TsPussyHunters: Delia DeLions and Cassandra Cain

TsPussyHunters synopsis: Beautiful Latina Cassandra Cain has a terrible fear of enclosed spaces. She is desperately trying to find a cure for her claustrophobia. She’s been seeing a sexy MILF doctors to help her with her needs. The two have tried just about everything to fix Cassandra irrational fear of being enclosed. Her Doctor, Delia Delions is going to try a method she used in the 90s. She’s going to immerse Cassandra in her fear while also giving Cassandra her greatest pleasure. Cassandra has an obsession with cocks and getting fucked. So Naturally, Delia is going to put Cassandra into a tight spot and give her cock and sex. Cassandra is tied up in bondage with her perfect tits wrapped up like presents. Confusion sets in and Cassandra it tied. She starts to panic, her heart is racing…she wants out but she can’t get out because the bondage is too tight. Cassandra is freaking out until Delia reveals her big hard throbbing cock. Cassandra’s fears are soon put aside and actually aid in her ability to cum hard. The adrenaline of being tied up while getting fucked makes Cassandra cum again and again. Delia has created a sex monster with her client now sucking cock and taking cock in her pussy.

This is the first time Cassandra’s been on TsPussyHunters.com. It’s actually her first time in any site within the Kink.com network. But I’ve been following her for about three years and the alias of this gorgeous Latinx San Diego, California native is Jade Rox.

Delia who is most famous for her groundbreaking DeliaTS.com website has been here twice before and she’s appeared on TsSeduction.com three times previously. Although Cassandra has never worked in porn with a trans woman, she has been involved with TS’s off-camera. Cassandra is open to rough play with a few limits so considering how well Delia can turn it on as a Domme, she’s in good hands. Delia has been on the submissive end and I think that experience comes into play when she’s performing as a powerful top. She pushes things no further than her partner can handle.
The strangest thing about Delia is that I’ve been a fan of her website for years but whenever the scenes kick into high gear sexually in her Kink performances, it’s like seeing a new model every time. Delia’s cisgender wife has her own TastyTrixie.com website but when that domain and DeliaTS.com fetish and BDSM scenes are released, they’re written by Delia and Trixie. Delia’s Kink.com work is completely different with Kink writers and directors.

Without giving too much away about the actual scene action, the oral exchanges are incredibly erotic. The bareback bondage fucking sequences are superb. “Bondage Cure for Claustrophobia” with Delia DeLions and Cassandra Cain presented by Kink.com is available now on TsPussyHunters.com.

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All My Mother’s Lovers

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All My Mother’s Lovers starring Freya Wynn, Delia Delions, Mandy Mitchell, Mona Wales, Arabelle Raphael, Bianca Stone is directed by Mona Wales and Arabelle Raphael. Young Freya finds herself following in her mother’s footsteps to the front door of a lesbian commune and into the arms of her mother’s lovers. Seduced by the beautiful women living on the countryside estate, this is a sexual tale of a naive girl’s sexual awakening. All My Mother’s Lovers is as superb as I thought it would be. It’s scenes begin with a solo masturbation tour de force from Freya, followed by hot bed sex with the real life couple Mandy Mitchell and her CIS wife Bianca Stone. Next comes a sexy cowgirls on the ranch hardcore blowout with Mona and Freya. The scene that follows with Arabelle and Delia is also a outdoor scene as is the orgy with the entire cast! The official trailer is one of the best I’ve seen in terms of informing you if this film is your cup of tea. I was surprised by how little acting there was compared to Mona Wales’ directorial debut, Real Fucking Girls. But I’m kind of iffy about acting in porn so there was enough of a storyline to hold my interest straight through to the multi-climactic ending! Real Fucking Girls, scored the award for Best Transsexual Movie at the 2017 AVN Awards held in Las Vegas. Real Fucking Girls brings together an all-star cast of performers, including Aubrey Kate (who won multiple awards between AVN and XBIZ in 2017), Daisy Ducati, Natassia Dreams, Simone Sonay, Jane Starr, Amarna Miller, Kelli Lox, Ella Nova, Tori Mayes, and Bella Rossi. Real Fucking Girls is the only trans title to win both AVN and XBIZ DVD categories. Aubrey Kate also won big at AVN, taking home three awards, including the coveted award for Transsexual Performer of the Year. “I believe ‘Real Fucking Girls‘ is only the beginning,” said Wales. “The industry and the community of porn consumers are ready for authentic and artistic expressions of sexuality. This win emboldens and inspires me and I hope others.” Wales’ highly anticipated follow up, All My Mother’s Lovers, is currently available on Adult DVD Empire. I have a tough time deciding which film I like better in terms of the casts. As for my take on which film I’d buy first if I could only have one, I’d choose All My Mother’s Lovers first. But watch the trailers and if you can get both films, do it!

Delia DeLions of Delia-TS.com in Standing Ass Toy Fuck

“It was a hot wet shoot and I couldn’t resist talking dirty to Delia,” said Delia’s spouse Trixie of TastyTrixie.com. “This might be the first time we’ve shot her fucking a big toy stuck against a vertical surface like a wall (in this case, a cement column in our apartment). My wife looks so sexy in her shiny platform high heels, black thigh highs, tiny little black panties and hot pink rubber waist cincher. Wearing all of that slutty stuff, knowing how good she looks and feels, playing with this fat purple toy with its big balls is such a turnon to both of us… and knowing you’re going to watch and play along with us and cum to it too!” Delia added, “I thought I would just show off my long legs, shiny shoes and ass for you in this video, but Trixie had other plans. I love getting fucked standing up sometimes, the problem is most guys aren’t tall enough to really get the job done. I have to rely on other methods to fulfill my fantasies every now and then. In this video Trixie gives me just the right tool and guidance to properly get myself off for you!” Standing Ass Toy Fuck on Delia-TS begins with Trixie filming Delia from behind while gently moving her sexy ass from side to side, perfectly color-coordinated in pink and black. When Delia turns a bit for a profile view, we see that she’s topless above the waist cincher. If you’re hoping for a more explicit view of what’s hidden by that thin strip of panty, you do not have to wait long to see it. Trixie zooms in for a closeup of her flexing wrinkled rosebud and down her curvy legs to her stocking and platform clad feet. Suddenly Delia turns to face the camera and her big cock is standing out from the waistband of her panties. She touches it for a moment and makes it swing from side to side. It looks heavy and extremely hard. When the funky soundtrack lowers, Trixie hands Delia the big purple toy we all want to see her using. Trixie has an uncanny knack to directing Delia to do exactly what we want to see her doing and her sexy voice and dirty talk add to the eroticism. There are a great many Delia-TS videos in which there’s nothing else going on than Delia herself. I love having it both ways. In this video, I loved Trixie’s excited involvement in Delia’s self fucking and her hearing reaction to Delia’s big creamy white cumshot.

Delia TS – Morning Wood

Delia DeLions walks to her bed, sets her cup down and gets settled under the covers. She’s parched in the middle of the night and guzzles down a whole cup of water. Later on, she gets restless in bed and pushed the sheet and blanket down. One of her large breasts has fallen out of her nightie and she caresses it while half asleep. It’s so hot in the room that she pushes all the cover off and raises the hem of her nightgown. Then she begins rubbing the bump in her sheer panties. Delia’s wife Tasty Trixie filmed this Delia-TS scene obviously with leg and foot admires in mind so if that means you, don’t expect to resist the urge of making yourself cum before the end of “Morning Wood”. She grasps her large erection with her hand inside her panties. It’s a pee hardon that needs relief, but now that she’s fully awake, Delia knows it’s way too hard to pee. She sits up on the bed and continues beating off. She hikes up her nightie and stuffs her red panties into her cup. Then she lowers the bodice to expose her full tits, massaging her favored one and its erect nipple. Delia strokes her big dick frantically and she rubs out a big, creamy white cum shot, but I don’t want to go into too much detail about how this transpires. I’d rather you find out for yourself on the official Delia-TS website.

TsPussyHunters: Delia DeLions & Jeze Belle

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In “Contract Clause Gives Jeze Belle an Unexpected Cream Pie” Jeze Belle is blind folded and sucks a huge cock that turns out to be Delia DeLions’ cock. Delia DeLions of Delia-TS is angrily awaiting Jeze Belle. When Jeze finally enters the red room of pain, Delia questions Jeze about how thoroughly she read the employment contract. It turns out that Jeze did skim through the contract, but didn’t think that it was serious. So Ms. Delia DeLions is going to show Jeze how serious it is. Jeze is put in bondage, cropped, and had her pussy licked. She’s then blindfolded and sucks a Delia DeLions’ cock. Interestingly, Jeze says in the closing interview that this is the first time she’s been eaten out while standing up. This is the second time at TS Pussy Hunters for both Delia and Jeze, but it’s their first time together. The just met the night before this shoot, but their chemistry is magic. These scenes are always all about Domination/submission, but this particular one is a true and authentic BDSM scene with rope play, cuffs, and a riding crop. The forced cock sucking is very intense and there’s foot worship too. The fucking is bareback and it’s hard! Delia DeLions is the consummate Domme and Jeze is exquisite as the poor, defenseless sub. Every moment is thrilling for me down to the end where Delia shoots her cum across Jeze’s pretty pussy and sinks it back inside. When she pulls out, Jeze’s quim is literally bubbling and Delia takes a taste of her own nectar. And you’ll never hear me complaining about an intimate cummy kiss. This instant classic scene can also be found on Kink on Demand. Unfortunately for us, Jeze Belle is retiring from the adult industry. I’m going to miss her something awful. But she still has her explosive Clips4Sale website. Delia DeLions is still delivering consistently magnificent performances on Delia-TS.

Delia TS in Blue & Gray Snakeskin Pantyhose






The title of the new Delia-TS video is pretty self explanatory. All of her many devoted fans know how this erotic story is likely to end, but for new ones, I’ll spell things out. She looks all kinds of Rated-G hotness with her black top and denim mini-skirt, stockings and slingbacks at first. When she sits on her yard chair and opens her legs, it’s a different story altogether. We’re in adult ratings now because there’s a big bulge in the hosiery. Delia exposes her lovely breasts and then she rises to her feet to give you a stunning view of her prime real estate in the back. Back to the front, Delia DeLions makes her big cock do a tortuously slow striptease that ends with it springing out like it’s attached to a hinge. That’s when she begins stroking it firmly and we’re only a few minutes past the midway point by now. I’m thinking she might be wearing the Cecilia de Rafael hosiery she loves. There’s a thing about expensive tights. They feel like silk against a swollen cockhead and if you’re not careful, you might end up spurting a big creamy white cumshot if you rub against them in a certain way. The other beautiful photos are from a new 124 (avg. original size approx. 1066 x 1600 x 24, 222 kb) image photo set exclusively on Delia-TS.

Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone and Delia DeLions







I was wondering if there some way I could accidently say too much about the new Mandy-Mitchell scene with Delia DeLions of Delia TS and Mandy’s wife, Bianca Stone. But when you click on the photos to see the video clips, you’ll see snippets of the bulk what went down. Since I saw the full “Double Penetration” video, and saved it of course, there are a few details I’d like to add. It’s sort of like a foursome because it was filmed by Delia’s wife, Trixie Fontaine of Tasty Trixie. If you somehow don’t know of this partnership, they’re responsible for years of amazing content on a network of sites including saved and streaming webcam performances. There’s also a tremendous amount of glamour, fetish and BDSM content on they’re respective websites. I think this might be Trixie’s best direction to date with more than one star. Her solo performances are brilliant also on Tasty Trixie and the websites of some of her other gorgeous friends. As far as TS/GG hardcore goes, this is as good as it gets. What I mean by “good” however is actually an understatement. You’ll see more of Mandy and Bianca together on Mandy-Mitchell and if you’re like me, you’ll feel that they really broke the mold with this one. I can’t wait until the awards season kicks into gear to reward this multi-talented group.

Delia TS Blue Denim Shorts White Sticky Cum









This week’s Caramel’s TGirls landing page image is from the hardcore scene with Delia DeLions and Kate England. I recently raved about it here on TS Dreamland, but now it’s time get into Blue Denim Shorts – White Sticky Cum on Delia-TS. Her hot wife and webmaster extraordinaire Tasty Trixie doesn’t appear in this one, but she’s magnificent as our narrator/ director. That sexy voice of hers and dirty talk goes right through you. This hot and horny couple have been doing this sort of thing for quite some time. I was there to see it all from the beginning, before Delia’s transition. All the videos on Delia-TS are in high definition, but I still love the original scenes just as much. I’m more concerned about sexual content over clarity, but it’s nice to get the feeling that you can almost jump right into a scene as well. The title of the video says it all. Watching it and seeing the full photo set – that’s something else entirely. This is homemade, independent porn shot with major studio sharpness. I don’ mind my money going to big companies, but I love supporting Indie Porn much more, especially when it’s just as good or if it’s actually better. That’s what I get from this sexy pair along with plenty of horny surprises. The original sizes of these photos (approx. 1066x1600x24, 751KB) have been reduced. You’ll see the fullsize images on Delia-TS

Delia TS Orange Maxi In The Woods


Delia DeLions pitches a tent in the woods. Don’t take that literally. What I mean is that while she walks around the forest with no panties on, her big cock pitches a tent in her sheer orange maxi dress. Her hot wife Tasty Trixie captures a lot of tantalizing upskirt style views before Delia exposes her full, lovely breasts and the Pacific Northwest beauty’s dick swells right before your eyes. Delia-TS masturbates furiously while rubbing her more sensitive nipple. Her concentration on having a big climax is as intense as the veins encircling her swollen shaft. Delia tastes a bit of her nectar that hasn’t fallen to the grass before her sandaled feet. Hey! Leave some for us, girl! Delia DeLions and Trixie Fontaine are trailblazers of independent porn with several years of experience. It shows in the tremendous archives.