Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy & TS Mistress Staci – Too Much Oxygen


TS Staci Maguire and Mistress Kandy Kink are on the couch with a slave, talking about their facesitting plans; how they want to facesit slaves to oblivion. But sadly, there is only one slave for their two asses. Staci comments that the couch seems a little lumpy and that’s when Kandy realizes she completely forgot about the slave she used yesterday. They drag him out, slap him around a bit and soon the problem is solved, a slave for each ass. The coil marks on the slave demonstrate that he had been in that position for some time, overnight to be exact, but the girls waste no time in getting them into position on the floor, heads on the couch, so they give them a good solid sit with no chance of breathing. The big couch has a problem of sliding away so the slaves are told to move to the love seat where the serious ass play begins. Two slaves forces competition and soon the sluts are trying to outdo each other. Staci separates her legs so you can see the bulge in her panties and her balls spilling out of her panties. Masturbation and tickling are added to this scene which ends with a competition. Which one will go down first? Earn your Load and Using Their Slave Mouths are two other favorites of mine with Mistress Kandy and TS Mistress Staci on