Interview With Wendy Williams

It’s my great pleasure to present my interview with one of the most celebrated stars in adult entertainment. We had the chance to discuss her background, her personal life, and, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Caramel: Hi, Wendy. You are one of, if not the highest profile, transsexual performers today, especially following this year’s 2009 win for the AVN (Adult Video News) award for Transsexual Performer of the Year. You were nicknamed the “Susan Lucci” of the AVN awards since you were nominated in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Now that you’ve made over fifty films, how did it feel to finally win that coveted award?

Wendy: I didn’t think it would ever happen and when it did, I wasn’t there. I had attended every year and decided to sit this one out. I think this award was more of a “told you so” than anything. For years I was told I “didn’t have the look”. I was too thick, my voice too deep, too tall, etc. I have a very vocal anti-Wendy group on the discussion boards so it was nice to say a big FUCK YOU.

Caramel: The mere thought of you allowing anyone flaming on a discussion board to hinder your progress is shameful. I love the way you handle yourself online.

You’re originally from Pikeville, Kentucky, and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1997. What did you major in?

Wendy: Yes, I grew up in a poor family in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. At the of 11, I went to live with my great-grandmother due to my dad’s alcoholism and family issues. My “Mommy 2” as I called her, instilled a very hard work ethic and the importance of going to college. I enrolled immediately after graduation and five years later graduated with a BA in Communications.

Caramel: Stephanie St. Claire, who now works at LaCage in Vegas performing illusions of Cher and Celine Dion, is credited for giving you the name “Wendy Williams.” Was she your first mentor?

Wendy: Not really a mentor, but more of someone who was there at the right time. Stephanie named me “Wendy” from “Porky’s” LOL. Stephanie and the crew in West Virginia were there when I opened the closet doors.

Caramel: I know that the UK-based legend Joanna Jet is one of your mentors and a very close friend. I think that you’re very much alike in that you both produce and direct your films and photo shoots. How did you become friends?

Wendy: Joanna Jet is THE reason for my success today. I was living in Ft. Lauderdale and was friends with Foxy Angel. Foxy was booked for a shoot and decided not to do it and referred me to replace her. I had emailed Joanna several times about work but apparently, she wasn’t too impressed LOL.

I remember I was so scared and intimidated and it didn’t help that me and my costar fought the entire time in front of her. The scene was okay but still didn’t impress her enough to re-book me. After I grew a bit and worked for Joey Silvera and, she saw my progress and we started chatting online.

Transitional Fantasies
Joanna was traveling between the U.K. and the U.S. and needed an assistant. The next thing I knew, she moved me to L. A and started teaching me the business side. I love that woman to death and she means so much to me.

Caramel: So, you began living as a full-time transsexual in 2001 after moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and launched your first website Hot Wendy Williams that August, long before, right?

Wendy: Wow, good research. I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio, and met a guy from Florida who became an online lover quickly. I was living part-time and suddenly after a year of talking on the phone, he says he is going to fly me to Florida. WHAT? I had never functioned in public as Wendy and going to the airport I was so nervous. I was afraid he wouldn’t like what he saw or people would stare and embarrass him.

It was then that I emailed Grooby Productions and asked to do a shoot and did. My God, those photos are HORRIBLE. EEEK … Anyhow after several trips to Florida, I decided to move in with him and it was then that I started living full-time. The website was more of a “look at me” site that eventually evolved into a porn site.

Caramel: I’m so excited about your upcoming website! This is the first site ever that’s dedicated to transsexuals engaging in the interracial niche. What makes it special is that I know it won’t fetishize black men because you’re running it.

Wendy: Yes, it’s no secret that I love black men and I think it was due to my backward upbringing of never seeing a “black” person till I was in college – in person that is. When I did the gangbang, I noticed quickly how many fans said “More!” and it wasn’t until I met Isa from that it was possible to take on such an expensive project.

Caramel: Vanity is one of my all-time favorite adult entertainers. I understand that she’ll appear in Interracial TGirl Sex with a lot of footage.

Wendy: Vanity is one of our icons and I am lucky to be a friend. She really is picky about whom she works with so when I asked she said sure. Vanity fans will get plenty of content from this shoot. We did 2 solo photo sets, 1 hardcore set, 50 minutes of Behind the Scenes, and over 50 unedited footage of her and Billy Long – it’s HOT.

Caramel: Olivia Love is another living legend who’s made a huge comeback recently. One of the first TS movies I’ve ever seen starred Olivia and she looks just as hot now as she did way back when a hundred films later. She’s also going to appear at Interracial TGirl Sex. I can’t think of a lot of transsexual stars who network so well with other stars than you.

Wendy: Well, I’m very hands-on with my career and have a pretty good relationship with most. I learned it was easier to get along than be catty and fight with my fellow stars. Olivia Love was very pleasant and almost didn’t do it when she saw how big Billy was. Billy and the crew treated her well and once she got started it was true Olivia Love animal sex.

Caramel: What other performers will be featured on Interracial TGirl Sex?

Wendy: So far we have shot Vaniity, Kimber James, Olivia Love, myself, Alison Dale, Mandy Mitchell, Melissa Mendez, Sammi Valentine, Jasmine Jewels, Jazzmen Dane, Mariam Micol, Natassia Dreams, and have many others lined up once we launch.

Caramel: Danielle Foxx is going to shoot your first set, right? That ought to be great.

Wendy: Well, I’m still waiting on that to get put in stone but it would be hot to be shot by her. Danielle and I started around the same time and have been friends with many ups and downs. I look forward to returning to Strokers because it’s been a long time. So all you Transational Fantasies members, email and ask for more of me.

Caramel: PK Vegas is one of my favorite photographers and has been a great help to me with Internet stuff. He’s going to be working with you on, right?

Wendy: I love domination so it’s always fun to work for PK shot me for my first scene and was a delight and very kind to me. He is one of the few photographers who treated me like a star and not just another model.

Caramel: I’d like to know how do you feel about BDSM – more in-depth information. Personally, I can’t live without it. Is Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism just something you do for photo and video shoots, or do you enjoy it in your personal life as well?

Wendy: I LOVE LOVE LOVE BDSM. Actually, I worked in a dungeon in Dayton, Ohio before I ever did porn. I trained with a real lifestyle Mistress as a sub and Domme. I enjoy the control factor but on the flip side I love for a hung black male to treat me like a slut LOL I’m very versatile and twisted.

Caramel: I know that you’ve always been “strictly dickly” and exclusively with masculine males. Do you think you might ever do a scene with another transsexual or with a genetically born female?

Wendy: Uh oh, you missed something LOL…………. My first “pussy” was a scene with Buck Angel and then I worked with Joselyn Pink and Vin Diesel on who were a real-life couple at the time. I don’t care to do a girl but there MUST be a man present. I love to watch a guy’s ass pump up and down when he fucks. Actually, I worked with them on “Wendy Does Vegas” also LOL………..Joselyn was the first person and last to see squirt, it was wild.

Caramel: Moving in a different direction, if you settle down with one guy, is there a good chance it will be an interracial relationship?

Wendy: Actually it doesn’t matter to me. Sexually, I’m more attracted to black gentlemen, but then I’ve only dated white men. LOL So I guess whomever can put up with my lifestyle gets me whether white or black.

Caramel: I’ve lived in the South for seven years and although a lot of folks can’t let go of the past, things are changing. As a matter of fact, I’ve been seeing more interracial interaction here lately than I ever did up North! But you’re originally from the South and I love that drawl, by the way. Do you find it surprising how much things have changed over the years?

Wendy: Oh goodness, yes. The Internet has grown to such levels exposing people to things they would normally not be around. My fan base gets younger and younger and more people recognize me than before.

Caramel: You’ve been doing some awesome work with SMC Revenue, a respected and well-known company that produces the franchise. How did you form this partnership?

Wendy: Isabelle from SMC Revenue is an amazing person and I am so blessed that she has helped my vision come to life. I had never worked for the company before and emailed her and she said okay. I quickly was on During this time, we started chatting online daily and I brought the idea to her and now six months later, it’s about to happen.

Caramel: Tell me about Rising Star PR. I’m anxious to know about your signing.

Wendy: Well right now I haven’t taken full advantage of this but, Rising Star has amazing people who will be able to get me to outlets that most TS stars don’t get PR access to, stay tuned.

Caramel: You’re performing at nightclubs all over the country so fast, I can’t keep up with where you’ll be next. What are some of your favorite numbers to perform?

Wendy: I love Lady Gaga, Samantha Foxx, Katie Perry stuff like that. I love glamour makeup and costumes plus it’s a nice break from the Adult side of my life.

Caramel: I saw a preview of a Devil’s Film movie you made Transsexual Babysitters #2 which shows that you’re absolutely fully functional. Basically, you were fucking this guy silly. Do you like “topping” guys a lot, or is that just something you do in performances?

Wendy: I love, love to pound some bottom ass! I really do enjoy all aspects of sex with men and truly am versatile. If a guy has a nice smooth full ass with thick thighs I will stay in as long as he will let me.

Caramel: What was it like working with the Grooby Productions team? Was that your first time shooting photos and videos?

Wendy: My shoot was my first set of porn photos and Joanna Jet was my first video. Grooby helped launch my career and over the years Steven Grooby, who owns Grooby Productions, has given me lots of advice. Herman who now works as a photographer was actually my first photographer. I also enjoy Pk Vegas, Telly, and the office crew! Great group of people who really are good to me.

Caramel: You’ve been a big help to two newcomers, in particular, Kimm and Allanah Allure from Kentucky. How did you meet?

Wendy: I met these girls from a guy who worked at the local adult store. Both ladies are newcomers and have a nice thick look about them. I hope to work further with them, but I want them to focus on their personal lives and not porn. Young girls sometimes get caught up with the boys and the “fame”.

Caramel: “A Shemale Gangbang” was a DVD that helped you win your Transsexual Performer of The Year AVN award. Did you hand-pick the 8 black studs you co-starred with?

Wendy: I hired a casting agency and we posted ads everywhere and found several of the guys. Dc and Maui I’ve worked with before and of course, asked them along. I hope to do another gangbang video but with many different guys of all races and maybe another TS for good measures.

Caramel: This has been great. Thank you so much, Wendy. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for quite some time.

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