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Natasha Lover, born in San Juan, moved with her parents to the US at the age of 10. Since she was 18 she has pursued a career as a porn star. She grew up in Miami and recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Natasha has a huge appetite for sex and self-exploration. She loves to express her sexuality as a strong transwoman, to push her own boundaries and to see which part of her psyche will take her to her next euphoric sexual experience.




Despite the controversy that surrounds the adult entertainment industry, Natasha feels that she can ultimately bring an enigmatic quality to it. Natasha decided that if her instinct continued to push her toward the reality of this, and the dissatisfaction with her education continued, she would seize the opportunity on her own. She began her research, making her decision absolute in July 2009. She performed her first sex photo shooting scene on August 10th, 2009 for Shemale Yum.


Although she’s come a long way since then, many people in society believe that she’s a victim. However, alery was not sexually abused and not on drugs, and the acts she performs are always consensual.


Natasha is transwoman  who strongly believes in what she does and feels it’s time that our society comes to grips with the fact that “normal” people (transsexuals) enjoy perverse sex.


Natasha hopes to inspire people from all walks of life and to collaborate with innovative individuals. Many people mistake this thought and believe that she desires all transwomen to do porn and fuck like rabbits, ignoring all health risks. This is not what she preaches or believes.


Like any business, she takes risks in her profession and believes that anyone considering porn as a career should be fully aware of these risks before jumping in. Natasha is ready to take on any opportunities and challenges that face her as a proud transwoman.


Caramel:  Hi, Natasha. I know you’re incredibly busy so thank you for taking the time out for this interview. You’re soon to make an appearance at Shemale Yum. How did that come about?

Natasha:  My appearance in Shemale Yum has been always a fantasy of being a porn star and after a lot of dedication in me I decided that it was time for a debut, Bill gave me a chance to have this dream come true so I went and did it. 🙂

Caramel:  You’re into a lot of the same activities I am, so hopefully I won’t make you uncomfortable discussing bondage and roleplay. When were you first introduced to bdsm and when did you begin to take it seriously. Was there one defining moment for you that told you “I’m really into this lifestyle?” and when you’re involved in D/s (domination and submission) activities are you more of a top or bottom or do you switch?

Natasha:  When I started in the BDSM lifestyle I started as a switch. It depends on who I am with for me to take a role. Nowadays I am mostly a Pro Domme here in Vegas,but not your usual Pro Domme. Why? Because I do this because I like it. It’s not about dressing in black with high heels boots and to whip someone. It’s more than that. It’s spiritual and you have to know how to do it.

I started almost 3 years ago when my drag mother told me about it, I found it so interesting and exotic that I wanted to learn more and more. Two years after I went to San Francisco and Vegas on vacation and went to real dungeons where I kept learning and making friends in the lifestyle and nowadays I still learn something everyday in every session. Its my way of living this precious life.

Caramel:  It’s a precious life(style) indeed.  So many people are put off by bdsm because they think it’s all about physical pain and totally miss the mental mind fuck elements and extra spice it can add to one’s sex life and spiritual growth.
Do you have any major influences in the adult entertainment world?

Natasha:  I don’t have any influences in the adult entertainment world. For me, they all are normal and regular people.

Caramel: As far as adult entertainers being normal and regular people goes, I don’t think that’s stressed enough these days. This myth that all adult entertainers and sex workers are living sad, lonely and tragic lives that’s been perpetuated is really getting old and tired.

When did you first begin to realize you should have been born a genetic female?

Natasha:  I realized that I felt more like a girl two years ago. Before that it never crossed my mind. I am proud of being transsexual.  If I had a choice I would love to be born the same way in my next life 🙂

Caramel: A lot of transsexuals wish they weren’t born with male sex organs or “male plumbing” which is a term often casually tossed around.

What is your hormone regimen like from day to day?

Natasha: I take daily 6mg of estrofem, and 75mg of spirotone; this divided in three doses every eight hours. I’ve never have missed a day of my girl juice.

Caramel: So how do your parents deal with your transition and how did they deal with your transgender issues once they learned of them?

Natasha: My parents still don’t know about my transition and that’s one of the reasons I moved from Puerto Rico. I am working with that now, thinking how I am going to tell them.

Caramel: There is an enormous amount of support with coming out to family members if you ever need it, Natasha. I’ll gladly tell you how I’ve dealt with my parents after this interview if you want to know.

Okay, now I know your hormone regimen but how do you keep so fit?

Natasha:  I keep fit having a special diet, yeah right! and some exercises. I usually walk a lot. I also have been blessed with this body.

Caramel: The Lord works in mysterious ways. About men; what happens when you meet a hot guy who’s crazy about you? How do you handle situations like this? This question also regards guys who don’t know you’re a transsexual?

Natasha:  Okay, well first I am NOT into guys. I just like teasing them, so I just tease them all. If I want one for a friend, then I will tell them at first, if they’re okay, its okay. If not, they just don’t call me anymore 🙂
Sometimes I tell them I am a transsexual and it attracts them more 🙂

Caramel:  A red flag just went up for me because there are so many hate crimes that have resulted in major physical abuse and death involving men who didn’t know that the girl of his dreams wasn’t born a genetic female. However, I can understand that when some guys, especially straight guys learn about your “T”, they’re even more intrigued and interested in you.
So this brings me to my next question and it’s all about your sexual preference. You’re mainly attracted to other transsexuals and ggs, and prefer lesbian sex. Is that correct?

Natasha: Lesbianism with transgender woman is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I love ts girls, and then genetic girls.

Caramel: There is a special kind of intimacy between two women that no one can relate to or understand unless they’re bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian. Can you give me a few examples of what another girl can do or tell you that sends your mind reeling and melts your heart?

Natasha: Wow, this is a good one, starting on our aroma, following by our soft skin,  tenderness, the way we moan, our soft but passionate kisses, smoothness…if the girl gets close to my ear and seduces me telling me how bad she wants me that really turns me on. For example this past Sunday, I was in Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel and was dancing there. This smoking hot girl got close to me and we started dancing and after a bit almost making out in one of the cages until security tried to kick us out because we were supposely “breaking the club rules.” Her name is Ben, yes Ben. She got close to my ear and told me she is a transsexual, I Love my life! Ben if you ever read this I had sooo much fun 🙂  see this is why I love girls.


Caramel: That’s one seriously hot encounter! I can’t wait to announce your appearance at Shemale Yum, Natasha!

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