Interview with Avril Harder


After recently connecting with my long-time friend Avril Harder and catching up on new developments, I learned that her excellence in live webcam broadcasting on had let to a major adult studio debut. I blogged about her killer performance while we conducted our interview. I also provided a detailed introduction about what seeing Avril live is like. I hope you’ll catch her debut performance, her live shows and that you’ll enjoy our interview.

Pure-TS Avril Harder


The Pure-TS debut of beautiful Avril Star is a breakthrough for her career in terms of major studio porn. However, I’ve been a huge fan of hers for quite some time. If you haven’t seen her killer live webcam shows and amateur scenes before, you might wonder why you’ve never seen Avril in action. If you have, you just know “Amateur Blonde Cam Girl Makes a Great First Impression” with Christian XXX is incredible whether you’ve already seen it or not.


The Pure-TS official synopsis reads: Avril Harder has wanted to meet Christian and take his cock in her tight ass for years. She has fantasized about this day and now that it’s here, she is eager to make a good impression. She blows him before bending over and begging for the dick. Watch this newbie get fucked bareback and creampied in her first ever hardcore scene! The scene begins with Avril pre-heated on the bed as she touches herself. Christian approaches her from behind, still fully dressed, and proceeds to nuzzle her neck and clavicle. He removes her bra to bare and caress her large breasts and helps her stand up. Avril’s full round bottom looks magnificent as it’s handled firmly and spanked hard.


Tugging down the wisp of a thong she’s wearing, he spreads her butt cheeks to reveal her tiny wrinkled rosebud. After getting diddled and kissed for a few moments, Avril sinks down to witness the withdrawal of Christian’s massive cock. The pretty blonde bottom proceeds to suck a great amount of his dong while stroking the rest of the shaft. During a forceful, hair-pulling fellatio session, Christian resumes spanking Avril’s hot ass, telling her how badly he wants to fuck it.


Once his huge cock is fully erect, he helps Avril back onto the bed with her ass up and waiting. But instead of easing that big dick inside her right away, he gives her a rim job before fucking her bareback. A missionary position railing follows the doggy style pounding. Avril strokes her cock and moans loudly while getting pummeled. There are also front and reverse cowgirl rides and which of the two Pure-TS fans will love seeing more is subjective. I usually prefer the reverse cowgirl heaving breasts and cock jiggling footage and in this case, Avril’s dirty talk adds to the eroticism. The side saddle banging is also torrid with Avril jacking off. This is yet another amazing scene not to be missed. You can join Pure-TS for only 25 bucks.