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Original September 26, 2009 Interview Updated on July 25, 2016

Sammi Valentine was on hiatus in 2014 and 2015 and she has all her original ‘artistic content’ to intact and ready to present with new content soon.  I’ll be sure to announce the relaunch of her official website.  Meanwhile you can find her on and on With her return to the adult industry, Sammi was captured magnificently by London photographer Kalin for the multi site UK-TGirls. “A very nice easy going girl and very accommodating on the shoot,” Kalin said about his first shoot with Sammi. “Nothing was too much trouble.”  I feel the same way about her interview with me.  Sammi’s UK-TGirls debut was released on July 7, 2016.





On July 22, 2016, “Sammi’s Sexy Second” was released on UK-TGirls.  “UK babe Sammi Valentine made some serious waves with her official return to a Grooby site earlier this month and just looking at her set it wasn’t too difficult to see why,” Kalin recalled.  “A natural performer with the body, the boobs and the bulge, Sammi is a scouse bad lass with a real naughty edge who knows exactly how to push our buttons!  She’s back today looking even more desirable in her PVC getup as she sluts it up on the staircase like she was just born for it.  Grab the hankies and get amongst this blonde bombshell immediately!”





On July 14th, Sammi announced on Twitter that she was filming with Christian XXX of Pure-TS.  I’ll let you know when this highly anticipated scene is released on Christian’s website.  

Coming Soon on Pure-TS

Coming Soon on Pure-TS

Now that this update is complete, I hope you’ll enjoy my original interview with Sammi Valentine!

September 26, 2009

Sammi Valentine is a pre-op transsexual in her early twenties and of English origin. She’s of a svelte build standing at 5′ 11′ with a genuine size 8 figure, weighing in at 132lbs (60kg) with home grown well rounded A-cup breasts. She has a naturally smooth English rose complexion, her own long blonde hair, green eyes, a  warm smile and she’s a bright girl with a Northern sense of humor. Sammi is fully functional but naturally passive.


Caramel: How old were you when you first began to realize you had an undeniable feminine side?

Sammi: I know it is a bit of a cliché answer, but for as long as I remember it was clear to me that I was different; feminine in my mind and actions.  I can remember being really young and driving my dad spare when we would be out for the day.  I would always insist to wait for a cubicle to be free rather than using a urinal, and that’s from the age of being knee high to a grasshopper.  I also realized early on that me and my younger sister of 3 years were very similar.  That does not sound all that interesting, but it is in hindsight.  To me it is quite fascinating, as children my sister was tomboy-like and I was feminine.  We got along great, a mixture of girly and boyish games as you might imagine! Maybe my mum’s plumbing wasn’t quite right or my dad did not eat enough Weetabix in those days? 🙂

Caramel: I’ve heard of Weetabix cereal from the UK. They have a big international ad campaign and now I know why they marketed heavily to men LOL. So, when did you begin dressing?

Sammi: Again, very cliché but for as long as I can remember I have “dressed”.  Some of my earliest memories relate to dressing, I remember my dad catching me in my parents room wearing my mum’s tights.  I mean I was really young here.  I think I was so little I could of used them for a sleeping bag. 🙂 I also remember from around the same time period, my mum being so angry with me, I had ruined all her makeup, sat in her bedroom one afternoon happily playing dress up!  Hah, I remember she thought I had been dressing up as a clown, little did she know back then, it was not the clown look I was going for… lol (Although if she sees a shoot now, not much has changed with my makeup anyway LOL).  I got another telling off that Christmas for my makeup wish off Father Christmas……


Caramel: I understand exactly what you mean by “cliché” but then so many of our beginnings have unavoidable similarities, but that makeup story is original and hilarious.  So, what was your first sexual experience like?

Sammi: Haha well to be honest my first few sexual experiences were a nightmare, the phrase Dr. Pepper could sum it up, SO MISUNDERSTOOD!  As with most people, my first sexual experiences dates back to high school.  Now bearing in mind at school I was a rather popular happy go lucky pretending to be one of the lads type person truly living a lie.  I was basically so far into the closet that I nearly got a part in the recent remake of the Chronicles Of Narnia.  The peer pressure to get it on with girls, play stink finger, all the other classy school disco games you can think of.  It was horrible as I basically fancied men. Ha!  My experiences with men however at that time were also shockingly awful.  I soon learnt that I just couldn’t do anything with a guy, when not presenting as a female.  Sure, mentally it seemed right as I thought I was a girl in my head, but knowing how I looked and how the guy perceived the moment, eew.  It was wrong, so wrong on many levels, so I tried it about 10 times…. Joke lol, but no, it didn’t work for me.  Of course I was “dressing up” a lot in those days, I was blessed.  I didn’t have ANY facial or body hair in my teenage years, but for some reason even these early experiences went oh so wrong.  I seemed to end up always meeting other , older tgirls and not for sex.  I was looking for help with who I am, dressing, makeup……. and they was looking for sex more than anything… See where I am going here ?:)  Years down the line, I did meet tgirls who helped me in the way I hoped …but for my early experiences… Eugh.


Caramel:  How long have you been in adult entertainment and how did you get your start?

Sammi: Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  No sooner had I started to venture out to TG clubs and venues for the 1st time, it dawned on me that as far as the UK scene went, if I was brave enough to flout myself in the public eye, then there was room on the market for a young “tranny” from Liverpool.  I am a bright lass it was clear that this could fund a transition and get me out of the council house town that I called home.  This all seemed nothing more than a pipe dream for so long, yet all of a sudden doors were then opening.  I first started in the film/picture line of things in 2005 and have never looked back since.  The second time I was ever fucked was by a client ….  So that pretty much sums that up as well – never looking back in this line of business either. 😛


Caramel: You’re fiercely independent.  You run your own site and have been doing this for the past two years.  You’re quite good at it and your site is easy on the eye and easy to navigate.  Where did you get your design training?

Sammi: Oh yes I am independent, but do have great backup.  I met up with Laurence Alexander and UKRudegirl at a nightclub in the midlands in 2005.  We got along great as friends and more! *wink* I am fortunate that this meeting led to me now having cameraman/production facilities and have had since early 2006.  We have been learning together, recently gone HD, spending a lot of money on lighting and camera equipment.  Let’s just say we have many things planned for the future!  Back to the question.. oops!  I do own my website 100% but I did not design or create the site.  At the moment I still do all the updates etc., manually, xml/html by hand “zzz zZZ” but that’s life.  I have great backup in respect of my website, my web designer coder aka LT is 100% behind me and we are also working on a few projects that are pretty much top secret for now 😉  I am re-launching my website before the summer is out, a new backend management system, many new features, I have put a lot of money into this project and hope people are pleased with the results.

Caramel: Your natural breasts are lovely and suit your slender body perfectly.  Do you plan to have a boob job or are you satisfied with their current perkiness?


Sammi: They are okay.  Some boobs are better than no boobs I guess.  Fortunately I am very slender, although I am quite tall.  At 5’11, I do not have masculine frame, so the small boobs look okay, natural even.  But……………. Yes, I am looking at the end of September for my boob job which should give me “teardrop C cup” boobs.  I am actually also having “FFS” (Facial Feminization Surgery) at the same time.  I am very excited about all of this.



Caramel: You tend to wear lots of pink and white, which I think sets off your complexion perfectly.  Is that something you were aware of or did you have lots of people telling you that innocent girly girl colors and styles suit you so well?

Sammi: I have always liked pink and white, from very early on the way I dressed was very girl-next-door type.  It was just what felt natural to me and fortunately it seems to suit me and still does.  I have had to broaden my styles and wardrobe in recent times, but I feel at my comfiest in those colors.  When I went auburn in the winter, I soon learnt that none of my pink clothes looked right any more, I was mortified.

Caramel:  You’ve been featured in the TGirl Roses DVD directed by Joanna of and produced by Wendy of and


Watch the Trailers on AEBN

Watch the Trailers on AEBN

You were also filmed by Wendy Williams in two incredible performances on! Would  you consider visiting the the States to shoot video in Los Angeles or Vegas?



Sammi: I would love to visit the States one day, but being realistic this would not happen till the back end of 2010 at the earliest.  I am having my surgeries at the end of September 2009, it is realistic to expect you will not see me till Christmas time 2009 when I should be healed up and ready to re-launch. I have been rather passive in my promotions and marketing strategies to date, building up a brand here in the UK and getting my face about globally a bit.  I have not gone out of my way to push things. My reason for this is that I am being realistic in respect of how I perceive my physical attributes – this will all change after I recover from my surgeries.  Do not get me wrong, it is fantastic to right now be featured on big websites, DVDs, promoted on blogs with the many amazing transsexual stars who have spent thousands and thousands on themselves but, essentially all I have done is take a very average dose of hormones, grow my hair and get a few piercings.

Without being too hard on myself I feel like I am punching above my weight so to speak.  When I am happy my physical image merits the bracket I am now being classed in, then you will see a lot more of me,  maybe even in the States.  Coming at ya like Cleopatra, or something.  Don’t read this wrong, I am not having these surgeries for anyone but myself, nor do I think they will make me the best thing since sliced bread or be the answer to life’s little problems.  I am having the work done so that I am happy in life, as a person looking as much like the girl I should have been born as.  I am hopeful that any work I am doing should benefit my career in this industry for however long I stay in it, but rest assured, I am not molding my image to try and “fit into the industry”.  The girl next door look is here to stay!

The relaunch of Sammi’s official website is coming soon!  Meanwhile, you can keep up with her on Twitter @sammivalentine, on and on!

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