Brazilian-Transsexuals: Eveline Moura & Isa Potter

Eveline Moura is the model in the first photo from this blazing hot scene. Isa aka Isabelle Potter is no less popular and gorgeous and they make an incredible team because they’re two of the most convincing performers in a trans lesbian scene.

Some models suck and fuck like they’re living for it, but you never get any real sense of chemistry. It’s as if they’re trying to communicate that they’re only doing it to get paid and prefer being with men. Others give the impression that they’re best friends and barely able to get hard for one another.

I pay close attention to the chemistry in trans lesbian porn because it’s just what comes naturally as a girls first kind of chick. 4K Ultra HD is the best option, but not the only one to view Eveline and Isa getting it on. There isn’t as much French kissing with these models as I see on the leading American trans lesbian site, but that would be TGirls.Porn. is better known for solo and Girl/Guy hardcore porn.

But, the passion and total arousal is en point with Eveline and Isa. So is the filming by producer Khan. I’m a little late with this update, so when you get to, go back to February 12th to play the free scene trailer. You’re not going to get the same HD experience in the preview of these beauties switching with each other, but you’ll get a good idea of how hot the full-length video is. This is pure fire right down to the cumtastic ending!

Brazilian-Transsexuals: Bianca Hills & Vitoria Neves

There are currently 1,379 models, 491,175 and 6,638 videos on Just think about that for a moment before I describe the magic created with Bianca Hills and Vitoria Neves. The tanned blonde is Bianca of São Paulo, Brazil and this set marks her 8th shoot on this long-running site since Fall 2013.

It’s Vitoria’s 4th performance here since September of last year and she’s an incredible verse performer. I almost didn’t recognize her because I’m used to seeing her as a blonde.

I think Vitoria looks stunning either way, but the contrast of her pale skin and raven hair against the tan complexion of blonde Bianca is striking. It’s fitting on a site that I think of as the finest when it comes to diversity.

The girls are getting cozy on the bed undressing each other when their hardcore scene opens. Bianca bares and devours one of Vitoria’s breasts and nipples and the favor is returned. Bianca’s big cock is raging hard by the time Vitoria helps get her completely naked. They move through a variety of positions throughout Bianca’s blowjob and finally the blonde can’t take any more foreplay.

I’ve seen Vitoria fucking before. It was a tremendous railing of another trans beauty named Barbara Christina on just recently. That said, she could have powerfully fucked Bianca in this scene, but Bianca takes the aggressive role all to herself here.

A side saddle railing has Vitoria stroking her pre-cum oozing uncut cock followed by an extraordinary doggy style pounding. In 4k this footage is magnificent but even in lower definition it’s spectacular!

A relentless missionary position screwing brings us close to the edge. The girls shoot their cum almost simultaneously for in one of the best scenes I’ve witnessed in years. Producer Khan provides instant replay footage of the dual climax at the end.

Beautiful New Model Kezya Alexynha Remastered

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’ve sometimes imagined what a Playboy, Penthouse or Victoria’s Secret shoot gone wild would look like with a beautiful girl with a cock and balls jerking off until she cums. This is an example of what I’ve often envisioned. The 1080p remastered scene with Kezya Alexynha filmed by Louie Damazo on Brazilian Transsexuals is absolutely exquisite!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the homeland of this stunning trans performer who originally debuted about three years ago. The resolution of the MP4 trailer I’ve provided comes close to showing just how vivid the full scene is in actual playback.

Kezya strips pretty quickly in this scene, first removing her bra as she twirls around in the tastefully decorated bedroom. She plays with her lovely hormone breasts while clad only in her panties and open-toe pumps. She lowers her panties while standing and continues while laying on the bed on her back.

Kezya tosses her panties on the pillow and the next thing you know, she’s sitting up stroking her stiff cock. She rubs a lollipop across her tan-lined bosom and also across her drawn-up ball sack then tastes its sweetness. Then the camera pans down to the swollen sweetness between her legs.

This girl is a vision in closeup as she licks her lips, then crawls across the bed with her butt cheeks flexing and churning. She rubs her fun spot and bends over to fap some more.

Kezya also masturbates laying on her back and then throughout so many positions that I lose count of them. There’s floor level and full frontal footage of her torrid stroking session. Later, Kezya is completely nude and jacking off in the water. She was pretty quiet earlier, but when her orgasm approaches, Kezya emits sharp, high-pitched sighs and moans. Then she cums and rubs her nectar around the swollen head of her cock in this remarkable update.

Brazilian Transsexuals: Julia Andrade

I can see why beautiful Julia insisted on Brazilian-Transssexuals producer Louie Damazo capturing her bespectacled sexy secretary look. It totally works in “A Day with Julia Andrade” for the stunning Sao Paulo, Brazil native. But I like the casual wear images in the photo set, too. Julia heats things up spinning around the pole in her work shirt and panties. Louie zooms in on her luscious breasts when she loses her top and her incredible bottom, of course. Her panties succumb to the law of gravity and suddenly she’s facing you, jacking off. Her cockhead strains toward the ceiling when she releases it while in the living room chair. Julia stands up while masturbating also and about 8 minutes into the scene, she’s ass up on the mattress in the bedroom. She strokes her erection in the doggystyle position for quite some time. When Julia is ready to climax, she doesn’t grimace in the throes of orgasm. With her glasses removed, she simply smiles at the camera and suddenly, a blast of cum spurts from her stiff cock. She slaps her dick in it as this elegantly erotic Brazilian-Transsexuals video comes to an end.