CrashPad Series Episode 121: Erin & Jules

Episode 121 on CrashPad Series presents Erin who says, “My partner suggested applying to appear on CrashPad and I was immediately on board. As a non-op transgrrl, I was afraid my anatomy would limit my opportunities to make the kind of porn I was interested in, but that fear was unfounded. I’ve been a fan of Shine’s (Shine Louise Houston – CrashPad producer) work for years and the chance to be involved has been amazing. I’m a licensed cosmetologist, LGBT advocate, sex worker, and gamer nerd. I’m also a pretty good cook and co-founder of Fruit Punch Productions – a sex-positive queer porn company I’ve started with my fiance Jules.” Erin’s turnons listed are giving pleasure, genderfuckery, surrender, juicy asses, biting, punishment and reward, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-expression, strap ons, deviance, and experimentation. She describes her identity and/or Sexual Interests as Hyphy-Queer-Street-Urchin. Transdyke, genderqueer, riot grrl, pansexual, soft butch, servant. “I like queers. A lot.” As for her top-leaning Dom(me) cisgender female partner, Jules say, “I’ve wanted to be a part of the queer porn movement for a very long time. So much so that my partner and I decided to start our own east-coast company, Fruit Punch Productions! I love the idea of consent-focused, sex-positive, queer, indie porn that depicts people as sexual beings worthy of dignity and respect instead of objects to be degraded. Especially because so much porn with trans*-identified talent is a horrible misrepresentation of what that experience is like. Both my partner and I are on the trans* spectrum, and we feel passionately about this. Crash Pad is such an iconic part of the queer porn world, and a shining example of what porn should be. I am so thrilled to be a part of it! I am a retired tattooist, an advocate for family planning/sexuality education, a vegetarian foodie and lifelong animal lover, and one helluva cuddle artist. I am also one heck of a snazzy dresser and a HUGE fan of film! Some of her turn ons are great head and fisting (giving/receiving), spankings and biting (more giving than receiving), rope bondage, unbridled nerdiness, being served, vintage porn, faux fur, consent, grey hair, big noses, crooked teeth, vast vocabularies and linguistic skills, non-conformity. Jules lists her identity and/or sexual interests as genderqueer, transmasculine, dom(me), cunnilingus, analingus, erotica, queer, fisting, strap on sex, pegging, packing, binding, and top-leaning. I describe myself a horny voyeur exploring the intimacy and hot sex with this gorgeous couple on CrashPad Series and I wish them well!

River Stark & Viviane Rex on CrashpadSeries


“What’s better than getting what you want? Getting what you want after being denied. River Stark and Viviane Rex know this well, teasing each other with a cordless Magic Wand pulled away at precisely the right moment… or maybe they’re just being mean. Once Viviane equips an InJoyUs dildo and goes to town on River, pleasure won’t be deferred.” – Keymaster. Lesbian / Switch / Poly cisgender female Viviane Rex is sensational with one of my all-time favorite trans adult model and photographer River Stark on CrashPadSeries. Check out the Episode 209: River Stark and Viviane Rex video preview and more sample photos.

CrashPadSeries Volume 7

Shine Louise Houston is back at it, compiling her favorite episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, In CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom, the director has highlighted CrashPad’s power heavy scenes. Zelda du Jour gives Siren Wolf her first onscreen orgasm… and zipper! Tina Horn uses Maggie Mayhem as a sex toy, Audrey Doll and Savannah Sly recreate their own Secretary scene, Nina Hartley punishes Jiz Lee with legendary fucking, Nikki Darling enjoys a full scoop of Chocolate Chip, and Cyd finally fucks some punctuality into Muscle Beach. With so much hotness packed into one movie, you’ll be watching this from top to bottom!


CrashPad Episode 177: Harriette Nyx and Holly Belmont


Harriette and Holly just can’t agree on a roleplay scene. Despite some, uh… creative spitballing, nothing seems to stick. In the end they skip the story and get into the action (and into Holly’s ass, with a glass plug and Harriette’s Spareparts strap-on). When you’ve got Harriette’s mouth wrapped around you, you don’t need a script to have a happy ending. Episode 177 with Harriette Nyx and Holly Belmont. Watch it on CrashPad Series!