Chaturbate Returning to Sex Expo N.Y. to Promote Camming Revolution

Chaturbate Sex Expo N.Y.

NEW YORKChaturbate is returning to Sex Expo New York as presenting sponsor and will once again be showcasing its premier camming network for attendees.

The two-day event is set for the weekend of Sept. 21-22 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Sex Expo N.Y. will feature contests and giveaways as well as showcases from top pleasure product manufacturers and sex-ed workshops hosted by a wide array of educators and sexual wellness experts.

Shirley Lara, chief operations officer for Chaturbate, said that Sex Expo N.Y. attendees are invited to visit Chaturbate’s booth, meet some of its top cam models and inquire about camming opportunities.

“Everyone attending Sex Expo 2019 should come by the Chaturbate booth,” Lara said. “Chaturbate broadcasters are always full of energy and love meeting their fans in person. Everyone that meets our broadcasters walks away with a deeper understanding of the benefits camming can bring to them, and those benefits grow exponentially beyond a way to generate a nice income — Chaturbate allows everyone to explore their own sexual horizons through camming and the supportive community that Chaturbate has built.”

The expo’s sex-positive outlook, according to Lara, makes it an ideal event for Chaturbate.

“Chaturbate is proud to be the presenting sponsor of Sex Expo N.Y.,” Lara said. “XBIZ has created such an exciting and innovative conference, which brings together groundbreaking exhibitors, product manufacturers and sex educators who share their knowledge of tips, tricks and secrets so those attending can take their sex play to the next level. Chaturbate shares a commonality with the concept of Sex Expo, since we are able to offer sex-positive experiences that are central to a passionate, fulfilling self-image and overall healthy and happy life.”

Sex Expo N.Y. attendees can reach the Brooklyn Expo Center, located at 72 Noble St. in Greenpoint, by taking the G Train to the MTA’s Greenpoint Ave. subway station.

For more information, visit Chaturbate.

Kiwi Coulis & Ruby Rapture on Chaturbate

Girl/TGirl Couple Live Porn

Yesterday was Kiwi’s birthday and I had a blast watching how her wife, Ruby, made her happy on Ruby was sucking her cock and after quite awhile, it was clear to me that Ruby was going to explode in orgasm. Ruby swallowed most of the blasts but showed us how her mouth was filled with Kiwi’s delicious elixir before the moved onto something else. There was birthday spankings, a dual foot fetish show and more.

Kiwi Coulis and Ruby Rapture kiss before sex.

There were about 1,700 horny fans watching there show the last time I saw them. I got to witness Kiwi’s pussy eating skills and how crazy her wife went from them. Her sceams of ecstacy are out of this world! I love their 69ing and Ruby’s big breasts make for amazing tittie-fucking.

Naked Kiwi and Ruby make eyes at each other before fucking.

My overall favorite part is when Ruby lay face down in front of us for Kiwi to fuck her doggy style. These are two of the prettiest girls I’ve seen camming anywhere and the way they interact with fans is absolutely fantastic. I also like seeing the way they look at each other. These girls are so in love. You’re gonna love them, too. Go to and register free if you haven’t signed up yet. Follow them so you will be notified via email about their next show!

DevilsFilm Review: Kellie Shaw & Soldier Boi

Synopsis: Kellie Shaw has been a godsend for Soldier Boi. He was having a hard time making the mortgage on his house after splitting with his wife and turned to the world of room rental to help with the payment. Kellie has been a quiet girl who is always on time with the cash – a real homebody who only works and never goes out. But somehow Soldier sees something about her that could be a little different. One fateful evening, Soldier has to come home early to pick up his wallet and he finds Kellie performing live sex online camming. And not only that; she is translicious! Wow, he did not see that coming. And you know what? Soldier Boi likes what he sees. Realizing she has found another appreciative audience member, she keeps her show going. Soldier pulls out his cock and the real show starts as he is soon pounding her sweet little love canal like the 4th army hitting the beaches of Normandy.

Review: The only thing I’m not going to rave about is the cringe-worthy title of this series. In fact, it’s a wonder that I’m reviewing this scene at all because I’m not okay with the “Trannylicious #03” title. I’m not one to care about politically correct terms, but I avoid praising content with words like “Shemale”, “Tranny” and “Ladyboy” attached. That said, I don’t think were going out of their way to be disrespectful, other wise, the three sets of cast members from each three films would have been offended by it, right?

With that said, the beautiful trans star of this scene is a frequent webcam performer you ought to follow on My UK friend Scott presented an Interview with Soldier Boi before he became a TEA (Transgender Erotica Award) winner for “Best Male Performer on my TS Dreamland website here. I love the way art mimics real life with Kellie portraying a webcam star. She looks absolutely lost in rapture, stroking her big, hard cock and deeply finger banging her tight ass when Soldier Boi accidentally catches her self-producing. Kellie is interacting with her fans, unaware that she has a new one only a few feet away.

The main event for us to focus on goes hardcore once Kellie has seduced Soldier Boi to jerk off and she leans across the bed to suck on his big, black cock. Everything that happens after Kellie signs off of her cam show is mesmerizing to watch!

I totally understand why some porn fans get tired of seeing “Interracial” and “BBC Guy Fucks White Girl” but there’s no escaping that there is something to be said for the high contrast of these outstanding looking stars. Sure, they probably have more in common as real people than two folks from different walks of life who look much more alike. Taking all that into account, forget about the titles and just enjoy the extremely satisfying vision of Kellie Shaw and Soldier Boi going at it!

Also check out the Trannylicious and Trannylicious #02 trailers!

Thank you for reading. You can find me on:
Twitter: @tscaramel
TS Dreamland on YouTube

Femout.XXX Review: Welcome Lain Arbor!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Let us kick off another Femout.XXX week by introducing one super cute Grooby Newbie! Meet Lain Arbor! Introduced to us by Amy Space Kitten, Lain hails from Baltimore and, in her own words, she’s a “huge nerd”. Watch her showing off her sexy body and fucking her tight hole with a dildo in her first Grooby scene ever!

Bio: “Hey, I’m Lain Arbor, I’m 23, I live in Maryland, Charm City to be exact, I love making model kits and playing dungeons and dragons, I’m a huge nerd!”

Review: I’m often familiar with new Femout.XXX newbies who have experience with my favorite webcam site Somehow I missed a live performance by gorgeous Lain Arbor. Yesterday however, she opened her cam room in the late afternoon and I got to see how hot she is live. But I’m here today to tell you how well that live talent translates to adult website studio work.

Although Amy Space Kitten is one of my all-time favorite producers, even more so since our exclusive interview, I’m sure I’ve come up with an unbiased review of this shoot. Lain is filmed in a casual outfit with a tasteful background. Since this is a striptease that involves removing tight-fitting pants, Lain must first remove her Dr. Marten’s work boots first. The top comes off next and if you’ve guessed what undies she might be wearing, we have that in common.

Her outfit and stripping sequence are the only predictable things about this shoot, however. There’s a tell-tale signs of excitement such as dampened undies due to pre-cum. While there’s no direct foot fetish content, Lain’s bare feet are heavily exposed. There’s finger banging and deeply erotic toy play. In other words, Lain goes to town on her tight ass digitally and with a cool sex toy that many of my girlfriends and boyfriends collect.

The best thing about Lain’s masturbation sequence to me in this Femout debut is the excitement level. It’s remarkably captivating and I must say it’s a keeper. I’m absolutely certain that most Femout.XXX subscribers with be extremely anxious so see Lain Arbor’s encore shoot. For those who would like to see her performing LIVE, register for free and check her out on!

GroobyGirls Review: Lily Star Strokes Her Cock

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Following her graduation scene, sexy newcomer Lily Star returns this Saturday to give you some more! Without a doubt, Lily is one of the hottest Femout.XXX graduates and she loves showing off her hot body, long legs and her perfect booty! In another scene shot by Buddy Wood, Lily strips, poses and strokes her cock for your eyes only.

Review: I took a horny trip down memory lane to this hot new Grooby Girls model’s Femout debut. This was a pre-cum laden Buddy Wood backyard production that led to a more revealing and explicit encore scene, both shot in 2016.

Lily Star, the Femout graduate is the same sweet and gorgeous model who goes by a different name. She’s simply more experienced as a performer now. She’s more polished yet not in a way that inhibits spontaneity. January 19, 2019 marks Lily’s Grooby Girls debut, and “Lily Star Strokes Her Cock” is her encore performance for the site.

Get ready for one of your fastest growing hardons in recent history with the opening of Lily Star’s video “Lily Strokes Her Cock!”. She already has an erection when she appears in the bedroom in lacy lingerie, stockings and heels. Her boner is sticking straight out at you as she re-introduces herself. Then she begins stroking it.

Lily straddles the bed and continues masturbating while sitting up on her knees. Her fap session continues as she lays on her back. She gives you the most explicit view of her sexy bottom you could ever ask for and emits a series of high-pitched gasps and whimpers.

It’s hard not to imagine fucking Lily in the missionary position while feeling her pre-cum wetting your skin. Lily finger bangs her incredible ass and producer Buddy Wood jacks her off from behind once her back door is gaping! Don’t miss any of gorgeous photo and video sets on and on Femout.XXX!