Cassard Studios: – Cockrider

German sexpot Cassy Cassard announces that 50 pics 1067 x 1600 and 4 Clips [Full HD – 1080p] have been added to Cassard Studios! This is what she has to say about a recent hot threeway tryst:

“That was such a HOT date… two horny men visited me in my hotel-room. They couldn’t wait to stick their hard cocks into my asscunt! Oh and I was so ready! First of all I had to make their cocks harder with my mouth and a vibrator was working inside my ass.

The first guy couldn’t wait any longer and his cock slid into my ass while I was sucking the rubber-guy’s hard-on. The first guy dumped his load into my ass and left. The dominant rubber-guy took over and used my wide and ready cunt several times… and I finally became the real COCKRIDER! I need more men’s cock cumming inside of me!”

Now what I like about Cassy’s taste is that she’s just as pansexual as I am. I’m guessing having her share of so much tgirl cock leaves her longing for male dick to balance things out. I sometimes have the same craving for masculine alpha males and their hard bodies and hardons. Believe me, I get it!

I generally prefer being the top but I like being a “cockrider” myself every now and then. Some chicks like being the top 24/7, but it wears me out playing out the same role every time.

I’m very kinky and the only times I’ve been in situation including a gimp, he or she has only been a bottom. The “Cockrider” scene on gives me an entirely new perspective. Check it out and you might learn something new also!

Cassy Cassard – Cassard Studios

Check out the home of the German transgendered amateur pornstar Cassy Cassard. After she entered the amateur adult business back in 2003 she continuously developed herself to what has become “Cassard Studios“, her  production company. What you’ll find inside is lots of lesbian transvestite sex, vintage nylons, roleplay and fetish outfits….Cassy and her friends dressed as nurses, schoolgirls, stewardesses, secretaries, 50s style pinups, geisha, police officers and army officers.