Femout.XXX Review: Welcome Lain Arbor!

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Description: Let us kick off another Femout.XXX week by introducing one super cute Grooby Newbie! Meet Lain Arbor! Introduced to us by Amy Space Kitten, Lain hails from Baltimore and, in her own words, she’s a “huge nerd”. Watch her showing off her sexy body and fucking her tight hole with a dildo in her first Grooby scene ever!

Bio: “Hey, I’m Lain Arbor, I’m 23, I live in Maryland, Charm City to be exact, I love making model kits and playing dungeons and dragons, I’m a huge nerd!”

Review: I’m often familiar with new Femout.XXX newbies who have experience with my favorite webcam site Chaturbate.com. Somehow I missed a live performance by gorgeous Lain Arbor. Yesterday however, she opened her cam room in the late afternoon and I got to see how hot she is live. But I’m here today to tell you how well that live talent translates to adult website studio work.

Although Amy Space Kitten is one of my all-time favorite producers, even more so since our exclusive interview, I’m sure I’ve come up with an unbiased review of this shoot. Lain is filmed in a casual outfit with a tasteful background. Since this is a striptease that involves removing tight-fitting pants, Lain must first remove her Dr. Marten’s work boots first. The top comes off next and if you’ve guessed what undies she might be wearing, we have that in common.

Her outfit and stripping sequence are the only predictable things about this shoot, however. There’s a tell-tale signs of excitement such as dampened undies due to pre-cum. While there’s no direct foot fetish content, Lain’s bare feet are heavily exposed. There’s finger banging and deeply erotic toy play. In other words, Lain goes to town on her tight ass digitally and with a cool sex toy that many of my girlfriends and boyfriends collect.

The best thing about Lain’s masturbation sequence to me in this Femout debut is the excitement level. It’s remarkably captivating and I must say it’s a keeper. I’m absolutely certain that most Femout.XXX subscribers with be extremely anxious so see Lain Arbor’s encore shoot. For those who would like to see her performing LIVE, register for free and check her out on Chaturbate.com/Ohboybibs2!

GroobyGirls Review: Lily Star Strokes Her Cock

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Description: Following her graduation scene, sexy GroobyGirls.com newcomer Lily Star returns this Saturday to give you some more! Without a doubt, Lily is one of the hottest Femout.XXX graduates and she loves showing off her hot body, long legs and her perfect booty! In another scene shot by Buddy Wood, Lily strips, poses and strokes her cock for your eyes only.

Review: I took a horny trip down memory lane to this hot new Grooby Girls model’s Femout debut. This was a pre-cum laden Buddy Wood backyard production that led to a more revealing and explicit encore scene, both shot in 2016.

Lily Star, the Femout graduate is the same sweet and gorgeous model who goes by a different name. She’s simply more experienced as a performer now. She’s more polished yet not in a way that inhibits spontaneity. January 19, 2019 marks Lily’s Grooby Girls debut, and “Lily Star Strokes Her Cock” is her encore performance for the site.

Get ready for one of your fastest growing hardons in recent history with the opening of Lily Star’s GroobyGirls.com video “Lily Strokes Her Cock!”. She already has an erection when she appears in the bedroom in lacy lingerie, stockings and heels. Her boner is sticking straight out at you as she re-introduces herself. Then she begins stroking it.

Lily straddles the bed and continues masturbating while sitting up on her knees. Her fap session continues as she lays on her back. She gives you the most explicit view of her sexy bottom you could ever ask for and emits a series of high-pitched gasps and whimpers.

It’s hard not to imagine fucking Lily in the missionary position while feeling her pre-cum wetting your skin. Lily finger bangs her incredible ass and producer Buddy Wood jacks her off from behind once her back door is gaping! Don’t miss any of gorgeous photo and video sets on GroobyGirls.com and on Femout.XXX!

Transerotica Review: Jessy Bells Fucked By Silas

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This Transerotica.com video hits the ground running with Chaturbate.com porn princess Jessy Bells mostly naked while making out with ginger stud Silas. He’s totally undressed with his big boner in her stroking hand.

Jessy appears looking like a small-breasted cis girl with one of her legs draped over Silas’s lap. When she finally parts her thighs, a big erection springs upward to rival the size of her mate’s! Jessy begins to jerk herself of while Silas devours one of her boobs. Jessy then reaches beneath her smoothly shaven ball sack to finger her fun spot.

Could it be that she’s anticipating getting fucked? Most likely, but she wants his big dick inside her mouth first. Silas lays back on the sofa as Jessy sucks the hell out of his schlong! She’s perfectly willing to gag on his cock to turn him on completely. She jerks him off firmly while tea bagging his balls and she dives in to give Silas a rim job. Then she takes orders to turn around on all fours to take his swollen hardon in her tight ass doggy style! She kicks off her clear platform stripper heels and gets the bareback drilling of a lifetime.

This is a fierce, hair-pulling railing! Jessy’s tits are bobbing and swinging wildly and her stiff cock is gyrating as her ass gets pummeled. The reverse cowgirl position footage is just as awesome!

Our girl’s Jessy’s cock is still hard straight through the side saddle fucking and missionary and missionary romp. This is one of my favorite hardcore scenes by Transerotica.com of 2018. And that’s saying a lot!

Cum LIVE with Jessy at Chaturbate.com/jessybellyana on the world’s best webcam site!

Chaturbate Webcam Review: Eteraycb aka Erica

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The Salt Lake City, Utah model known as Erica on my favorite webcam trans site Chaturbate.com/Etertaycb is a fantastic solo model. But lately, she’s also been camming hardcore with her super sexy friend Calliope! I never know what they’ll be doing together when I log in to Chaturbate.com. Earlier this month, they were kissing in just their tops while stroking each other’s erections. Calli has a pretty big dick that she obviously loves fucking Erica with. Erica is massively hung and she can suck herself off. I really love watching redhead Erica giving Calli head. Who looks this pretty with a mouthful of meat?! Well, there’s Calli looking gorgeous orally handling Erica’s huge schlong next. That day early in January, Erica and Callie also rubbed their hardons together and it was such a turn on! I lost count of how many times they took turns giving each other blowjobs until Calli moved behind Erica. She poured lube on her boner and thrust it deeply inside Erica’s tight ass! That’s not what made Erica cum, however. Calli lapped at the bulbous head of Erica’s huge rod while jerking her off. Meanwhile, Erica has a pretty big dildo buried inside her ass. She took over with a self fap and Calli licked and sucked one of Erica’s nipples until she shot a huge load of cum! The tips rolled in like crazy. Calli who’s been fucking Erica at her house hasn’t used her Chaturbate account in a month. So check her out when she’s at Erica’s house or just cum with Erica at Chaturbate.com/Etertaycb! It’s free to register with Chaturbate but please tip these models who work so hard to make us cum!

Femout.xxx Review: Stunning Jenna Gargles

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My December 16, 2018 TS-Casting Couch Review of Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles sums up how I feel about this webcam performer who’s now a major studio model. She debuted on Buddy Wood’s TS-CastingCouch.com and now she’s on Femout.xxx

Description: We have something really special for you this weekend on Femout.xxx! A few weeks ago, Jenna had her first Grooby appearance on TS Casting Couch. Today, she would like to introduce herself to Femout members too! Jenna is a transsexual teen dream! Sweet and tasty and filled with cream. She’s a real cutie with an insatiable sexual appetite who will do very well in this industry. Perky little booty and a big cock that she loves to have played with!

Review: The first thing I notice is that she’s wearing white lace like she had on in her casting couch shoot. It inspires a sexy little flashback, but she’s in the kitchen time also wearing a black mini-skirt. Her legs and feet are bare.

She sucks her fingers and tweaks her nipples, inviting you to suck them, and the big stiff cock escaping the hem of her skirt. She strokes her boner which is almost as hard as it can get already. Then she bends over inviting you to fuck her tight little hole.

Jenna spends a lot of time stroking and slapping her large meat slab while perched on the counter. Then comes a mad crazy sexual washer and dryer sequence presenting Jenna spread eagle! She’s wearing no panties as she tempts and teases with her erection and winking rosebud.

I don’t know if it’s the natural or developed talent she taps into from her LIVE shows on Chaturbate.com/JennaGargles or what, but this is one of the finest Femout.xxx debuts I’ve seen in recent history.

TS-CastingCouch Review: Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles

MP4 Scene Trailer

On Buddy Wood’s TS-CastingCouch.com, Jenna takes a seat wearing a sweatshirt, shorts and socks, looking purely innocent. She tells us she’s from Orlando, Florida in a brief opening interview and that she just moved to L.A. She’s been webcamming for about two years (and that’s where I know her from – Chaturbate.com/JennaGargleshttps://chaturbate.com/in/?track=default&tour=APi5&campaign=ey5B5&room=jennagargles and she’s amazing to see LIVE.

Jenna is also pretty awesome to watch here on video. She talks about what she likes to do sexually and what she fantasizes, yet hasn’t done yet. She mostly likes to be dominated, but she can switch roles with the right person.

As Jenna becomes more established in the adult industry, she’d love the experience of working with some of her favorite porn stars. The interview wraps up when Buddy asks Jenna to show more of herself. She stands up, as directed, and jumps right into striptease mode. Jenna turns it on in a flash (no pun intended)!

Jenna is wearing all white lace lingerie under her casual wear and before she dazzles us wit her upside down heart ass, she gives us a glimpe of her cock. It’s getting hard already and it’s a pretty big one! She’s also hiding some dangerous curves beneath her outfit. Once stripped down to her bra, panties and socks, Jenna parts her thighs open and mentions that she’s falling out of her panties.

While pumping her now stiff cock up and down with no hands, Jenna remarks that “he” likes you and why not? She’s a pretty girl with a big penis. I have no problem with however that beautiful member likes to be addressed.

Just when I think Jenna’s large rod is fully erect, it keeps rising up higher. She gives it a few firm strokes and then makes the best possible use of her casting couch. She raises her long legs high in the air in the spread eagle position. Mercy!

She gives us a long, unbridled look at her winking rosebud, then coaxes pre-cum out of the tip of her swollen schlong. That’s just what happens in the first half of this delectable TS-CastingCouch.com debut. Did I mention that Buddy does the honors of stroking Jenna’s huge dong somewhere down the line? Did I mention Jenna’s big, creamy white cum shot at the end? Don’t forget to check them out when she’s on cam. Register for free and give her a follow on Chaturbate.com/sJennaGarglesChaturbate.com/JennaGargles to be notified of her next show!