BobsTgirls: Marissa Minx – Pink Friend

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Australian superstar Marissa of looks stunning in her return to Bob’s Tgirls re-introducing herself in a tasteful bra and panty set. Her nipples are visible, but that’s about it for the exposure of her naughty bits. She rubs her large breasts and tanned thighs however, promising more naughtiness to come.

As Marissa wiggles about of the dining room table, you cna make out the outline of her cock through the sheer panties she’s wearing. After rubbing her goodies downstairs, she releases them. Her ball sack is smoothly shaven and she rapidly begins stroking her penis firmly. Bob zooms his lenses in now and then as Marissa’s cock expands to a full erection!

Jerking off fully exposes the head of Marissa’s pretty dick. But the foreskin draws over the head whenever she releases it. Her hardon bobs and sways before her as she rises from the table to find a toy to play with.

The sexy toy is a big, fat, clear pink dildo she plops down with suction on the table. But she removes her high heels and brassiere before proceeding to play with it. The panties are also lost so she can turn around and show us the magnificent ass she’s about to play with. The leg admirer and foot fetish content is enough to make one completely lose it before Marissa eases the huge toy inside her tight ass!

Marissa goes on to give herself one of the best solo fucks of 2018 in this stunning update! 103 hi-res photos compliment the video. Also, treat yourself to the tour.

Ryder Monroe – Happy Independence Day 2018

“Ryder Monroe – Happy Independence Day 2018″ is the photo set that compliments Ryder Monroe – Happy 4th” the video on It’s an absolutely beautiful tribute to celebrate one of our moved faved holidays. It begins so innocently with Ryder poolside in a bikini with a hat hanging across her back by its straps. She steps inside the pool and wades across the shallow end.

Then Bob focuses on her hind quarters as se hoists herself up along the side of the pool. Mercy! Ryder bares her lovely breasts within the first two minutes and we’re off to the races. T & A posing and frolicking leads to the masturbation sequences that play out for the rest of the shoot. Ryder sits in a pool chair with her well-lubricated, hard, suckable spike standing at attention. It’s swollen head literally points upward to her pretty face!

Then she periodically jerks off and then lets it go again. Ryder grabs, rubs and tweaks a favored puffy nipple with the hand that’s not about to rub one out. She toys with some pre-cum every now and then until the actual cum escapes! But the fun isn’t over when she shoots her load. Ryder stands up completely naked and walks toward the house with her still hard cock leading the way, bobbing and swinging.

I’d love for you to check out my June 2011 Interview with Ryder Monroe and to definitely see her incredible performances on This multi-talented superstar is one of my all-time favorite trans entertainers.

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Bob’s Tgirls: Ryder Monroe’s Return

This comeback set on could be a debut if it weren’t for the obvious experience that Ryder Monroe brings to it. Ryder may have been away for a three year hiatus, but she’s not at an aging stage yet, by a long shot. She announces straight off the bat that she’s going to cum for us today.

But for a bit more background information, Ryder likes dominant men and rough sex. She’s 100% passive and there’s a lot more you’ll find out from the interview she granted me and on

It’s workout day and you might get as much motion out of this update as Ryder does. First, she lowers the straps of her gymnastics leotard and exposes her succulent looking breasts. She then does a three-quarter turn that enhances the world class shape of her bottom.

Do you want to see Ryder stroking her cock within the first minute? You got it and it’s already swelling when she first curls her fingers around it. Actually, her cock is standing straight out from her thighs when she abruptly releases it.

“My cock is already hard,” she says, not in surprise but emphasis. Full turns follow to remind you of how curvy Ryder is in all the right places. Then she sits down on a workout machine to pump a nipple with one hand and her hardon with the other.

Now Ryder is stripped down to head gear, hoop earrings, a belly button ring and thin calf socks. When she releases her dick at this point, the big spike’s head points toward the ceiling. She offers it for you to suck it and begins fapping again.

Ryder’s masturbation session includes nipple tweaking as she approaches orgasm. You can pretty much tell when she’s going to cum, but that last big bead emerging from her swollen red cock head is pretty unpredictable.

She says, “See you next time,” with a charming little wave and this return is a wrap! If you haven’t read my June 2011 Interview with Ryder Monroe or you have and need a refresher, there’s no better time than the present.

Bob’s Tgirls: Allysa Etain in Big Red

Wow! Beautiful Allysa Etain wastes no time stripping in her debut! Her lovely firm hormone boobs and perky nipples are exposed from her black dress within the first minute of “Big Red”.

Her dress is off in under a minute too. She’s in Bob’s red chaise room seated as she removes her clothing. Soon, all that’s left are her animal-print panties and high heel Mary Janes.

Is that a bulge in her panties already or just Allysa in her naturally hung state. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve raved about her but I really can’t tell, even when she opens her legs widely and props one upon the sofa.

It turns out that Allysa’s cock isn’t hard just yet. She gives us a fleeting glance before removing her panties and beginning to masturbate. I think you’re gonna love the way she moans softly as she jerks off for the next several minutes in full frontal footage.

After about the six minute mark, Allysa’s cock is fully erect and Bob starts zooming in for close-up that will have you craving to suck it. She suddenly reaches to find a long red sex toy and rises to her feet with he big boner standing out in front of her.

She’s just turning around to straddle the chaise again giving us a dazzling rear view. This is how she wants us to see the dildo easing deeply inside her remarkable ass. This reminds me of some double dong fun I’ve had in the past, but I digress.

See how the rest of this update plays out on! You may recall Alyssa’s stunning debuts on Buddy Wood’s and Femout.XXX. This L.A. beauty is well on her way!

Bob’s Tgirls: Joss Amor in Glass For Her Ass

“Sexy Braids” is the photo set that compliments the “Glass For Her Ass” video featuring gorgeous Joss Amor on This is not the first time for this video title enacted. Some of Bob’s previous models have also done glass dildo masturbation scenes. It’s a thing now.

Bob has a great technique of using a mirror to capture girls from the front and back and he employs this method as the new Joss Amor video rolls out. Joss looks amazing with her thick braids, but the focus is on her magnificent ass.

Joss simply uses one hand to move her cock to the outside of her lingerie. She jerks off while both sitting and standing on the bed to a music track that sounds like Tangerine Dream from the Risky Business soundtrack.

The music stops somewhere around the 9th minute and Joss sits on the bed in full frontal fabulousness. She strips down to her leggings and stripper heels and gets down to business. Soon she’s completely naked, stroking her hardon while pumping a glass dildo in and out of her tight ass.

If you haven’t blown your load within the first 12 minutes, you’ve got great staying power. But don’t deprive yourself of cumming with this scorching hot update. Joss is also incredible in her solo and hardcore performances on, TGirls.XXX, and on TGirls.Porn!