BecomingFemme: Submissive Sissy Slut Does Her Duty

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Description: Christian is visiting Vegas and getting some things finalized on the phone. While he is occupied, his submissive sissy slut Cara is being a good girl and doing what she is told. She lives to serve his every whim and it’s why she became a sissy in the first place. He uses her mouth to get his cock rock hard before fucking her ass in all sorts of positions and then dropping a hot load in her mouth so she can swallow it all. is all about Christian XXX topping part-time girls. Many f his co-stars identify as sissies, which happen to be my favorite types of men on the planet. That said, I was as elated about the launch of this site as I was with and which features almost exclusively full-time trans women models.

Cara Campbell is a total cutie and I think I’d enjoy fucking her as much as Christian does! She plays the submissive sissy role so well that I’m convinced that she’s truly into this kinky lifestyle. She goes the extra mile sucking Christian’s massive cock to the point of gagging. And she offers her virtually perfect bubble butt so invitingly on the sofa that I’m wishing it was my own she-cock about to penetrate her.

Christian goes in deep with his initial thrusting in and out of Cara’s tight ass from jump. His smooth and steady strokes seem to have Cara in limbo between pain and pleasure. She dutifully addresses him as “Sir” while receiving her bareback pounding in the missionary position. And she’s allowed to stroke her cute little clitty while getting railed.

I love the sexy lingerie and tall sandals she adorns her curvaceous figure with. If anything in this torrid update, Cara Campell is a bit overdressed. But we must keep our sissies in at least some sort of slutty outfit, right?

BecomingFemme: Redhead CD Babe Slurps The Cum Out Of Your Cock

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Description: 14 minute(s), 10 second(s) | 2018-09-26

Erica Cherry is a gorgeous Chaturbate cam model that really knows how to tempt and tease your cock. She has lots of practice being slutty, so this beautiful CD swallows your big cock with ease. It’s only a matter of time before your cum is flowing down the back of her throat. is the latest project from Christian XXX, the creator of and This is the crossdresser/transvestite version of his full-time trans woman POV site.

This is the THIRD update on featuring beautiful Erica Cherry. If you think you’ve seen this babe on YouTube, you’re right. She’s a fast-rising creator. I was pretty shocked when I saw Erica performing LIVE on trans but entirely pleasantly surprised.

The first time I caught one of her shows, she came twice in a row and managed to suck her own big cock! is where you need to be to catch a show. Register free and follow Erica.

Studio performances of gorgeous Erica Cherry on are the other alternative you have to cum together. What I like most about this scene is seeing Erica shooting cum from her big dick before taking Christian’s spunk into her warm, wet mouth. I don’t expect to see full-time girls shooting jizz all over the place. But if it’s a part-time girl who is not on hormones, I wanna see these chicks blasting loads of creamy white cum!

I love watching Erica confess how horny she is. This 24 year old Salt Lake City cutie pie is extremely vocal and her opening striptease and masturbation sequence is incredibly hot! I almost thought she was about to cum before sinking to her knees before Christian’s massive boner. But she continues jerking off instead while sucking cock. Erica makes her own big dick spurt from the sheer act of stroking while sucking in this torrid update!

BecomingFemme: Druslan in Secret CD Lover Gets Fucked

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Description: Christian and his submissive sissy CD Druslan have been fucking in secret for years. She loves pleasing him and he loves fucking her bareback with his big dick. These two lovers will really blow you away with their passion and energy!

I had so much fun watching the creator Christian’s new hardcore scene with Druslan, I can’t wait to see them together again! I know of this super cute model from

This 30 year old webcammer is a self described pansexual femboy and bit of a sissy who likes cute girls, fit men and anyone in between. Druslan is a gamer and movie buff who also loves Sci-Fi, nature and reading.

Sexually, Druslan is a tall drink of water fond of pantyhose, stockings, hentai, anime, petite girls and hung hunks like the one starring with Druslan in this hot scene. If you’re more into trans models and performers, my blog features TS’s exclusively.

Caramel’s TGirls has always featured both veteran trans performers and the latest part-time girl sensations. What I like about Druslan is that she doesn’t worry about convincing us that she’s not a full-time trans woman. If you’ve seen her debut in August, or you’ve seen her “Secret CD Lover Gets Fucked” encore performance, you already know what I mean.

The premise of this update is that Christian is a married businessman who misses his CD slut and needs to get his fill of her. His subby girl is waiting for him on her knees when they finally get together again. She can’t wait to get his massive cock out of his suit pants and into her mouth. Druslin is so horny, she can’t help jerking off while she sucks the big man’s huge dick.

The svelte sissy gets her cock sucked as well and it’s pretty damn big, too! I think you’ll love watching it spin and bounce as she rides Christian’s schlong in this fantastic update on You can register free on my favorite webcam site to see her performing LIVE on!

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Description: Beautiful cam model Erica Cherry is one horny CD girl. She wakes up poor Christian while he is trying to sleep and attacks his cock with her mouth. She implores him to fuck her tight hole and he happily obliges by filling her up in every position. This stunning crossdresser knows that at the end of him fucking her, he is gonna give her a nice load for her to swallow as well.

Leading male porn star, Christian XXX, sums up this scene concisely. So there’s not much reason to go into a lot of detail, especially with the brief video scene preview. It’s crystal clear that this site is the a fresh and vibrant new destination from the creator of and!

The 24 year old Salt Lake City YouTube creator makes such a successful transition to a seriously talented porn vixen. The beautiful, bright-eyed actress is quite hung and she has a powerful cum shot while riding Christian’s huge cock! It’s the type of climax that requires a second look, and a third, and a fourth…

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