Bailey Jay VR Presents Step Brother VR

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Bailey Jay is padding around barefoot in her living room talking on the phone with her mom. She’s wearing jeans and a midriff baring top while wrapping up the conversation. She adds that her step brother is playing video games before hanging up. As this is shot from a POV (point-of-view) perspective, the gamer stepbrother is apparently you! So after putting the phone down, Bailey Jay tells you that her mom and your dad are going to be home soon. She’s just dropped to her knees in front of you, but she’s restless, taking a seat beside you, then standing back up. Both of your parents will be home in 20 minutes and she’s bored. Bailey Jay says she knows it’s super weird that you have to be part of one big family now that your parents have fallen in love. But, she’s grateful that you’ve been pretty cool about it, especially the part about her being a transsexual. She goes on to remind you that you’re not actually related so this isn’t as weird as it may seem. “There’s no way this game is as exciting as me!” she exclaims in frustration, pointing out that her boobs are more exciting. She knows that you’re staring at her tits constantly. She gets you to stop gaming for a moment long enough to feel her breasts through her skimpy top. Then she rubs between your leg and says, “That’s kinda hard.” She encourages you to bare her large breasts and you do so. Then she pulls your pajama pants down and exposes your rapidly swelling cock. What a lucky step brother you are. Before that 20 minutes is up, she’s going to suck you off and you’ll get to watch her hovering about you with her tits jiggling as she jerks off and cums! “Go clean yourself up, you animal!” she shouts on her way out of the room with her big dick bouncing. “I’m outta here. Bye, loser” She’s already back to being a typical step sister and you haven’t even showered your spunk off yet. Visit and check out the updates on her original website from the

Bailey Jay VR: Foot Worship

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A great man named James Brown once said, “Get on the good foot.” He actually said it several times, sang it worldwide and Bailey Jay took his advice times two on several times. Knowing full well how popular her foot fetish content is, it’s only natural that she wold continue with this theme on Where VR failed in the past, it’s getting things right this time. The technology is finally at a level where delivering an immersive, high quality experience for users is possible. Regular 2D porn is fine, but it lacks a certain connectivity and doesn’t allow for total immersion. That’s all changed now, thanks to VR. Ask pretty much anyone that’s experienced VR porn and they’ll tell you that it’s way better than regular 2D porn. It has a huge draw to it. The lack of disconnect between the display and the viewer is making 3D porn the future of the industry. Virtual Reality just seems to be “made” for porn, and with the forthcoming advancements in the field of virtual sex, it’s just going to get even better. That’s why I’m glad I’ve jumped on the bandwagon finally. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan of what I like to call “legacy porn” sites including In fact, I think it’s safe to say the original method of viewing will ever get old for me. But right now, the new way is in my blood now and that’s something I’m not ready to give up now that I’ve gotten used to it. Back to and the “Foot Fetish” update, you don’t have to have this mild kink to love the scene. Bailey jerks off while getting a foot massage. Then she exposes and sucks cock. She strokes her man’s cock with her feet and she cums on one of her own pretty peds. Then she shows off the cum on her soles and licks it off her hand like the world’s most delicious nectar. I personally can’t live without either website but I seriously think you absolutely must subscribe to at least on of them. While you’re there, get on the good foot. Good gawd! 

Merry Christmas BJ With Bailey Jay

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“There’s a Christmas tree behind me which makes this a Christmas update for,” she tells us while her hubby out of the camera’s periphery films her. She’s sitting on the couch with her Christmas hat on in a form-fitting long-sleeved Henley t-shirt and plaid shorts. She stands up and announces she’s not wearing a bra. Then she reveals her huge tits adding how the buttons of this top are getting ruined by her boob growth. Next thing you know, she’s between her man’s legs pulling down his boxers. His long cock is stiffening and I’ll bet that’s no the only one by now. The promised blowjob follows and it comes with a firm handjob as well! Now you know that all this cock sucking and slapping her face with Matt’s boner is making her super horny, right? Bailey takes a suck break to release her big thick Kraken. Bailey jerks off while she sucks away and her moans go deeper and grow louder.

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I just happened to notice she’s wearing a Playboy necklace (Yay!) but that’s a whole other story. Her husband is standing up now also moaning and Bailey is smiling in anticipation of what’s sure to cum. After her pretty face gets splashed wit hcum, she lays back to have her own holiday orgasm. Bailey leans over to give her man’s cock and balls a few last kisses. She also inhales that irresistible natural musky scent then uses one hand to finger bang herself while the other one pumps her big dick furiously! “Merry Christmas,” she wishes us while standing up wagging her schlong after tasting some of her own cum.

There’s also more and more sizzling hot content building on for Virtual Reality fans! vs Bailey Jay VR

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There’s no honest way to compare the new VR site to that of the archives I’ve been raving about since June of 2010. The new site is way too new but it does have an edge in quality if you’re familiar with 180 3D Virtual Reality porn. No matter how top notch the original and current the content is from her main site, nothing can replace the VR experience that comes closer to actual interaction.

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Don’t feel bad if you’re just now getting into VR or about to. I’ve just started and I review adult entertainment! I needed to be convinced first that it’s all it’s cracked up to be. I viewed it sort of like Bitcoin when it was brand new. I’m very skeptical, but knowing what I know now, I love what I see. But there’s nothing wrong with being cautious.

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I’m a blogger not a techie and Bailey Jay VR makes it easy as pie to figure everything out with the whole Virtual Reality process. If I can do it anyone can. So be a little late to the party if you’re just getting there. It might actually be cooler to arrive fashionably late. I guess you could compare and but to me it’s a waste of time. They’re both great porn but totally different.