Candi McBride Cums!

The description reads: After a few years long hiatus, gorgeous Candi McBride made her comeback two weeks ago with an amazing solo scene shot by Amy Space Kitten! It’s time for the follow-up and Candi is back horny and ready to play! She loves playing with her toys, so once again she pulls out a dildo ready to give that sexy ass of hers some nice fucking! Watch her fucking her tight hole and stroking her cock until she cums just for you! We are happy to have Candi back!

Amy Space Kitten captures Candi amazingly in this encore performance that comes with a cum at the end! We’re in the bedroom with Candi looking pretty as a picture while opening up the discussion of anal training. She lets her hair down in profile and tilts her cute ass but saying how she can’t wait to get a butt plug inside her. We’re all probably thinking of getting something of our own all up inside her but the sexy toy will have to do for now.

Candi bends all the way over and Amy swings right around to capture the view. Did I say her ass is cute? Major understatement. All I’m thinking of is smash. If you’re a top the same will most likely go for you. After rubbing herself from behind, Candi sits up and bares her breasts and those famous faint pink nipples that are just begging to be sucked on.

Her curvy legs and dainty feet are bare and the crotch panel of her little panties is sheer. She loses her top and still has on a teasng lace bra underneath as she draws our attention between her legs. Then she’s soon topless with her pretty dick held upward against the fabric of her undies. Candi then lays back to withdraw her cock and smooth shaven balls completely from the front panel.

Candi moans softly as she begins to masturbate, tugging at the foreskin surrounding her bulbous pink cock head. Amy gets more closeup shots to confuse you as to whether you’d like to give her a kiss or a blowjob.

It’s time for another tantalizing butt show and for Candi to flip over and get her anal training process underway. She busts out a jar of lube and works some of it into her fun spot.

I swear the sucking sounds she makes will leave no doubt what it would sound like if you were thrusting your erection in and out of her!

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At the midway point of this blazing hot is when the deep anal training with the big sex toy begins. Yes, we’re only at the midway point and Candi’s hard cock fires a big cum shot at the end!

The Return of Candi McBride!

Candi McBride made her debut and encore scenes and photo shoots in 2011 with producer P.K. Vegas. Her nickname is ‘Piglet’ and she hails from Las Vegas and Philadelphia simultaneously. P.K. also filmed her first hardcore scene and I’ve had the honor of presenting my Interview with Candi McBride. Amy Space Kitten is the model/producer who had the privilege of presenting “The Return of Candi McBride!” on

Candi is lamenting that the summer is over but it’s still pretty warm outside. That explains her easy breezy overalls outfit. She begins feeling herself up on Amy’s leather sofa. Then she shows us how one of her sensitive nipples is protruding against her t-shirt. The obviously killer about this update is how sweet and innocent Candi looks with her adorable pigtails. It just doesn’t seem likely that in a few moments she’s going to take it all off if you’re seeing her for the first time and dressed in a not so sexual manner.

She removes her top to completely reveal her gorgeous boobs. Then she pulls the straps of her overalls back up because she loves the way they feel against her nipples. I know that the creaking of that leather couch is putting many of us in the mind of fucking pretty Candi silly. After her top i off and she strips down to her panties, Candi tells us we simply must see how her butt looks in her panties. If you can take your eyes off of her gorgeous legs, she’s absolutely correct about how her butt shots are so good to take in.

Candi teases mercilessly by squeezing her cock through her panties before withdrawing it. When she whips it out and starts stroking, it begins to stiffen and she then turns around to present more of her heart-shaped bottom. She’s incredibly vocal as she lubes up her sex toy for an amazing session of solo butt fucking! Candi is gloriously nude while jerking off and fucking herself in this update.