Bailey Jay: New Pocket Pussy

Bailey Jay New Pocket Pussy
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This is one of those updates when our girl’s thick cock is already hard at the beginning. She says she’s been shooting all day (porn, not cum) and she tells you to take your dick out. With her huge tits busting out of her blue lingerie, Bailey says she has something to show you. Her legs and feet are bare ans she asks you not to pay attention to her cracking knees as she rearranges herself on the sofa. She jerks off to prepare for the thing that she’s preparing for. “New Pocket Pussy” is this new update so sorry I’ve spoiled the surprise. Bailey gives you a close-up view of the new toy she’s going to fuck as soon as she lubes it up.

Bailey Jay Doorway To Heaven 2
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After a brief moment of shutting out people on the street from watching her bang the toy with her big boner, she settles down to get busy. Her large breasts are soon exposed and she eventually begins using her hand to make sure she’s rock hard before fucking the toy again. I’ve fucked one of those things with my own she-cock and I know you’ve really got to be rigid. She confesses that it feels so good and that she’s going to cum quickly with it. With her bib boobs jiggling wildly, she moans loudly as her orgasm approaches. But after six minutes, she’s managed to prolong her climax.

It takes more than another three or four minutes of firm toy fucking and manual stroking before she makes her big hardon shoot a series of streams of creamy white cum. She shows you how it lands right on the lips of the pocket pussy in close-up at the end! Then, Bailey thanks you for jerking off with her and tells you she loves you.

Bailey Jay: I Have Cute Pajamas

In her “I Have Cute Pajamas” video update on, out hostess confesses that she made herself cum during the photo shoot. She’s sitting on the bed while telling us about it, having just jiggled her huge tits. Then she suddenly rises to show us that she’s still got a raging hardon under her jammies.

She then sits right down again to begin jerking off. After almost forgetting, she asks you to take out your dick. Her legs are bare, but she’s wearing tall strappy sandals. She removes them and pulls each foot up to crack her toes. It’s been obvious for years that she knows how to satisfy her foot fetish fans, but has she gotten lots of requests for toe-cracking? Is that even a thing? I’m just wondering.

Now back to Bailey’s masturbation session. She’s jacking off with Halloween fingernails from Walgreen’s. Because she’s a millionaire, she adds. I truly believe that if she’s not there yet, she will be someday. This fap session continues with lots of tight closeup footage of Bailey’s tits covered a bit by fluffy marabou and the fat, veiny rod she strokes faster and faster.

Bailey pauses to remind you that on your first date with a girl with a dick is that you already have something important in common. She makes you smile for a moment, then resumes jerking until she shoots a creamy white load of cum into her palm! And you know how she was saying in the beginning that she just came during the photo shoot?

Well, after she sits back on the bed with her hardon bouncing around upward, it’s like deja vu all over again. Then she adds, for those who need permission to cum, go ahead and cum. Cum for mommy. Do it. Make it happen!

Caramel’s Review of Bailey Jay: Who Needs An Apron This Tiny?

Bailey Jay strokes her big cock and cums in "Who Needs An Apron This Tiny?"
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Bailey Jay has worn an outfit like this before she announces at the start of her new video. She says she has a full erection underneath it and, in spite of some annoyances of the day, it won’t go down. Then she asks you to take your dick out and to stroke with her. With her big cock being pumped close-up, it shouldn’t take long for any cock owning viewers to catch up in stiffness.

Her ultra-feminine French-tip nails are in lovely contrast to her thick hardon. She continues masturbating while standing and holding up the hem of her dress with her other hand. The frame is too tight to capture her pretty face for a long while, but her deep cleavage is visible. Then she’s finally shot from her head to her knees again. A little moving around the couch reveals that her sexy legs and feet are bare. “I’m super pretty, so it’s okay to suck my dick,” she reminds you after requesting, “Suck Mommy’s dick.”

I hope that’s not too perverted for you. Her plan is to cum on your face and in your mouth. So I wouldn’t quite say this update is for the mild. At about 9 minutes into this 11:49 minute update, this beauty is completely naked and still stroking away! “Okay, open your mouth, I’m getting close, she gasps. Then she gets louder and begins convulsing in orgasm! Tremendous jets of cum pour out of her pink, swollen cock head as she slips into a glorious climax! Her legs are shaking and she has to sit own for a moment.

Bailey mentions before leaving that she edged for about two hours last night. She says thank you for cumming with her and listening to her complaining a bit about the day. She ends this update confessing her love for you and that’s a wrap! It’s also a top-notch video with a small, yet killer “Little Apron”photo set you can also get by joining

Caramel’s Review of Gonzo Blowjob In My Bed: Bailey Jay

Bailey Jay Gonzo Blowjob In Bed
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It’s good to see Bailey Jay sucking cock again! I love her solo shoots but I also love the lewdness of this adult industry icon and mainstream crossover star having sex with her husband.

She’s already in bed, giving head, when the video begins. Bailey is wearing a white bra beneath an animal print top and we really can’t see what going on below her big rack for the first few seconds. But hubby shifts the camera downward to reveal that Bailey is stroking her big dick while wearing denim shorts, black platform heels and white over-the-knee socks.

She’s also got a massive erection down there! As she perform her advanced fellatio skills, I’m wondering if she’s going to tea bag Matt’s balls soon, knowing how much she loves doing that. Get you a girl who don’t forget the balls.

Back Seat Mini Babe photo set of Bailey Jay
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Sure enough, her cock sucking is replaced by jerking off her man and licking and sucking his big ball sack. The POV footage is fantastic and Matt’s cock when tanned makes it seem like it could belong to a variety of us in terms of its shade.

Somewhere along the line, Bailey sits up and Matt focuses all the attention on her. She removes her platforms and tall socks, much to the delight of her leg and bare foot fans I’m sure. Then it’s solo Bailey Jay fap time!


She does go back to giving her hubby head again, however. That’s what makes the star of shoot her cum! There’s a lot of that cream ejecting from her big fat hardon and she does her trademark move of lapping some of it from her fingers before it’s time to go. You can also check out her most recent updates on!


Bailey Jay: Your Dick Already Be Out

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I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has a dick and is preparing to watch a video already has it out. This update comes with a bit of foreshadowing with Bailey Jay saying she hasn’t been jerking off as much lately as she should be. Who determines how often Bailey Jay should jerk off? Her fans can request that it’s often, but that’s not necessary. It’s a given.

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“I’ve been very busy. I’ve been neglecting my cock,” she says and then she stands up. OMG what a big boner she has in that dress or shirt or whatever it is! Wearing no panties, she lets it flop out heavily. Then she spins her big dick around like it’s a hypnosis device. Actually it must be one because I can’t look away.

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Then she actually says she’s trying to hypnotize you! I swear I was thinking it. You can’t make this stuff up. “You’re getting horny,” she chants like a medium before cracking up. She does that trademark meat slab slapping against the palm and removes her shrug. Man, those new tits are so huge and you can see the outline of her nipples and aureole through the white fabric of her shirtdress. Then she grabs a magic wand vibrator and buzzes it against her butt’s fun spot. Then she buzzes it right along that sensitive underside of her shaft just below her cock head. Her schlong is swollen stiff as she alternates the vibe between her dick and ass. Then she settles back in the sofa to jerk off frantically.

As Bailey continues to vocalize her intense fap session, she strategically provides a show for leg admirers and bare foot lovers after the focus was all on her big knockers and big prick. There’s something for everyone leading right up to her cumshot plus one more important thing. This update continues for over a minute after she shoots her spunk. For her cumtastic Virtual Reality performances, get to!

Bailey Jay: I Love Cock

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“I Love Cock”. Where do I even begin? This could possibly be my hi-res favorite video title ever! “Breaking in the New Couch” is the 50 image photo set that comes with it. We’re in the living room of Bailey and her hubby’s Florida home with the trans idol’s thick juicy cock out. “I Love Cock (and my new couch)” is the full title and Bailey’s man is laying back on it filming her. So it’s a POV scene that’s predictable but exciting nonetheless. Her big tits are bare as she straddles her man and performs what looks like a phenomenal handjob and world class fellatio. I have no way of knowing if this is true, but sometimes I get the feeling that Bailey Jay likes sucking cock more than she likes fucking and getting fucked. But then I have to think again upon seeing her fucking her ass with a big jet black dildo. The way Bailey Jay moans and groans while jerking off and penetrating her own tight ass dispels whatever myth I might have created that she prefers fellatio over this. The passion she displays when making her man’s cum shoot and tasting it seems equally important to making herself cum. And she obviously loves to cum! This set is yet another keeper on I’ve also been raving about the new Virtual Reality site that’s already become a major hit. Don’t let get past you.

Merry Christmas BJ With Bailey Jay

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“There’s a Christmas tree behind me which makes this a Christmas update for,” she tells us while her hubby out of the camera’s periphery films her. She’s sitting on the couch with her Christmas hat on in a form-fitting long-sleeved Henley t-shirt and plaid shorts. She stands up and announces she’s not wearing a bra. Then she reveals her huge tits adding how the buttons of this top are getting ruined by her boob growth. Next thing you know, she’s between her man’s legs pulling down his boxers. His long cock is stiffening and I’ll bet that’s no the only one by now. The promised blowjob follows and it comes with a firm handjob as well! Now you know that all this cock sucking and slapping her face with Matt’s boner is making her super horny, right? Bailey takes a suck break to release her big thick Kraken. Bailey jerks off while she sucks away and her moans go deeper and grow louder.

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I just happened to notice she’s wearing a Playboy necklace (Yay!) but that’s a whole other story. Her husband is standing up now also moaning and Bailey is smiling in anticipation of what’s sure to cum. After her pretty face gets splashed wit hcum, she lays back to have her own holiday orgasm. Bailey leans over to give her man’s cock and balls a few last kisses. She also inhales that irresistible natural musky scent then uses one hand to finger bang herself while the other one pumps her big dick furiously! “Merry Christmas,” she wishes us while standing up wagging her schlong after tasting some of her own cum.

There’s also more and more sizzling hot content building on for Virtual Reality fans! vs Bailey Jay VR

Bailey Jay VR Scene Trailer

There’s no honest way to compare the new VR site to that of the archives I’ve been raving about since June of 2010. The new site is way too new but it does have an edge in quality if you’re familiar with 180 3D Virtual Reality porn. No matter how top notch the original and current the content is from her main site, nothing can replace the VR experience that comes closer to actual interaction.

TS-BaileyJay Sample Photo Gallery

Don’t feel bad if you’re just now getting into VR or about to. I’ve just started and I review adult entertainment! I needed to be convinced first that it’s all it’s cracked up to be. I viewed it sort of like Bitcoin when it was brand new. I’m very skeptical, but knowing what I know now, I love what I see. But there’s nothing wrong with being cautious.

TS-BaileyJay Scene Trailers

I’m a blogger not a techie and Bailey Jay VR makes it easy as pie to figure everything out with the whole Virtual Reality process. If I can do it anyone can. So be a little late to the party if you’re just getting there. It might actually be cooler to arrive fashionably late. I guess you could compare and but to me it’s a waste of time. They’re both great porn but totally different.

Bailey Jay In JOI: It’s Time To Eat Your Cum

Since you’ve been to Bailey Jay’s website before, she knows you’re pretty used to these JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) videos. But this time she wants to see how many people watching would like to eat their own cum afterwards. I think that depends on how worked up one gets. “You don’t have to,” she adds. “I just think it would be really fucking hot.” She always tastes her own load after busting a nut and she stands up to present the big bulge in her panties. “You like my thick cock?” she asks while letting it spring free. Then she draws our attention to her self-described fat hips. She’s right that they’re bigger than they used to be and when she turns around, her ass seems to be much wider. Her tits in a crochet top look bigger also but her legs are just as firm as ever. Bailey poses on the couch with her bottom towards the camera and faces it again to slap her big slab of meat against her palm. Then she asks you to take your cock out in case you haven’t done so already. This footage is shot in a full-face frontal that draws back to reveal deep cleavage and boob jiggling. When she’s back on the sofa stroking her hard dick, her breasts are still in the crochet top for quite awhile before exposed. Then her big nipples are bared and her cock is fully erect. The instructional sequence is shot in a variety of explicit views from the side, front and rear of her figure but most of it centers on her fat dick and bare tits. Plenty of ass is shown and there’s even a bit of bare foot teasing. She tells you exactly when she’s getting close to cumming and asks you to open your mouth while jerking off frantically. The she cums and clear streams of nectar pour out of the swollen tip of her cock while she curses and refers to it as draining her balls. She slaps her big erection around a few times and says thanks and a shower is in order after this update that’s also available on