finish of the scene in my own mind, the exception is BDSM porn which I love to be hard and dirty.

Caramel:  What physical features about you do you consider your best assets?

Luci May:  I get a lot of compliments about my legs which I think is odd because I always think I’m a bit too short to have nice long legs.  I would probably say that my eyes were my best feature.

Caramel: I think you’re spot on.  Your eyes are bright and also very feminine.   I think the attraction to your legs isn’t their length, but the curves and being petite really works for you. Are you currently or considering transitioning full-time as a woman?

Luci May:  Not really.  I’m really happy about where I am right now.  That might change in the future but who can say.

Caramel:  Although I despise labels, how would you describe your sexuality?  Are you attracted to cds, tvs, tgs, ts, masculine males, genetic women?

Luci May:  Yes. All of the above.  Genetic women have the huge disadvantage of not having cocks but some of them are so pretty you can’t be upset with them about it.

Caramel:  That’s so funny to me. Although I love pussy, I often imagine what it would be like if some of my favorite female celebrities had cocks instead.

How and when were you exposed to the bdsm world?

Luci May:  I think it was probably through the work of Eric Stanton.  The drawings are just fantastic in both their production and conception. Later on I found Bettie Page and fell in love with her.  BDSM is a big part of my life.  I’m often out at fetish clubs in London and I have several friends help me out with my various needs.  I adore rope bondage and about once every two months I organize a party where I get tied up and fucked stupid for a few hours. That’s not something you can do unless you really trust the guys involved so I’m very lucky to be able to live out something that is only a fantasy for others.  I have a love hate relationship with the S&M side of things.  I get no pleasure from being punished.  I’m not one of these people who float of to some higher plane when I’m being beaten. It hurts like bloody fuck.  What I do love is the reaction from the guy metering out the punishment.  Being beaten until I am nearly in tears and then turning round to suck the hardest cock in the world is just bliss.

Caramel: I love BDSM, too and of course cocksucking lol. Good times.

Themes are a large part of your website, from naughty school girl, to sissy maid to Dominatrix.  Which role best suits your true personality?

Luci May:  I’m the naughty girl next door.  Saucy, naughty and cheeky.  Imagine we were neighbours, you would be able to see me through my open bedroom window every night as I tried on different sexy outfits, and I’d know you were watching.  I’m not a schoolgirl, maid or nurse but I know that guys love girls (of whatever sort) who want to play out fantasy roles.

Caramel:  I absolutely love the voyeur scenario. Do you find that it’s easier to work with masculine and perhaps dominant men than with other tgirls?

Luci May:  Not really.  I like both equally well.  The biggest problem I have is finding guys willing to appear on the site. I’m only interested in working with people who are really into what they are doing.  I’ve done some commercial DVD work and the guys who have been hired all come from gay talent agencies.  They have always been really professional but you can tell that they are just going through the motions to get the pay cheque at the end of the day – It’s just not something that excites them.  I think that any guy who was really into CD/TV porn and had a professional attitude could be working every day of the year if he was so inclined.

Caramel:  I know a lot of cute and horny guys who love sex with CDs and TVs but when it comes down to it, most shy away from doing porn for fear of being outed as bisexual, being discovered in online porn and losing their jobs, etc.  I never thought of that until now and would have thought it would been easier.  .

Do you have any fetishes aside from the BDSM genre and lifestyle?

Luci May:  Far too many to mention.  There are all sorts of things and some of them are really odd.  Ribbons in girl’s hair, leotards, wet and messy (WAM – although only if it’s done with sweet food – savoury food is a turn off for me), opaque hosiery, vintage lingerie, ballet boots, corsets, yellow and white clothes… The list goes on and on. As you would expect clothing plays a big part in my fantasies but it’s only an adjunct to something else.

Caramel:  Do you create most of the content for your website?

Luci May:  99% is home grown content.  There has been the occasional shoot from a guest photographer and sometimes I’ll do a shoot with another girl and she’ll organize everything but in general I produce nearly all the content.  Obviously I don’t take the photos and video because I’m in front of the camera, but I will arrange the setting and set up the lighting.  I also do all the video editing.

Caramel:  How did you become so skilled in photography and videography?

Luci May:  Well that’s a very kind question.  We get lots of compliments about the quality of the photos and videos but I always think that we can do better.  It’s probably some sort of puritan work ethic.  However pleased we are with the content we always try to do better next time.  I’ve always had a love of photography so I suppose that helps.  Video is actually fairly new to us as it’s only been on the site for about a year.  A good digital SLR and video camera are important but lighting is far more critical to getting a good result and here in the UK that means lots of artificial light for at least six months of the year.  We try to base all the shoots around some sort of story, even if it’s very simple.

I think that we are going to see a dramatic increase in the quality of porn content over the next few years.  Not the technical quality but the actual content.  I think the guys over at are leading the way with sites like The Training of O and Hogtied in the BDSM niche and as the number of porn sites continues to grow the only way to stand out is to offer your members content that is just 10 notches above the general run of the mill stuff.  We’re not there yet but that’s what we are aiming for.  It doesn’t have to be big budget shoots with a cast of thousands but a 5 min video of a girl on a bed having a wank just isn’t going to cut the mustard for much longer.

Caramel:  I also love  You’ve worked with many other UK TG/TS and GG performers.  I know them pretty well, but who were some of the best you’ve worked with?  In the transgender adult entertainment world, you’re a leader and a major force.  Who else do you think is making the most progress?

Luci May: “In the transgender adult entertainment world, you’re a leader and a major force.” Am I?  That was certainly never my intention and I have never set out to do anything other than have some fun, entertain people and maybe make enough money to host a decent web site.  Things have certainly grown since I started out but I don’t feel I’m leading the way.

I’ve worked with some fantastic people over the years. Strapon Jane was amazing when I first started out and really encouraged me. We still talk on the phone quite often but it’s ages since we’ve done a shoot together. I actually did a shoot with Karen of Karen TV Slut just last weekend. I’d never met Karen before but I’ve been aware of her work.  We hit it off really well and I’m sure we’ll be doing more work together in the future.  I’ve done a lot of work with people who are not adult performers but just wanted to appear on the site. I love the fact that they are so keen and really having a good time when they are on set.  If I were to name one British tranny who I think is going to do really well then I’d have to say Sammi Valentine.  She looks fantastic and she’s also really dedicated to the work she’s doing, I’m sure she will go a long way.  I would love to work with Sammi but these things can sometimes take an age to organize.

Caramel: I’ve been in contact with Sammi and she’s a doll. I love Karen and Jane’s work is incredible.

Blue Pixels is one of the most respectable companies on the Internet promoting and producing transgender porn. I’m a big fan of their productions.  How did you hook up with this company?

Luci May:  I got to the point where I realized that I just couldn’t do everything myself and create enough content, of the quality I wanted.  I had already been in contact with the guys at Blue Pixels about a site that I noticed was stealing their content and mine.  They were very professional and helpful so they went to the top of the list when I was looking around. It’s been 18 months now and I couldn’t be happier.  They take so much of the day to day work away from me and let me just concentrate on producing the content, which is what I love doing.

Caramel:  Would you ever consider making a trip to the US to work in film and print with popular American based websites and film producers?

Luci May:  I’d jump at the chance. I have actually been thinking of doing the “Luci May World Tour Of America” for a couple of years but I’ve been so busy with other projects that I’ve not had a chance to organize anything.  Hopefully 2010 will be the year.  There are so many people that I have got to know online and I’d love to meet them in person.

Caramel:  Are you currently involved with someone and available or are you attached?

Luci May:  Oh I’m very single but hunting for a tall, handsome millionaire who is very good at rope bondage, or maybe a short fat bloke who likes a cuddle.  I’m not fussy.  Seriously I am a very independent person and have never really felt the desperate need to be in a relationship.  Yes we all want to fall in love but I’m willing to wait for Mr. Right to come along and if that means that I end up as some mad old bag lady with a thousand cats then so be it.

Caramel: Great sense of humor. So what does the future hold?

Luci May:  A huge lottery win would be favourite.  Aside from that the immediate plans are to keep working on my site to make it as good as it possibly can be.  I’ve got lots of ideas and it’s just managing to find the time to get them all going.

In the longer term I’d like to be producing content for other sites and possibly full length DVD as well.  The video production really is a long term goal but I’ve got some plans for the future in that direction.  Photography remains my first love and I’d really like to get the chance to photograph some of the stunning girls that are around now.

Caramel: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me. Your replies are so direct and candid and I hope we can do this again soon.

Hey guys and girls. I hope this was as good for you as it as for me. Now enter Luci May.

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  1. Klyde says:

    I think this is one of your best interviews. Luci May is a doll. Her answer were so open and direct I feel I got to know her. Thanks much for posting it.

  2. TS Tied says:

    Luci is fabulous and I totally agree with what she said about Sammi Valentine….not that I am in any way bias!! lol Luci isn’t the only one who would like to work with Sammi but there again I’d love to
    work with Luci.

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